Wednesday, July 8th 2009

MSI Announces EX460 Performance Notebook

The MSI EX460 with 14-inch LED backlight display and Intel Core Duo processor is so compact, it weighs just 2kg with a 6-cell battery. The minimalist style is perfectly suited to business users wanting a notebook with style but not opulence. Under the hood is a high-end ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 discrete 3D graphic card (with 512MB of graphic memory) for breathtakingly real visual effects. All of your needs for work and play can now be satisfied in just one package.
16:9 Cinema Display and High-end Discrete Graphic Card for a Visual Extravaganza on the Move
The EX460 is equipped with a high-end ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 discrete graphic card (with 512MB of graphic memory) and a 14" 16:9 cinematic high-definition LED backlight LCD screen. This offers a larger amount of screen real estate compared to the conventional 16:10 aspect screen and gets rid of the annoying black bars at the top and bottom when playing high-definition videos!

Thanks to MSI's proprietary Vivid image-enhancing technology, the improved color saturation in the signal allows the EX460 display to deliver even more depth and detail. For users, this perfect combination results in breathtakingly real visual effects be it for games, image editing or high-resolution HD videos.

Exclusive MSI EDS Keyboard for Stress Free Typing
The EX460 is equipped with MSI's unique EDS ergonomic keyboard that features a unique curved surface and membrane to construct ergonomic keyboard keys. The keys are curved to fit the tips of the finger to improve comfort and reduce the load on the fingers when typing. Compared to conventional notebook keyboards, the new keys are 51% larger and have been shown in laboratory tests to reduce the excessive load on the fingers and wrists caused by conventional keyboard layouts. The new EDS keyboard makes typing a pleasure!

Saving Energy with ECO and LED Technology
The EX460 comes with MSI's proprietary ECO Engine technology and the latest LED backlighting technology for LCD screens to deliver outstanding energy savings. Using the ECO power management function, users can adjust the notebook's mode of operation to extend its battery life. A press of the touch-control shortcuts allows the user to switch between Gaming, Cinema, Presentation, Word Processing and Turbo Battery modes to automatically adjust the screen brightness and processor resources for the optimal balance between performance and power consumption. The latest energy-saving LED backlighting technology not only results in richer colors but also saves on power consumption as well to extend the battery life.

Supercruise the Online World
With its integrated 802.11N wireless local area network card, the EX460 allows you to cruise to cruise freely at high speed through the networks. The integrated high-definition webcam and microphone means there's no need to mess around with cabling. part of The notebook's external styling as well gives a clear-cut high-tech and boutique sense of style. Enjoy real-time video conferencing and messaging – experience the fun of the Internet!

Source: MSI
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10 Comments on MSI Announces EX460 Performance Notebook

Another day, another press release.

How is the 4330 "high-end"? It get beat by the 7600 GT.
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Oh no. The "high-end" 4300 series strikes again. I have to search to see if the first was a MSI too
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toyo said:
Oh no. The "high-end" 4300 series strikes again. I have to search to see if the first was a MSI too
I'm keeping an eye on you. Consider my first thank a welcome present.
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toyo said:
what do you know? MSI really considers the HD 4330 a high-end card it seems, this is their second strike.
I know everything. I'm looking at you now.

And Bta really considers this news. What's the world coming to.
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I just freaking Hated the lack of 1000mbps LAN
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Could have put a 4570 at least like Asus did their 13inch laptops. I mean really!

Then again they are similar arnt they.
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Apparently any discrete card is 'high end' nowadays....

Also... what's with the SIS chipset? I thought those were basically the lowest end available and didn't properly support newer chips.
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i like the idea... minus the graphics... really? high end?
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