Monday, April 13th 2009

AMD Releases Fusion Media Explorer

Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices has released a beta version of Fusion Media Explorer, the company's first 3D media browser. Distributed for free for Windows and Linux, the AMD Fusion Media Explorer (FME) works relatively simple. The software allows people who installed it to easily upload and share multimedia files such as video or music through social-network sites like Flickr, Facebook, Microsoft Live and YouTube. They only need to select the files for upload from a rotating 3D interface and drag and drop them to finish the procedure. Similarly, multimedia files can also be downloaded from some of the above mentioned sites to a PC through drag and drop. The FME also integrates own search engine, and a player for the locally stored multimedia files. The point of existance for such a browser according to AMD, is to showcase the multimedia capabilities of PCs based on AMD’s Phenom II and Turion Ultra processors along with ATI premium graphics cards. You can get the browser for free here.Source: AMD
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5 Comments on AMD Releases Fusion Media Explorer

...this is just silly. I know it's the current "in" thing and all to do social networking stuff, but come on, AMD, you got more important things to be doing.
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Big Member
The first Fusion sucked. Why this? I mean really.
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this Fusion beta is for Vista only. Figured I try it since the wife loves Facebook,but no joy for XP users
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I will have to try that out looks like its would be great.
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DL it now it looks like a good idea hopefully it will work
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