Wednesday, June 3rd 2009

Zaward Introduces the Golf Fan Second Editon & Water Cooling Unit

There are two very interesting items at the Zaward booth this year. First off, the is a complete series of the second generation "Golf Fans" on display. As you can see in the images below, the fan blades have a special design, which looks similar to the surface of golf balls. The units now have ball bearings - increasing their life span to 60.000 hours, come equipped with or without LEDs and are available in black or white. There are various sizes available from 80 mm to 140 mm. All of them are available with a PWM connector and the smaller versions are rated for around 10 dbA, while the 140 mm one has a noise level of 20 dbA.

The are also showing off their preassembled watercooling unit, which may also be used for the new generation of Intel CPUs. It comes with a flow wheel and a level meter, so that you can always keep an eye on the water within the unit. Zaward has stuffed everything into a tight box, which can be fitted into two 5.25 inch slots.
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6 Comments on Zaward Introduces the Golf Fan Second Editon & Water Cooling Unit

1. White fan, nice; but how exactly is the golfball design impoving anything?

2. Meh, that CPU block looks weak at first impression...
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golfball design seems to work for Sharkoon.
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I would think the golf ball design would create more noise. Smoother surface area = less resistance, less noise
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Yes I Wanty More All In One Water Solutions!
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Bird of Prey
Cooler looks meh at best. Golf Ball smoothness should be pretty nice for cooling and noise.
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Golf balls aren't smooth because they can break the wind better than a smooth surface. I imagine that's the idea here. The fans spin at a lower RPM to generate better CFM, lower RPM equals less noise.

That's my theory and I could be way off.
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