Monday, April 20th 2009

TechPowerUp! WCG Team Announcement

Recently, a member of our community asked me personally to do him a big favour and publish the good cause he and his followers are trying to defend. I'm complete noob when it comes to World Community Grid (WCG) Teams, I really haven't got enough time to participate in such projects, but we know they exist for some time now and they're trying to make the world a bit better. Now techPowerUp! has its own WCG Team led by our forum member Fitseries3 and we're glad to inform you that it's doing pretty well. An averaging 113,000 points a day are being made by the team of 32 members. Full statistics of what's going on can be found here. The team is using me and this news story to become even bigger and recruit more members. To participate, please visit our forums thread here.
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Overclocked quantum bit
Thanks for publicising this, Malware. :)
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Xtreme Refugee
Come on by and see what it's about at least..... Like your folding team, we are looking for your unused computing cycles to help out mankind. We call it crunching, not to be confused with folding. Heck, fold your GPU with the folding team, and crunch your CPU with us!

Below is a list of the projects the TPU WCG team contributes to. You can choose to help out in any or all of them, as suits your wishes.

Help Fight Childhood Cancer
The Clean Energy Project
Nutritious Rice for the World
Help Conquer Cancer
Discovering Dengue Drugs – Together
Human Proteome Folding - Phase 2 Project
FightAIDS@Home Project"

Hope you join us,
Thanks and Regards,
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
thanks guys.

im hoping we will see a few new members out of this.

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We can use all the help you can give to make TPU a crunching powerhouse.
This is also a great stress testing program to see if your OC is stable.Might as well do something for humanity while you stress.
Please join and give it a try.

Sig stolen from 123Bbob
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I've been Crunching WCG for about 2 years and I think it's easier on my rigs than SMP Folding. If you want to learn more check out the WCG Website. The client is a quick download and easy to install and configure. You have complete control over when and how much WCG uses your idle CPU time, system memory, network and disk space so you can tailor Crunching to your preferences. I've found that I can Fold GPU and Crunch CPU flawlessly and still use my rig for anything I want to do.

WCG site:
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F@H Mod & 4P Enthusiust
Woot for the TPU WCG Team! Please consider joining this great cause and representing TPU at the same time! Keep up the good work guy's.
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