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Monday, September 27th 2021

Today's Reviews

AMD CEO Lisa Su First Woman to Receive the IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal for Semiconductor Excellence

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su last Friday joined an exclusive list of personalities whose contributions to he semiconductor industry have been deemed relevant enough to receive the prestigious Robert N. Noyce medal. The award, attributed by the IEEE and funded by Intel, was awarded to Lisa Su in recognition of her "leadership in groundbreaking semiconductor products and successful business strategies that contributed to the strength of the microelectronics industry." Her current and past actions at AMD have pulled most of the weight behind this recognition, as Dr. Lisa Su has completely turned around a company that was bleeding talent and dollars, reversing its 2$ per share lows from AMD's 2014 up to today's $110 per share.

Lisa Su divides her carrier in two parts: the first ten to 15 years where she moved and produced as an MIT-trained electrical engineer, where she earned bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees on the subject. The move towards management of research and technological teams actually happened during her stint in IBM; after 11 years at the company, in 2006 she was appointed vice president of IBM's semiconductor research and development center in New York. She then moved on to AMD as senior vice president in charge of the company's global business units, where she was so impressively skilled it only took her two years to become President and CEO of AMD. Her nomination for the Robert N. Noyce Medal paints her as the first woman to have ever received it. In 1993, MIT female graduates where 32% of the total; in 2016, that number increased to 50%.

Report: Intel Alder Lake-S to Launch on November 4th

Videocardz today reported on one of the fundamental questions regarding Intel's upcoming Alder Lake: its release date. According to the publication, and citing industry sources, Intel is planning to launch Alder Lake-S come November 4th, 2021. The 12th Gen family of Intel core processors can not come soon enough for the blue giant, who sees itself embattled against the David-like rise of AMD via its Zen architecture. Especially if they do materialize with a 27% single-thread performance improvement over Zen 3.

The release date was first originally referenced by an MSI press release regarding the availability of an upgrade kit for its MAG Coreliquid K and MPG Coreliquid X - both AIO solutions will require new mounting mechanisms for Alder Lake's LGA 1700 socket, and their release is pegged to November 4th as well - this prompted the industry insider sources to confirm the release date. According to WCCFTech, the actual release timeline for the announcement and pre-orders is set for October 27th, whilst the actual product launch and review embargo lifts on November 4th, which is the market availability date.

Jelly Key Expands the Artisan Keycaps Lineup with Dragon-Inspired Dragons of Eden: East Sea's Guardians Edition

The art of keycaps customization can sometimes extend far beyond the cost and details of the keyboard itself. Oftentimes, keyboard enthusiasts are very eager to find new and exciting ways to customize their typing tools, so they are always on the look for a new approach. The company Jelly Keys has updated its very detailed set of keycaps to reflect the ancient belief of dragon existence and showcase the art of keycap crafting in a totally different way. When we first heard about Jelly Key, we reviewed some of their custom keycaps featuring retro 8-bit thematic and fishes frozen in acrylic. You can check out more about that here.

For those looking for a different aesthetic, the company has gone with a different route and is hosting offer a group buy for a dragon-inspired keycap collection called Dragons of Eden: East Sea's guardians. Featuring an interesting theme of ancient beliefs, the company has hand crafted small dragon figurines, and put them in polished acrylic that showcases these powerful customized hand-crafted creatures, essentially captured in a small keycap. As an artisan product, it is very detailed. Note also that the group buy is the only way to purchase these, should you be interested. Below are the options offered by the company, listed in sizes.

COLORFUL Launches Onebot M24A1 AIO PC for Professionals

Onebot, a sub-brand of Colorful Technology Company Limited, introduces the onebot M24A1 all-in-one business PC designed to meet the diverse needs of working professionals. The onebot M24A1 is powered by an 11th generation Intel Core processor with 16 GB of DDR4 memory and 512 GB of fast SSD storage for snappy andresponsive computing. It comes with a 23.8-inch IPS display with FHD (1920x1080) resolution and a thin bezel design to create a sleek and stylish look.

The onebot M24A1 AIO PC comes with a built-in 2.0-megapixel 720p webcam and dual 3 W speakers for video conference calls. It also comes with four USB 3.0 ports and two additional USB 2.0 ports for peripherals and others. The onebot M24A1 even comes with a DVD-ROM and SD card reader. The onebot M24A1 AIO PC provides efficient computing in a compact package for a clutter-free workspace.
Sunday, September 26th 2021

Intel Core i9-12900K Single-Thread Performance Allegedly 27% Faster Than Ryzen 9 5950X

The upcoming flagship Intel Core i9-12900K has recently appeared in a CPU-Z single-thread synthetic benchmark where the processor scored 825 points. This would place the i9-12900K 27% higher than AMD Ryzen 9 5950X with 648 points and 20% faster then the previous generation Core i9-11900K at 682 points. This leak comes after SiSoftware published an early performance overview which showed the i9-12900K only matching the performance of competitors. We have also seen the processor in Cinebench R23 where it bested the 32-core AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX HEDT processor. The 12th Generation Intel Core family is expected to be announced later this year alongside the Z690 chipset with the i9-12900K rumored to cost 604.99 USD.

