Wednesday, June 10th 2009

Swiftech Announces Apogee GTZ Ci7 CPU Water Block

Water-cooling specialist Swiftech expanded its lineup with the Apogee GTZ Ci7 CPU water block. From its name, one can infer that it specifically supports the Intel LGA-1366 socket (Core i7 and Xeon 5500 series). The frame that holds the block has the appropriate mount holes for LGA-1366. A bolt-through retention mechanism is bundled. The block itself is near-identical in specifications to the original Apogee GTZ. The CPU copper contact base is lapped, and has a matrix of 225 micron copper pins to boost surface area of heat dissipation. The housing is Delrin-made. Options for 1/2" and 3/8" hose barbs are provided. A tube of Arctic Silver Ceramique is bundled. It is priced at US $69.99.

Source: Swiftech
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
as far as the gtz on i7....

the internal cooling structure doesnt cover the entire bloomfield core so its really not that good for i7s.
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Yeah.. I thought it was a revised GTZ specifically for i7 size.. looks like its just the packaged retention bracket.. Well at least you wont buy the i7 bracket seperately now.

And they still havent moved that swiftech embossed sign on the top.. that thing hinders large barbs like compression fitttings.. prevents complete tightening.
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What the hell is this?? I've been using a GTZ on my i7 for months now. The block could be used for both the 775 as well as the 1366 with a bracket change. This release seems kind of redundant and uneccessary. i didn't realize you couldn't use compression fittings with this block Bjorn. Enteresting. I guess you could dremel some material away to make room. But with what this block costs, you shouldn't have to modify it. Although I must say it does perform quite nicely. No regrets here on the purchase.
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My expierience with the Apogee GTZ -

i agree with most of what pentastar said although i had terrible performace from my apogee GTZ i cracked open the block to find that the pin matrix had what i thought was dirt inside it after pressure washing with a 352bar pressure washer running at 130.c the dirt(or poor block making) is still visible and it still had poor performance. I am now against Swiftech CPU block's

Long live the Heatkiller CPU Block's! :toast:
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pentastar111 said:
i didn't realize you couldn't use compression fittings with this block Bjorn..
Ah but you can.. you just need to remove that "Swiftech" ensemble (its just using somekinda double sided adhesive tape) and stick it somewhere else so that it wont impede one of the fittings..
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