Monday, June 14th 2021

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Aqua Computer LEAKSHIELD Review - No More Leaks

Aqua Computer LEAKSHIELD Review - No More Leaks

Aqua Computer challenges conventional watercooling by throwing a vacuum pump into the loop! The all-new LEAKSHIELD not only detects leaks by using a sensitive pressure sensor, but also aims to stop them with a clever vacuum-pump implementation and negative pressure operation.
Upcoming Hardware Launches 2021 (Updated Jun 2021)

Upcoming Hardware Launches 2021 (Updated Jun 2021)

This article serves as a continuously updated summary of currently known leaks and official announcements regarding upcoming hardware releases in 2021 and beyond. We cover and keep track of developments for Intel Alder Lake, AMD Zen 4, NVIDIA's future Ampere cards, new AMD Radeons, DDR5 memory, Intel's next Xe GPU, chipsets and more.
Sharkoon SKILLER SGK30 Keyboard Review

Sharkoon SKILLER SGK30 Keyboard Review

What better way to kick off our first Sharkoon keyboard review than with the new SKILLER SGK30? It is a petite full-size keyboard that comes in more language layouts than a translator and offers excellent value for the money with mechanical switches, software support, RGB lighting, and more!

Microsoft Clears Way for Windows 11: Windows 10 Support to End October 14th, 2025

Microsoft has revealed the date when support for Windows 10 is going to end - effectively confirming that their original vision of Windows 10 being "the last Windows OS ever" is now dead. The information comes from Microsoft's own update to Windows 10's support life cycle page, which the company has amended with the final resting date set for October 14th 2025 for both Home and Pro versions of the operating system. Previously, the support life cycle page listed end of support dates for various release versions of Windows 10 - not the entire OS.

Adding this to the announcement that Windows would get a new, "next-gen" update; the related teaser art which omits the shadow of the window crossbar, making the cast shadow look either basically unrealistic (some Raytracing seems to be needed by Microsoft's art personnel) or, infinitely more likely, the omitted shadow serves to approximate the cast shadows as much as possible to 11. No official announcement by Microsoft, but usually 1 + 1 = 2.

NVIDIA Reportedly Cutting RTX 2060 Fabrication to Focus on RTX 30-series

NVIDIA is reported to be cutting down on production of its highly popular RTX 2060 graphics card, in a bid to increase production of the RTX 30-series graphics cards that still elude most consumers looking to get one on their gaming rig. The decision may be motivated by increased margins on RTX 30-series products, as well as by the continuing component shortage in the industry, with even GDDR6 becoming a limiting factor to production capability.

While one might consider this a strange move at face value (Turing is manufactured on TSMC's 12 nm node, whilst Ampere is manufactured on Samsung's 8 nm), the fact of the matter is that there are a multitude of components required for GPUs besides the graphics processing silicon proper; and NVIDIA essentially sells ready-to-produce kits to AICs (Add-in-Card Partners) which already include all the required components, circuitry, and GPU slice to put together. And since supply on most components and even simple logic is currently strained, every component in an RTX 2060-allocated kit could be eating into final production capacity for the RTX 30-series graphics cards - hence the decision to curb the attempt to satiate pent-up demand with a last-generation graphics card and instead focusing on current-gen hardware.

Western Digital May Introduce Penta Layer Cell (PLC) NAND by 2025

Western Digital has apparently delayed the introduction of Penta Layer Cell (PLC) NAND-based flash to 2025. The company had already disclosed development on the technology back in 2019, around the same time that Toshiba announced it (Toshiba which is now Kioxia, and a Western Digital partner in the development of the technology). The information was disclosed at Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2021 Global Technology Conference, where Western Digital's technology and strategy chief Siva Sivaram said that "I expect that transition [from QLC to PLC] will be slower. So maybe in the second half of this decade we are going to see some segments starting to get 5 bits per cell."

