Wednesday, June 3rd 2009

OCZ Intros 3.5 inch SSD & Shows off 1500 MHz DDR2 Memory

We got a good look at the new Colossus SSD from OCZ today. It is a 3.5 inch version, which is available with up to an one TB capacity. It combines two identical SSDs in a RAID 0 array with up to 256MB/s read and write performance and a hefty price tag.

Then they are showing off a demo running DDR2. This by itself is no big deal, but this memory, which is rated at 1333 MHz out of the box is running at 1500 MHz CL5-6-6 with OCZs new air cooler. While all eyes are on DDR3, the latter has matured as well, making such speeds possible in combination with modern mainboards. On the DDR3 front they are showing off 2133 Memory running at 8-9-8 timings.

OCZ is also going larger on the "do-it-yourself" notebook side. The newest model features a 17 inch screen and 9600 GTS graphic card. Just slap in the CPU, memory and drives of your choice for a complete, portable gaming rig for under 1000 US Dollars.
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26 Comments on OCZ Intros 3.5 inch SSD & Shows off 1500 MHz DDR2 Memory

yea but that is for the ram and retail speed, 1333mhz which is still amazing fast for ddr2. but for 166mhz increase and at that speed with those timings it's pretty unreal to me. i strugle getting my ram stable 1066mhz.
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