Wednesday, July 22nd 2009

EVGA SLI Enhancement Patch v14 (07.22.09) Released

Despite NVIDIA now releasing their own SLI patches, EVGA have still continued to release theirs. Version 14 is based on NVIDIA's 190.38 Drivers.

New SLI profiles from EVGA SLI Enhancement Patch:
  • Enables SLI support for Section 8
  • Enables SLI support for Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal
  • Enables SLI support for Rise of Flight
  • Enables SLI support for FUEL
  • Enables SLI support for Prototype digital version
  • Enables SLI support for Merchants of Brooklyn
Source: EVGA
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3 Comments on EVGA SLI Enhancement Patch v14 (07.22.09) Released

So if I don't play any of these games would there be any other reason to get this patch (or Nvidia's patch)?
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does work for vga's like gtx295 or only works on physical sli?
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PP Mguire
What if you have 1 eVGA card and a BFG card?
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