PLC is another density-increase step for NAND flash, whereby each NAND cell can have five bits written into it, thus increasing the amount of information available in the same NAND footprint. To achieve these 5 bits, each cell must store one of 32 voltage states, which in turn inform the flash controller of which corresponding data bits are stored herein. Siva Sivaram said that he expect the technology to take some more time to mature than most, due to the need for controller development that can take advantage of the increased density while making up for the shortcoming in this increased bit-per-cell approach (lower endurance and lower performance). PLC won't bring us HDD-tier storage density by itself (it only enables storage of 25% more data per cell); however, when paired with increasing layers of NAND flash, those 25% extra quickly add up.

HyperX Adds New Styles to Gaming Glasses Lineup

HyperX, the gaming peripherals team at HP Inc. and brand leader in gaming and esports, today announced HyperX Spectre Mission, a new family of gaming eyewear. Built for extended hours of gaming or time spent in front of a digital screen, the new eyewear design offers HyperX gaming-grade lenses with blue light and UV protection at an affordable price. HyperX is also expanding its current eyewear offerings on Amazon to include added color schemes and the new Spectre Mission line.

HyperX Spectre Mission Eyewear features signature HyperX comfort and durability with a robust TR-90 frame that includes co-molded rubber temples to reduce slippage and increase flexibility. The new eyewear also features cam hinges that provide additional stability by securely locking temple arms into place. HyperX Spectre Mission Eyewear features a large square frame style and is available in satin black, satin black to clear fade, satin black to blue fade, and satin black to red fade color schemes. A microfiber pouch is also included.

KINGMAX Unveils the AX448 Line of M.2 NVMe SSDs

KINGMAX today unveiled the AX448 line of M.2 NVMe SSDs. These drives come in high capacity variants of 1 TB, 2 TB, and 4 TB, and take advantage of the PCI-Express 4.0 x4 host interface, and NVMe protocol. The 1 TB variant offers sequential transfer rates of up to 4500 MB/s reads, with up to 1750 MB/s writes. The 2 TB variant does up to 4700 MB/s reads, with up to 3300 MB/s writes. The 4 TB variant tops the charts with up to 4800 MB/s reads, and up to 3450 MB/s writes, at least on paper. Endurance of the three variants is rated at up to 200 TBW for the 1 TB variant, up to 400 TBW for the 2 TB variant, and up to 800 TBW for the 4 TB variant. The drive is likely using QLC NAND flash, given these endurance numbers, although the company didn't mention the controller or NAND flash type.

Intel Xeon "Sapphire Rapids" Processor Die Shot Leaks

Thanks to the information coming from Yuuki_Ans, a person which has been leaking information about Intel's upcoming 4th generation Xeon Scalable processors codenamed Sapphire Rapids, we have the first die shots of the Sapphire Rapids processor and its delidded internals to look at. After performing the delidding process and sanding down the metal layers of the dies, the leaker has been able to take a few pictures of the dies present on the processor. As the Sapphire Rapids processor uses multi-chip modules (MCM) approach to building CPUs, the design is supposed to provide better yields for Intel and give the 10 nm dies better usability if defects happen.

In the die shots, we see that there are four dies side by side, with each die featuring 15 cores. That would amount to 60 cores present in the system, however, not all of the 60 cores are enabled. The top SKU is supposed to feature 56 cores, meaning that there would be at least four cores disabled across the configuration. This gives Intel flexibility to deliver plenty of processors, whatever the yields look like. The leaked CPU is an early engineering sample design with a low frequency of 1.3 GHz, which should improve in the final design. Notably, as Sapphire Rapids has SKUs that use in-package HBM2E memory, we don't know if the die configuration will look different from the one pictured down below.

