Tuesday, June 30th 2009

New Star Craft 2 Details Emerge

A new list of features surraunding the upcoming RTS franchise Star Craft 2 that might interest you were announced today. Starting with the big one, Blizzard has confirmed that Star Craft 2 will not support LAN multiplayer mode. The game will be entirely online based, multiplayer connections will go through Battle.net only, no LAN connections will be allowed.
Blizzard today also posted a new 7 minute video footage of some ingame action. Units from all the three races are captured in the video, you can watch it in high quality here.
Also unveiled during an interview with Shacknews was that players will be able to hire NPC mercenaries and use them in the single player mode campaign. StarCraft II lead designer Dustin Browder also detailed that again in single player campaign mode, there'll be additional objectives and optional quests which if completed will give players different bonuses. You can read the full interview with Dustin Browder right here.

Source: Shacknews, IncGamers
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The new Battle.net configuration is having people register CD key's with email address's and such. It's already partialy implemented.

Even if they left the option available to "Authenticate" with a server just so you can play a LAN game..still mean's people need some sort of connection to the internet.

Now..what if you have to "activate" and "register" your key Via Battle.net to enable "LAN" play option. That way they know you have registered and activated your key to your account and only you can use it.

Still sound's as if they are implementing a custom DRM.

I doubt they will remove LAN play..that would be a HUGE blow to LAN parties/Gaming cafes etc. And ruining the game for a lot of people.
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