Tuesday, April 28th 2009

CoolIT Systems Acquires Delphi Liquid Cooling Assets

Today, CoolIT Systems announces the acquisition of Delphi Thermal Liquid Cooling assets including intellectual property, machinery, and equipment. The Delphi acquisition will provide CoolIT the additional mass market production resources to better accommodate the rapidly growing global industry demand for liquid cooled computers. As part of the Purchase Agreement, CoolIT Systems will be immediately servicing industry giants including Dell and Apple. With the acquisition, CoolIT reaffirms its position as the global leader in advanced liquid cooling for computers.

Since hitting the market in 2006, CoolIT has developed an expertise in high performance liquid cooling solutions and delivered to both the retail and OEM PC cooling markets. CoolIT recently shook up the PC industry with an extremely successful launch of Domino ALC delivering a powerful, maintenance free, liquid cooling solution for under $80 to the retail market. CoolIT combines its retail dominance with industry partnerships and OEM collaborations including nearly every major player in the high performance computing market.

“Traditional air cooling is no longer a viable roadmap option for servicing the PC industry’s high performance, heat-producing hardware” said Geoff Lyon, CEO of CoolIT Systems. “We’ve recognized this and made it our mission to produce advanced liquid cooling systems that embody the reliability and performance characteristics the industry needs for mass market adoption.”

For more information on the CoolIT Systems visit http://www.coolitsystems.com.Source: CoolIT
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3 Comments on CoolIT Systems Acquires Delphi Liquid Cooling Assets

Bird of Prey
Wow, pretty awesome stuff. Cant wait to see where this leads.
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WarEagleAU said:
Wow, pretty awesome stuff. Cant wait to see where this leads.
Me too, but I really wanted them to go after Asetek, now thats an achievement.
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I've try a few Coolit product (CPU liquid cooling). The high-end stuff is expensive but above average performance and the low-end is still expensive and delivered an average performance which can be replace by a cheaper product. If their prices is "on par" with today economy then I might check them out. Until then, there are other alternative that has much better performance and price. Hope the acquisition delivered a better and more affordable product. The $80 liquid sound nice but a good non liquid HS can do just as good and without the risk.
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