Aqua Computer Introduces Innovative Water Cooling System Protected Against Leakage

[Editor's note: Our review of the Aqua Computer LEAKSHIELD can be found here]

The German company Aqua Computer introduces a breakthrough system to prevent leakage in water cooling systems. The system, called LEAKSHIELD, actively creates an optimally calculated negative pressure in the cooling system that prevents coolant from escaping in the event of a leak. If a leak occurs, only air is sucked into the cooling system. This works very reliably even in the case of larger leaks, such as broken acrylic glass components. An integrated vacuum pump is activated in a fraction of a second and maintains the negative pressure. A demonstration video shows several examples how LEAKSHIELD helps to prevent a leak:

In addition, the protection system uses a pressure sensor with a resolution of less than 0.0001 bar to detect and indicate even the smallest leaks. This allows countermeasures to be taken at a very early stage - ideally even before the system is filled with coolant. Although LEAKSHIELD was developed by Aqua Computer for the ULTITUBE reservoir series, it can also be used with reservoirs from other brands using an adapter kit. The minimal size of the sophisticated device is impressive: all components have been integrated into the small cover of the reservoir. Power supply and control are provided via USB. The device has an OLED display and a push-button control. This allows the most important functions to be controlled directly on the device.

Xbox Unveils the Ultimate Xbox and Chill... Mini Fridge?

Xbox had a bit of an unusual announcement to make. If you have ever felt the need for a cool drink in your long gaming sessions, the folks over at Xbox got you covered. Today, the company has unveiled its Xbox Mini Fridge, which is basically what it is called - a mini-fridge. What is so special about you might wonder? Well, for starters, it is not just a regular cooling device. It has the aesthetics of the Xbox Series X console and even features a cool green and black painting, with a green coat inside. It is the ultimate device for Xbox and chill, coming your way in holiday 2021. The pricing and capacity of this mini-fridge are unknown, but it should handle a few soda cans and ice cream just fine.
Check out the YouTube premiere below.

Xbox Updates Its Lineup of Platform Exclusive Games: Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, Starfield, and More

Microsoft's console and gaming division, Xbox, has been working closely with game studios and game developers for years now, and in return for supporting the creation of games, the company gets its platform exclusivity, where the game is only available on Xbox series of consoles. Today, Xbox has decided to unveil a hefty list composing out of AAA titles exclusive to the Xbox Series X|S consoles. Starting off, we have the Forza Horizon 5 game, which delivers the experience of the open world of Mexico, while allowing you to drive the world's greatest cars. The game is set to become available on November 9 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, PC via Steam on Windows, and Cloud Gaming service, which is in Beta.

Next up is a collaboration with 343 Industries game studio, which has unveiled its next-generation Halo shooter gameplay. Dubbed Halo Infinite, the game is a massive experience set in the world of Halo, which also includes a free-to-play multiplayer element aiming to bring millions of people together across Xbox consoles, cloud, and PC to join the fight. When it comes to new franchises, we have seen the announcement of Redfall, a co-op first-person shooter that sets you in a small island town of Redfall, which has now fallen to the pandemic of vampires, and your goal is to put it to the end. Coming from Arkane Austin, the developers of Prey and Dishonored, the game is sure to be a quality one.

AMD Files Patent for its Own x86 Hybrid big.LITTLE Processor

AMD is innovating its own x86 hybrid processor technology formulated along the Arm big.LITTLE hybrid CPU core topology that inspired Hybrid processors by Intel. Under this, the processor has two kinds of CPU cores with very different performance/Watt bands—one kind focuses on performance and remains dormant under mild processing loads; while the other hand handles most lightweight processing loads that don't require powerful cores. This is easier said than done, as the two kinds of cores feature significantly different CPU core microarchitectures, and instruction sets.

AMD has filed a patent describing a method for processing workloads to be switched between the two CPU core types, on the fly. Unlike homogenous CPU core designs where workload from one core is seamlessly picked up by another over a victim cache like the L3, there is some logic involved in handover between the two core types. According to the patent application, in an AMD hybrid processor, the two CPU core types are interfaced over the processor's main switching fabric, and not a victim cache, much in the same way as the CPU cores and integrated GPU are separated in current-gen AMD APUs.
Sunday, June 13th 2021

Plextor Announces M10P PCI-Express 4.0 AIC and M.2 NVMe SSD

PLEXTOR, a leading provider of high-performance storage solutions, announces the launch of the M10P series PCIe Gen4 solid state drives (SSD). With faster speeds, higher capacities, and excellent stability, M10P series SSDs offer avid gamers and audio-visual (AV) enthusiasts alike a high-performance device that also exudes gaming flair with its dynamic industrial design and RGB lighting.

