Tuesday, June 9th 2009

Ikonik Expands their Case Line-up and Introduces 'The Dial'

We have reviewed a few of the cases in the past, and the fairly young company is expanding their family of enclosures. Ikonik is introducing a red dial, which is the signature feature of all future enclosures. It allows you to control the included fan speed. The newest addition in the mid tower sector are called M2-2 and EN2-4, while the large case goes by the name P2-1.

Also part of the Smart Platform from Ikonik are the new CT-01 and CT-02. These modules allow to control the thermals and fans of any chassis. Then there is the SIM BOX, which is the exact same hardware, which is part of the SIM equipped Ikonik cases. This means, that you can add this feature to any enclosure of your choice.
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Quick look at the m2-2 made me think it was a cm690.
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Retired Super Moderator
I really like the SIM system. Up 6 fans or groups of fans can be controlled. They even have thermal probes to allow the sofware to increase fan speeds by temperature readings. Its a nice little addition. I think the drive bay version should do well for them!
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Why did they decide to have a huge red knob?
theres nothing wrong with having a red knob :laugh::roll::laugh:
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Bird of Prey
Very nice looking cases. Everyone seems to use the same OEM so it is no surprise with some look alikes. Also if a design is working well, why not put your spin on it.
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theres nothing wrong with having a red knob :laugh::roll::laugh:
I don't get it.....:confused:

Don't get me wrong, I love the case. I just cant keep my eyes off the red know:ohwell:
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i dont like the red knob. I dont like anything sticking out of the case.

How often have you turned a case upside down while cleaning it, moving it or transporting it? its just asking to get snapped off.
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theyre trying to copy the fashion industry, where Christian Louboutin who sells $500 shoes ALWYAS has red soles, and trademarked it so no one else can have them - to get that ooh ahh exclusive effect... It works... chicks will buy a standard looking pair of red shoes for $500 because of the red sole.

or prada with their little red metro strip on the back of men's shoes.

Same thing here, except they didn't realize that the signature effect is supposed to be subtle and illicit a "thats a funky colored so.. ohhh" not a "WTF is THAT!?". They should have done like a red power button that says START like a Ford GT or something.
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You'd have thought that with them releasing a new case and trying to advertise it as best as possible that they would at least do some cable management on it? :shadedshu
Wow...thanks for the share...Sweet pics...
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