Monday, May 4th 2009

Swiftech Launches Komodo Full-Cover Single-Slot Water Block for GeForce GTX 285 Cards

Recently, Swiftech has started production of a single-slot waterblock solution for NVIDIA reference design GeForce GTX 285 graphics cards named Komodo. This "full cover" waterblock cools the GPU, Voltage Regulators, I/O chip, and memory modules. Komodo represents Swiftech's latest achievements in water cooling. It uses embedded 0.6 mm pin matrix located directly above the GPU area and low restriction water channels across the whole block. The base is made of chrome plated C110 electrolytic copper, and the top is machined in black Delrin. High thermal conductivity grease pads are pre-applied in the memory and mosfet areas for user convenience. Short barb fittings are included with the block for 3/8" or 1/2" tubing. Since Swiftech Komdo occupies only one slot, it is compatible with dual and even triple SLI setups. Total weight of the block is 772 g. You can purchase it now, directly from Swiftech for $134.95.

Source: Swiftech
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6 Comments on Swiftech Launches Komodo Full-Cover Single-Slot Water Block for GeForce GTX 285 Cards

This water block should works for GTX275 too, no?
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The 285 is way different than the 280 and 260, go pull up an image on google.
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dam they are way different
GTX 285

GTX 280

lil somethin: i never noticed how close in size the G80 was to GT200, why didn't anyone go bonkers about G80's size? it's only a fraction smaller
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Kandalf LCS

Will those Connections match the same on Thermal Take Kandalfs LCS ?
Upgrading my old 7900 GS golden samples Games are now unplayable with them :P

I am after Single Slot Liquid Cooled solutions so I can throw in an raid controller
( as my p5nt WS Raid 5 is sloooooww)

I need 2x SLi cards so I can run 3x Screens when Not playing games ( 2x LCD 1x TV )
its a shame the 295's can not run more then 2x screens :S (and if it can please tell me :P )

And sounds the kandalf seems to cool every thing at near room temp I am sure it can take a few more watt's

Does any one know if the newer Video cards will have lower Idle Power Usage ?

what I can not get is why the Nvidia ION systems still use jack all power when their is an GPU in their also ? yet these cards seem to be rated 200 watt Idle ?
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Is there are reason why waterblocks cost so much?
I figure that they are just heatsinks that have been hollowed out so water flows through.

I could be way wrong, but I just can't see the justification of the price.
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Well its $169 AUD for me (A)

but true it is on the x'y side for an throw away item
( unless you feel like modding for another card later on )

I used to make my own block's but do not have the time any more

personally I think Munufactures should make an left hand and right hand side cards
so we can have those massive coolers on top of the card where we have no PCI slots ... or bottom of the card where we do not have any Slots

All I am after is an nice single slotted v card and this helps me get their
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