Implementing the next generation of PCIe, Gen4, M10P series SSDs can deliver read/write speeds of up to 7000/5000 MB/s, approximately two times faster than previous generation SSDs. This amazing performance is achieved in combination with Plextor's proprietary PlexNitro II technology, which uses an SLC cache mechanism as a buffer to improve read and write speeds. PlexNitro II technology ups the ante on random read/write performance and enhances sequential read/write performance by up to fifty-percent over previous generation SSDs.
Friday, June 11th 2021

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SK Hynix Gold P31 1 TB Review - Amazing Performance

SK Hynix Gold P31 1 TB Review - Amazing Performance

The SK Hynix Gold P31 M.2 NVMe SSD achieves truly impressive performance thanks to its Hynix "Cepheus" controller, which is paired with 128-layer NAND flash. It is the fastest PCIe Gen 3 drive we ever tested, beating even some Gen 4 drives, at a much better price.
Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 13 Keyboard Review - 90% Love

Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 13 Keyboard Review - 90% Love

Today, we take a look at a Mad Catz keyboard; yes, they make those too. The S.T.R.I.K.E. 13 is a 96-key unit that fits the full-size form factor into a smaller, more efficient typing experience. Mad Catz pairs this with an aluminium frame, per-key RGB lighting, and plenty of software and onboard customization options.

AMD Confirms CDNA2 Instinct MI200 GPU Will Feature at Least Two Dies in MCM Design

Today we've got the first genuine piece of information that confirms AMD's MCM approach to CDNA2, the next-gen compute architecture meant for ML/HPC/Exascale computing. This comes courtesy of a Linux kernel update, where AMD engineers annotated the latest Linux kernel patch with some considerations specific for their upcoming Aldebaran, CDNA2-based compute cards. Namely, the engineers clarify the existence of a "Die0" and a "Die1", where power data fetching should be allocated to Die0 of the accelerator card - and that the power limit shouldn't be set on the secondary die.

This confirms that Aldebaran will be made of at least two CDNA2 compute dies, and as (almost) always in computing, one seems to be tasked with general administration of both compute dies. It is unclear as of yet whether the HBM2 memory controller will be allocated to the primary die, or if there will be an external I/O die (much like in Zen) that AMD can leverage for off-chip communication. AMD's approach to CDNA2 will eventually find its way (in an updated form) for AMD's consumer-geared next-generation graphics architecture with RDNA3.

AI-Designed Microchips Now Outperform Human-Designed Ones

A recent Google study led by Mirhoseini et al. and published in Nature details how AI can be leveraged to improve upon semiconductor design practices currently employed - and which are the result of more than 60 years of engineering and physics studies. The paper describes a trained machine-learning 'agent' that can successfully place macro blocks, one by one, into a chip layout. This agent has a brain-inspired architecture known as a deep neural network, and is trained using a paradigm called reinforcement learning - where positive changes to a design are committed to memory as possible solutions, while negative changes are discarded, effectively allowing the neural network to build a decision-tree of sorts that's optimized every step of the way.

The AI isn't applied to every stage of microchip design as of yet, but that will surely change in years to come. For now, the AI is only being employed in the chip floorplanning stage of microchip production, which is actually one of the more painstaking ones. Essentially, microchip designers have to place macro blocks on their semiconductor designs - pre-made arrangements of transistors whose placement relative to one another and to the rest of the chips' components are of seminal importance for performance and efficiency targets. Remember that electric signals have to traverse different chip components to achieve a working semiconductor, and the way these are arranged in the floorplanning stage can have tremendous impact on performance characteristics of a given chip. Image A, below, showcases the tidy design a human engineer would favor - while image B showcases the apparently chaotic nature of the AI's planning.

