Wednesday, July 8th 2009

Buffalo Intros Tiny USB-Powered 3 Port Ethernet Switch

Buffalo Japan rolled out a tiny, pocketable Ethernet switch in the LSW-TX-3EP/C. With three 10/100 Mbps ports to spare, the switch draws power from a USB port, or any other 5V DC source. The USB power input adds portability, letting you build a small LAN anywhere at higher and more reliable speeds than ad-hoc wireless networks. You can grab one for JPY 2280 (US $24.50) when it starts selling later this month.

Source: Akihabara
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Well, there goes my assumption that the USB port couldn't supply enough power for more ports and/or gigabit speeds.
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TPU addict
Wile E said:
Then your network is not 100Mb. The max throughput for 100Mb is 12.5MB/s. Remember, it's rated in bits, with a small b. There are 8 bits in a Byte (the upper-case B). Divide 100Mb by 8, and you get 12.5MB/s.

Mussels' numbers are spot on for theoretical maxes, except, the overheads involved in networking, don't even allow you to achieve maximum throughput on the network, so the real world numbers are actually lower.

I have a true Gb network, and I only usually get around 90MB/s throughtput, on the fastest sections of 2 RAID 0 arrays.
Gotta love the BOLD letters. It's very miss understood by so many people..
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