Epic Games Announces Linux Support for Easy Anti-Cheat

When Valve claimed that their Linux-powered Steam Deck device would be able to run any game from the Steam library most of us assumed this was simply a statement on the power of the device. We assumed that the Linux OS wouldn't be compatible with certain games such as those using Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) or BattlEye however Valve confirmed that they would work with the companies to add support. This has culminated in Epic Games recently introducing Linux & Mac support for their EAC software noting the Steam Deck in their announcement.

The addition of Linux support has been specifically designed to work with the Wine and Proton compatibility layers to ensure that all games using the software should run correctly. This will mean that titles such as Apex Legends, Dead by Daylight, War Thunder, 7 Days to Die, Fall Guys, Black Desert, Hunt: Showdown, Paladins, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection can now be easily updated to include Linux support. The rival BattlEye software isn't currently available for Linux but the CEO has confirmed that support will be added with the first game featuring it coming soon. These moves will drastically improve the Linux gaming landscape and will hopefully encourage more developers to natively support the platform.

SiSoftware Compiles Early Performance Preview of the Intel Core i9-12900K

It's not every day that a software company that specializes in benchmarking software decides to compile the performance data of unreleased products found in their online database, but this is what SiSoftware just did for the Intel Core i9-12900K. So far, it's a limited set of tests that have been run on the CPU and what we're looking at here is a set of task specific benchmarks. SiSoftware doesn't provide any system details, so take these numbers for what they are.

The benchmarks consist of three categories, Vector SIMD Native, Cryptographic Native and Financial Analysis Native. Not all tests have been run on the Core i9-12900K and SiSoftware themselves admit that they don't have enough data points to draw any final conclusions. Unlike other supposedly leaked benchmark figures, the Core i9-12900K doesn't look like a clear winner here, as it barely beats the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X in some tests, while it's beaten by it and even the Core i9-11900K in other tests. It should be noted that the Core i9-11900K does use AVX512 where supported which gives it a performance advantage to the other CPUs in some tests. We'll let you make up your own mind here, but one thing is certain, we're going to have to wait for proper reviews before the race is over and a winner is crowned.

Update: As the original article was taken down and there were some useful references in it, you can find a screen grab of it here.
Saturday, September 25th 2021

MSI Announces Spatium M390 M.2 NVMe SSD

MSI is announcing the launch of its fastest Gen 3 PCIe NVMe model to its SSD product line - SPATIUM M390 NVMe M.2. MSI continues to refine its identity as a high-performance PC brand and SPATIUM was envisioned to expand our ecosystem and cover the high-performance storage category. These SSDs are built with high-quality, high-density 3D NAND flash that deliver the best compromise of performance and endurance for professionals, content creators, and gamers.

SPATIUM M390 was developed to meet the expectations of mainstream SSD consumers. Offering its PCIe Gen 3 interface with fast speeds up to 3300 MB/sec sequential read and 3000 MB/s sequential write speeds allow users to enjoy rapid file transfers and short loading times. Available storage capacities are 500 GB, and 1 TB. M390 supports a comprehensive range of data error correction features including LPDC ECC and E2E Data Protection, providing a high rated TBW (Terabytes Written) for excellent durability and longevity backed with a limited 5-year warranty.
Friday, September 24th 2021

Today's Reviews

MSI Pulse GL66 Review

MSI Pulse GL66 Review

MSI's Pulse GL66 is a 15.6-inch laptop platform with the latest Intel mobile processors mated with an RTX 30-series mobile GPU and 144 Hz IPS screen. Built for gaming, the Pulse was co-designed with Maarten Verhoeven and stands apart from MSI's other laptop offerings with its titanium gray top.
Quick Look: Drop + RedSuns GMK Blue Samurai Custom Keycap Set

Quick Look: Drop + RedSuns GMK Blue Samurai Custom Keycap Set

Drop has been the source for many a custom keycap set, especially those manufactured by GMK.Today, we examine the RedSuns GMK Blue Samurai custom keycap set, which comes in several kits and add-on options and, more importantly, is typically in stock for immediate purchase without a long lead time.