Elon Musk Demoes "PS5-level Performance" of the AMD-powered Model S In-Dash Game Console

The latest Tesla Model S comes with an infotainment system with serious gaming capabilities. EV manufacturers have turned their attention to making the infotainment systems of their vehicles a lot more capable, as they look to give car owners something to do whilst their vehicle fast-charges—a concept pioneered by the Honda e.

The new Model S infotainment system is a proper x86 PC powered by AMD Ryzen and custom AMD Radeon graphics. The GPU in particular, is based on the new "Navi 23" silicon powered by RDNA2 technology, and Elon Musk claims that the console offers performance rivaling a PlayStation 5 (which also uses an RDNA2-based graphics processor). The gaming-capable infotainment system is part of the $130,000 Plaid variant on the Model S. Its main touchscreen pivots into landscape mode. Meanwhile, images of a Tesla-branded game controller not unlike the one a PS5 comes with, surfaced on Reddit. It's unconfirmed if one of these comes included with the car, but it would make sense for a console-like controller to be the input device for games on this infotainment system, as a tablet-like touch interface would be sub-optimal with the fixed location of the screen.
The recording of the Model S Plaid launch event follows.

From Software's Elden Ring Releasing January 21st 2022; Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer Released

If you're a fan of From Software's games - and that requires that you have slight masochistic tendencies and enjoy evocative world building more than most - there are good news for you. From Software has confirmed that the game will be released come January 21st 2022 in all major platforms - including the all-dominating PC sphere. The game's worldbuilding has been crafted by both From Software's veteran Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin (of Game of Thrones fame), and will feature an open-world game with horse riding and the usual From Software design philosophy. Check out the game's trailer after the break, and as always: prepare to die.

MSI Pledges to Solve Graphics Card Shortages Single-Handedly... Thanks to the GeForce GT 730?

This just goes to show exactly how starved the market is for graphics cards - that the puny GeForce GT 730, from seven years ago, is being relaunched by a graphics card company. MSI might be oddballing the market here, since we haven't seen any other brand offering this particular graphics card. Of course, this won't solve the gaming graphics card shortage - this is a product that's meant for users that don't have a GPU output on their CPU and need to have a discrete solution.

The GT730 may have been revived partly due to its usage of DDR3 VRAM instead of the now ubiquitous GDDR6 - the pricing pf which is bound to increase, as we've seen with current ridiculous levels of demand. The GT 730 packs 384 CUDA cores and features a 902 MHz boost clock and 2 GB of DDR3 memory operating at 1,600 MHz across a 64-bit memory interface. The GT 730 sips only 23 W of power, meaning that it doesn't need any power delivery outside that of the PCIe port - and aiding in the card's passive cooling. The fact that this is a Kepler card - and the fact that NVIDIA has announced end of support for Kepler cards with the release of the GeForce R470 drivers - should actually have no impact on its preferred usage on today's technology landscape.

Backblaze Launches Chia Plot Storage Service with Active Farming

Remember Backblaze - the hosting company that releases regular reports on HDD and SSD reliability deployed on their data servers? Well, the company seems to have found an unexplored market niche between pent up demand for HDD storage and the consumer channel's inability to provide enough hardware for would-be Chia farmers and general consumers who just want to back up their family photos. Unlike some cloud storage providers, who have updated their terms of service so as to exclude usage of their infrastructure to either plot/farm Chia, Backblaze now offers a monthly subscription which, for $5 a month, allows users to store up to 1 TB of plots, while also enabling them to be farmed.

Users will still have to plot their "lottery tickets" on their local computer (and/or acquire them through a number of services which have started offering the ability to download ready-made plots), and then upload them to Backblaze's servers for farming. The Chia Calculator places winnings from 1 TB of plots at around $6.43 per month (considering the current Chia price and overall network space - that does amount to quite meager winnings of $1.43 per month, and doesn't take into account Chia network's space growth, which currently stands at ~20 EiB. Users wanting to make use of this service will have a 100 TB limit on uploaded plots.

