Saturday, May 2nd 2009

Corsair Readies New HX-series PSU

Memory specialist turned PSU specialist Corsair, has a new PSU up its sleeves. The Corsair HX750W modular PSU is an attempt by the company to fill the gap between the HX620W and the high-end HX1000W, in its HX series, a large one to begin with. There is a definite need for such a PSU since it ups the count of PCI-Express power cables from the PSU, over the relatively paltry two that HX620W offers. Cable modularity is enhanced with the flat-cables the company has been using. With the "750W" marking, we are to assume that is the continuous power rating, as with every other Corsair PSU. The model may fall in league with other ones by the manufacturer to come with a 5-year warranty. It is also indicated that the PSU will come with an 80 Plus efficiency rating. This PSU comes after the company's recent launch of the HX450W.

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56 Comments on Corsair Readies New HX-series PSU

LMAO. You obviously didnt get what I meant, braid each individual wire then put a large braid on top of all of them. This a souly opinion, I think that would look much better. I cant stand looking at the multi coloured PSU cables.
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BumbleBee said:
they should of used one sleeve for all wires on every cable. looks like hair.
It's a dreadlocked PSU; it's Jamaican me crazy!:roll::roll:
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DonInKansas said:
It's a dreadlocked PSU; it's Jamaican me crazy!:roll::roll:
LMAO AGAIN! :laugh:
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but why would you sleeve every wire than put one on top? that would be like taking a mouse cord and putting a sleeve over it without taking the old one off. are sleeves not meant for organization and air flow? not very efficient your way.
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I need me one of these bad....
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