EK Vector FE Special Edition Water Block and Torque Fittings win iF Design Awards

With last year's success of the EK-Quantum Magnitude CPU water block, the EK-Quantum Line has received two new iF DESIGN AWARDS this year. In the Gaming Hardware product category, one was granted to the EK-Quantum Vector FE Special Edition GPU water block. It is the most complex GPU water block enclosure as a cooling solution that EK has developed to date. It was engineered for the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series Founders Edition graphics cards and comes with a backplate that makes sure the entire graphics card is enclosed and not visible at all.

Forming a halo product for the Vector family of GPU blocks, the FE Special Edition came with a distinctive set of challenges. Built as an aftermarket product for Founders Edition RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 graphics cards, the block had to negotiate the irregular PCB shapes and unorthodox assembly. However, as a result of these challenges, several design opportunities were leveraged to create a totally unique and unprecedented GPU water block. A solid aluminium exoskeleton forms a cradle in which the cooling and lighting are embedded, revealing only the most beautiful elements to the user.

Samsung Working on Attracting more Foundry Customers by Improving Customer Structure and Process Node Breakthroughs

Samsung is by far Samsung's largest foundry customers and this is no secret, but now it seems like the company wants to gain more customers to help pay for the costs of operating a cutting edge foundry. A little over a decade ago, Samsung was part of the Common Platform technology alliance together with GlobalFoundries and IBM, which allowed companies to almost pick either foundry based on a common design kit and common process technologies. It made Samsung an attractive foundry option, but the alliance didn't last.

As we know, Nvidia gave Samsung a try with Ampere and there were a lot of reports of yield issues and what not early on. This seems to have persuaded Nvidia to move back to TSMC for Lovelace and Hopper, which is a big loss for Samsung. However, it seems this was also something of a wakeup call for Samsung, as the company is apparently looking at making some internal changes to its customer structure so it can handle third party customers in a better way.

Team Group and TechPowerUp Present Online Expo Giveaway

Did you know, Team Group just hosted its first independent Online Expo, showcasing the very latest from the growing range of PC components and gaming hardware from the company? Read all about it here, and be sure to check out a recording of their keynote address, if you haven't already. With its new products, Team Group is reaching out to serious gamers, PC enthusiasts, and creators in equal measure. To mark this special occasion, Team Group and TechPowerUp bring you the "Chill the Heat, Feel the Speed, Make it Big" Giveaway.

Open worldwide, up for grabs are three of the finest pieces of Team Group hardware. These include Team Group XTREEM ARGB 2x 8 GB DDR4-3600 CL14 memory kit, a Team Group Cardea C440 1 TB NVMe SSD, and a Team Group Cardea Graphite Z440 1 TB NVMe SSD. Three lucky winners in all. The rules are simple, just hit us with some very basic info to help us get back to you if you've won, and get the Q&A right. Entries close on October 3, 7:00 AM UTC. Good Luck!

For more information, and to participate, visit this page.

ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Moonlight White Gaming Peripherals

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced an all-new gaming peripherals lineup that channels the minimalist feel of monochrome through a striking Moonlight White color scheme. The ROG Strix Scope NX TKL 80%, tenkeyless mechanical RGB gaming keyboard, ROG Strix Impact II ambidextrous gaming mouse, ROG Strix Go Core gaming headset and ROG Cetra II Core in-ear gaming headphones are all now available in North America in this stunning colorway.

ROG has a long history of weaving Aura Sync into a huge ecosystem of devices to let gamers shine a light on their personalities through their gear - but many players also seek a minimalist look. That's why the ROG color palette is expanding to include the Moonlight White series, providing a commanding counterpart to the signature red-and-black color scheme.

The New Chip Shortage is Passive Components

If you thought that the chip shortage was bad, then the building shortage of passive components, such as capacitors, resistors, inductors and so on, is going to have you in tears. Due to lockdowns in Malaysia and Indonesia, where most of the well known Japanese aluminium capacitors are made, the factories of Chemi-Con, Nichicon and Rubycon have been shut down for most of July and August. The three companies together control some 50 percent of the capacitor market and it's expected that the current situation in Malaysia will lead to a reduction in capacitor shipments by 30 to 60 percent.

At the same time, the increased demand for everything from computer parts to renewable energy technology has ramped up demand for these components. Some of that business has been picked up by Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers, but whereas in the past you could get your order in some four to six weeks, the lead times are now three to six months and that's if you're lucky. DigiTimes is reporting that several Taiwanese component makers have seen a YoY revenue growth of 20 percent or more for the first half of this year.