AMD Shares New Details on Their 3D V-Cache Tech for Zen 3+

AMD via its official YouTube has shared a video that goes into slightly more detail on their usage of V-Cache on the upcoming Zen 3+ CPUs. Firstly demoed to the public on AMD's Computex 2021 event, the 3D V-Cache leverages TSMC's SoIC stacking technology, which enables silicon developments along the Z axis, instead of the more usual footprint increase along the X axis. The added 3D V-Cache, which was shown in Computex as being deployed in a prototype Ryzen 9 5900X 12-core CPU, adds 64 MB of L3 cache to each CCX (the up-to-eight-cores core complex on AMD's latest Zen design), basically tripling the amount of L3 cache available for the CPU. This, in turn, was shown to increase FPS in games quite substantially (somewhere around 15%), as games in particular are sensitive to this type of CPU resources.

The added information explains that there is no usage of microbumps - instead, there is a perfect alignment between the bottom layer (with the CCX) and the top layer (the L3 cache) which enables the bonding process to occur naturally via the TSVs (Through Silicon Vias) already present in the silicon, in a zero-gap manner, between both halves of the CPU-cache sandwich. To enable this, AMD flipped the CCX upside down (the core complex now faces the bottom of the chip, instead of the top), shaved 95% of the silicon on top of the upside-down core complexes, and then attaches the 3D V-Cache chips on top of this formation. This also has the added bonus of decreasing the distance between the L3 cache and the CCX (the distance between both in the Z axis is around 1,000 times smaller than if the L3 cache was deployed in the classical X axis), which decreases power consumption, temperatures, and latency, allowing for further increases to system performance. Look after the break for the full video.

SiFive Receives $2 Billion Takeover Offer from Intel

SiFive, one of the hottest new semiconductor start-ups specializing in performance RISC-V processors, has received an offer for acquisition from Intel, for USD $2 billion, according to a Bloomberg report, citing sources close to the deal. SiFive was last valued at $500 million in 2020, when it was raising funds. SiFive is potentially benefiting from NVIDIA's ongoing acquisition of Arm, as the company has the ingredients to whip up high-performance processors based on the open-standard RISC-V machine architecture. Both SiFive and Intel declined to comment on the Bloomberg story.

Control is Now Free to Purchase on Epic Games Store

Every now and then, the Epic Games store gets a major discount on popular games. If you have been following the free game deals on the store, you may have seen that sometimes even the AAA-class of games get a free offer and you can purchase them without spending a dime. Today is one of those days where Epic Games store is offering the Control game for free. The offer expires on June 17th, when it again becomes paid offer. If you haven't heard of Control, you can read the the game information below. You can check out the deal here.
After a secretive agency in New York is invaded by an otherworldly threat, you become the new Director struggling to regain Control.
From developer Remedy Entertainment, this supernatural 3rd person action-adventure will challenge you to master the combination of supernatural abilities, modifiable loadouts and reactive environments while fighting through a deep and unpredictable world.
Control is Jesse Faden's story and her personal search for answers as she grows into the role of the Director. The world of Control has its own story, as do the allies Jesse meets along the way. Jesse works with other Bureau agents and discovers strange experiments and secrets.

GoDeal24 Presents Summer Sale: Save Up To 60% on Discount Genuine Software

GoDeal24, an international merchant of discount genuine software, presents the Summer 2021 Sale. Save up to 60% more on already discounted genuine software, so you can put together a new gaming PC build by spending more on hardware, since you're saving big on software. Get Windows 10 Pro for as little as $8.34. The most popular productivity suite, Office 2019 Professional Plus, can be had for just $28.98. Combine the two for just $36.76, and save even more. Also check out other great deals on various Windows 10 and Office editions, and their combos. GoDeal24 accepts PayPal, so your purchase is secure.

