Monday, July 13th 2009

Nexus Unveils EDGE Full-ATX Tower Chassis

Nexus announced the newest addition its case lineup. The Nexus EDGE, measuring 64.2 x 23.9 x 57.6 cm (L x W x D) is a full-ATX tower, compatible with most Flex-ATX, M-ATX, ATX, and E-ATX motherboards. The case has a fine brushed-metal finish with polished, rounded-off edges. The external drive bays can be locked off behind a metal front-door. Although the exterior reveals 13 5.25" bays, only 8 of them are accessible. The bottom five bay covers protect the 4-bay 3.5" drive cage inside, which neighbours two 2-bay drive racks that hang above the PSU area. This area is separated from the motherboard area, and shares room for a 120 mm fan with it.

The motherboard tray has room for 7 expansion slots. It has an opening where most motherboards have the CPU socket, which provides accessibility to CPU coolers with bolt-through retention mechanisms. Another 120 mm fan bay is located above the rear-panel, an a 140 mm fan to ventilate the entire case from its top. The case provides a degree of noise control with its noise-absorbtion wave foam padding. The utility panel is located on the top, and is a standard issue with a couple of USB ports, an eSATA port, and audio connectors. The Nexus EDGE is expected to retail for around 160 EUR.

Source: Nexus
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11 Comments on Nexus Unveils EDGE Full-ATX Tower Chassis

A Cheese Danish
That is one spectacular case! Has several spots for fans which is nice.
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Resident Grammar Amender
I really like this, but it is far too big for me. Excellent design though.
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i dont like this case at all! it is so ugly.
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Senior Moderator
Gong to need some PSU cable extensions.
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That is one mighty fine case.
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The Doctor is in the house
Nice looking case :D

Off topic but anyone noticed the new way to view pictures on the homepage its really good.
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I realy like this case! I might have to buy one if/ when I do my new i7 build.
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TPU addict
Nice!, i would of liked it more with the PSU at the top.. That door has to go to increase the air input and some nice x38mm fans.

Make sure you don't place it on the floor :P. I'd still buy a cube case over this one.
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Nice big roomy case....Lots of potential. I really like the layout inside.
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^^^ Me too, I like this setup... Also the extra features such as the sound proofed panels and 4 holes for watercooling instead of 2. I do like that the psu is on the bottom to keep the heat away from the motherboard. The only thing I would get rid of is the bezel cover (ugly hinged door).
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