Wednesday, July 8th 2009

Razer Launches Moray+ In-ear Noise Isolating Earphones

Razer, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end precision gaming and lifestyle peripherals, announced the release of the Razer Moray+, an in-ear noise isolating earphone equipped with an inline omnidirectional microphone that provides a smart, portable solution for gamers on the go.
"After the release of the original Razer Moray, we received feedback from gamers who needed something more," says Robert "Razerguy" Krakoff, President of Razer. "They wanted a compact headset that provides not only great audio quality but the ability to talk to their friends. Instead of lugging around large headsets, the Razer Moray+ provides a lightweight, portable solution for gamers who need just one pair of earphones for all their audio, communication and gaming needs.

About the Razer Moray+
The Razer Moray+ is designed for gamers on the go who appreciate the compact design and the ability to support multiple gaming devices with one unique headset. The Razer Moray+ provides an inline microphone engineered with an omni-directinonal pickup pattern which captures sound input from any direction with exceptional voice clarity for VOIP applications like Skype, Ventrilo, and TeamSpeak. The in-ear noise isolating earphones deliver powerful bass-driven stereo and mid/high range clarity for your entertainment experience without interference from ambient noise.

The Razer Moray+ offers a smart approach for gamers by creating all-in-one entertainment headphones that are compatible with the iPhone and PC. The Razer Moray+ also includes 3 adapters that allows users to use the microphone with the Sony PSP 2000/3000, Nintendo DS Lite/DSi, netbooks and laptops. The sleek, lightweight architecture of the Razer Moray+ will take your mobile and gaming lifestyle to a new level.

COST: US: $59.99, Europe €54.99

  • Frequency response: 20 to 11,000 Hz
  • Sound pressure level (@1KHz, 1mW): 110 dB
  • Impedance: 17 ohms
  • Max rated input: 20 mW
  • Cable length: 1.3m
  • Connector: 3.5mm miniplug
  • Weight (including cable): 12.5g
  • Frequency response : 300 to 3,000 Hz
  • Output level: -46 dB
  • Pick-up pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Output impedance: 2.2 Kohm
  • Signal to noise ratio : 55dB min
Source: Razer
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8 Comments on Razer Launches Moray+ In-ear Noise Isolating Earphones

Wile E
Power User
Wow! Those specs are terrible. Doesn't surprise me tho. Most Razer stuff is well underbuilt, and well overpriced, especially their audio equipment.
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PP Mguire
These have been around for quite a while :shadedshu
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PP Mguire said:
These have been around for quite a while :shadedshu
they just added the + lol
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PP Mguire
Whats the plus? A carrying case? My Fatal1ty headset sounds better than these and i got them free with sound card purchase.
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Bird of Prey
well the price is in line with something Id pay for. I know Shurs are expensive and great but damn that is too much.
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*hugs his SkullCandy TiTans* :pimp:
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Wile E
Power User
WarEagleAU said:
well the price is in line with something Id pay for. I know Shurs are expensive and great but damn that is too much.
Save your money and buy the $12 pair of JVC in-ears at Walmart. They would sound better than these pieces of garbage. These have specs almost the same as those 2.99 headphones you see in the impulse-buy section in the checkout line.

There are much better ways to spend $60 on a pair of headphones.
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