Please use the coupon code SGO45 at check-out on the following items, to avail the prices you see here.
Buy Windows 10 Pro at $8.34 | Buy Windows 10 Home at $8.97 | Buy Windows 10 Pro 2-PC at $13.67 | Buy Windows 10 Home 2-PC at $14.93 | Buy Windows Server 2019 Standard at $17.66 | Buy Windows Server 2019 Essentials at $26.48 | Buy Windows Server 2019 Datacenter at $25.36

Please use the code SGO60 on the following items.
Buy Office 2019 Professional Plus at $28.98 | Buy Windows 10 Pro + Office 2019 Professional Plus at $36.76 | Buy Windows 10 Home + Office 2019 Professional at $36.84 | Buy Office 2016 Professional Plus at $22.31 | Buy Windows 10 Pro + Office 2016 Professional Plus at $26.05 | Buy Windows 10 Home + Office 2016 Professional at $26.32 | Buy Office 2019 Home and Student at $31.48 | Buy Project Professional 2019 at $23.32 | Buy Visio Professional 2019 at $20.39

COLORFUL Launches the First GPU History Museum

Colorful Technology Company Limited, a professional manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards, all-in-one gaming and multimedia solutions, and high-performance storage, announces the launch of the GPU History Museum in partnership with NVIDIA. COLORFUL has recently relocated to Shenzhen New Generation Industrial Park. With that, COLORFUL is proud to announce the launch of the first GPU History Museum in China. The museum will showcase the beginnings of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), to the development and evolution of graphics cards up to the present generation.
Thursday, June 10th 2021

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Thermaltake ARGENT M5 Wireless RGB Review

Thermaltake ARGENT M5 Wireless RGB Review

Powered by PixArt's PAW3335, the symmetrical ARGENT M5 Wireless RGB promises up to 100 hours of battery life in 2.4 GHz operation and up to 200 hours in Bluetooth. Much like its wired sibling, the ARGENT M5 Wireless RGB also comes with an aluminium scroll wheel and extensive RGB lighting.

GUNNIR Announces Intel Iris Xe DG1 Graphics Card

Chinese manufacturer GUNNIR has recently announced their "Blue Halberd" Iris Xe DG1 graphics card a few months after Intel announced the discrete GPU. GUNNIR joins ASUS in releasing the only two discrete Iris Xe graphics cards based on the DG1 GPU however, these products are only available to OEM and general retail availability is unlikely. The low-profile GPU features a single HDMI and VGA connector along with a 45 mm fan which will keep the 30 W TDP card cool. The card comes with a base frequency of 1.2 GHz and a boost clock of 1.5 GHz while the 4 GB of LPDDR4X memory is clocked at 4267 MT/s.

CORSAIR Launches RTX 3080 Ti & 3070 Ti-Powered VENGEANCE i7200 Series Gaming PCs

CORSAIR, a world leader in high-performance gear and systems for gamers, content creators, and PC enthusiasts, today announced two new configurations of the renowned CORSAIR VENGEANCE i7200 Series of fully-built gaming PCs. These new VENGEANCE PC models are equipped with the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30-Series GPUs - the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti - utilizing their raw speed and raytracing power to produce jaw-dropping visuals even at maximum settings. The VENGEANCE i7200 systems are completed with a cutting-edge Intel Core CPU, a full complement of award-winning CORSAIR components, and a CORSAIR 4000D AIRFLOW mid-tower case.

VENGEANCE i7200 graphics are now driven by the newest GPUs in the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30-Series: the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti. With Ampere architecture, and even more CUDA cores than their non-Ti counterparts, RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti render fantastic 3D visuals at blazingly fast speeds. Integrated NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 AI technology boosts frame rates, producing silky-smooth image quality even when playing at maximum detail at 4K settings. These powerful cards are accompanied by Intel Core processors, available in configurations up to an Intel Core i9-10850K. Equipped with these leading-edge chipsets, the VENGEANCE i7200 Series delivers the hyper-fast frequencies and processing power to push the limits of extreme gaming, streaming, and more.

QNAP Launches Dual-Port 25 GbE Network Card

QNAP, today launched the QXG-25G2SF-CX6 - a 25 GbE PCIe Gen 4 (compatible with PCIe Gen 3/Gen 2) network expansion card with an NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX -6 Lx SmartNIC. Compatible with QNAP NAS and Windows /Linux PCs, the QXG-25G2SF-CX6 provides a convenient way to upgrade your storage and workstations to benefit from next-generation networking.

With two 25 GbE ports, the QXG-25G2SF-CX6 supports up to 50 Gbps when used in a Port Trunking configuration - perfect for the most demanding storage environments that require intensive data transfer. With SR-IOV and RoCE support, where a network can be accessed directly in RAM, VMware virtualization environments can greatly benefit from reduced latency and enhanced performance and efficiency. The QXG-25G2SF-CX6 is perfectly suited for QNAP NAS solutions such as the TS-h3088XU-RP All-Flash NAS to take full advantage of the incredible bandwidth potential. You can also consider pairing the QXG-25G2SF-CX6 with a QNAP Switch to build a budget-friendly high-speed network environment.

EK Unveils Quantum Vector Water Blocks for Aorus Master 6000 Series

EK, is launching the new EK-Quantum Vector Master water blocks made for the AORUS Master version of the AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT and 6900 XT graphics cards. These 2nd-generation EK-Quantum Vector water blocks implement an Open Split-Flow cooling engine design, which proved to be a superior solution for GPU water blocks. It is characterized by low hydraulic flow restriction, meaning it can be used with weaker water pumps or pumps running on low-speed settings and still achieve top performance. The jet plate and the fin structure geometry have been optimized to provide even flow distribution with minimal losses and optimal performance when used in any given coolant flow orientation, unlike some currently available products on the market.

The base of the block is CNC-machined out of nickel-plated electrolytic copper, while its top is CNC-machined either out of glass-like cast acrylic or durable black POM acetal. The watertight sealing is ensured by high-quality EPDM O-rings, while brass standoffs are already pre-installed and allow for a safe and easy installation procedure.

MAINGEAR Launches Desktops with RTX 3080 Ti & RTX 3070 Ti Graphics Cards

MAINGEAR an award-winning PC system integrator of custom gaming desktops, notebooks, and workstations — is proud to announce that the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics cards are now available to configure within its product line of award-winning custom gaming desktop PCs and workstations.

Powered by Ampere — NVIDIA's 2nd gen RTX architecture, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti feature enhanced performance for a more immersive, jaw-dropping gaming experience. NVIDIA's 2nd gen RTX architecture delivers real-time raytracing effects — including shadows, reflections, and Ambient Occlusion (AO) — allowing NVIDIA's 30-Series GPUs to take gaming graphics to new heights with ultra-realistic 3D visuals. The groundbreaking NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) 2.0 AI technology utilizes Tensor Core AI processors to boost frame rates while producing sharp, uncompromised visual fidelity comparable to high native resolutions.

EA Hacked, Frostbite Engine Source Code Stolen, User Data Safe: Company

Electronic Arts (EA) servers were reportedly hacked, with the attackers doing away with 780 GB of data related to the Frostbite game engine by DICE. EA stated that no user data was stolen, and that none of EA's customers were at risk of compromised data or payment information. "We are investigating a recent incident of intrusion into our network where a limited amount of game source code and related tools were stolen. No player data was accessed, and we have no reason to believe there is any risk to player privacy," stated an EA spokesperson.

The Frostbite game engine is extensively used by EA across various game studios, including the "Battlefield" franchise, its top-selling FIFA franchise, and certain "Star Wars" titles. It's expected that as was the case with similar hacks to CD Projekt Red and Capcom, the attackers may seek a ransom from EA in exchange for not leaking the code to the web or selling it to the highest bidder.
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