NAND Flash Market Will See Falling Quotes and 0-5% QoQ Declines in Contract Prices for 4Q21, Says TrendForce

The latest analysis of the NAND Flash market from TrendForce finds that shipments have been below expectations for consumer electronics such as smartphones, Chromebooks, and TVs during this second half of the year. At the same time, demand remains sluggish for retail storage products including memory cards and USB drives. Data centers and enterprise servers represent the only applications that show relatively strong demand. With the inventory level of the demand side steadily rising, the procurement momentum of NAND Flash buyers will become more constrained going forward. The gradual weakening of demand is also relieving the shortage of NAND Flash controller ICs. Taking account of these factors, TrendForce forecasts that quotes for NAND Flash products will begin to fall in 4Q21, and NAND Flash contract prices will register QoQ declines of 0-5% for that period.

TechPowerUp GPU-Z v2.42.0 Released

TechPowerUp today released the latest version, 2.42.0, of TechPowerUp GPU-Z, the popular video subsystem information, diagnostic, and monitoring utility for PC enthusiasts and gamers. The latest release adds support for several new GPUs, including Intel Core "Alder Lake-S" iGPU, "Tiger Lake" server iGPU; GeForce RTX 3060 based on "GA104," RTX 3050 Ti Laptop, T1200 Mobile, GRID K340, M30, and Q12U-1. Support is also added for Radeon Pro W6800X. With this release, we're adding the ability to tell a "lite hashrate" (LHR) GPU from one that isn't. On RTX 30-series graphics cards with LHR silicon, the GPU codename field will include "(LHR)." For example, "GA102 (LHR)." Support is also added for resizable-BAR on Radeon RX 5000 series (when used with the latest drivers).

TechPowerUp GPU-Z v2.42.0 also makes it easy to collect sensor logs from your graphics hardware. Simply start it with the command-line argument "-log" followed by a filename, to log to that file. Several other issues were fixed, including application crashes when taking screenshots, a rare crash in the PCIe render test, a crash on some systems when preparing resizable-BAR support. The Radeon HD 5000 series from 2009 now displays the correct (ATI) logo. EVGA iCX sensors readings are more accurate. Radeon RX 6000 series (RDNA2) GPUs now correctly show DirectX 12_2 feature-level compatibility. Grab GPU-Z from the link below.

DOWNLOAD: TechPowerUp GPU-Z 2.42.0

ViewSonic Launches 28-inch 150 Hz 4K Monitor with PS5 Support

ViewSonic's new VX2882-4KP seems to be the 4K gaming monitor for those looking for a no-nonsense design, as it could be mistaken for a Dell office monitor. That said, not everyone is keen on the over the top designs some gaming monitors of late have featured, so it's nice to see something a bit more normal here, especially for those that use their PC for more than just gaming.

Unfortunately the only stand-out spec is the 150 Hz refresh rate, which lands somewhere between most 144 Hz 4K monitors and the two or three that can do 160 Hz. It's not an overclock setting in this case, as it's the official refresh rate of the VX2882-4KP. ViewSonic went for an IPS panel here, although it only has a brightness of 300 nits, which is not as impressive as much of its competition, neither is the HDR10 rating.

EKSA Rolls-Out The E910 5.8GHz Wireless Gaming & Music Headset

EKSA, the leader of the best performing headsets for gaming, is pleased to announce the launch of their next generation line of gaming headsets. Today marks the release of the all new E910 5.8 GHz Wireless Gaming & Music Headset. Nothing on the market even comes close to the features incorporated into this new headset.

Founded by hardcore gamers for hardcore gamers, the EKSA R&D Team spent two years researching the market and put together the best elements into their headsets. A company spokesperson explains, "Besides 7.1 surround sound gaming headset for immersive gaming audio (Especially for FPS games), we have also developed the ultralight gaming headset and the ENC headset with advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm & Deep Learning speech de-noising technology."

XGIMI Expands Versatile Halo Series With Smarter Halo+ FHD Portable Projector

XGIMI Technology Co., Ltd., a leading global projection equipment manufacturer, today announced the launch of their new Halo+ FHD Smart Portable Projector (Halo+). Building on the success of the Halo projector, released in Fall 2020, Halo+ now offers smarter setup functionality using XGIMI's own suite of Ai-powered image correction & stabilization technology, a more powerful and brighter LED (900 ANSI lumens), enhanced custom Harman Kardon speakers and a longer battery life. Halo+'s sleek, minimalist design is as comfortable in the bedroom as it is in the office, game room or powering backyard movie nights. Halo+ is unapologetically meant to be a smarter, class-leading projector for the most demanding users and surroundings with easy plug and play capability making movie time anywhere, anytime. Halo+ is now available on Amazon and XGIMI's website.

Halo+ has been optimized for immediate use with added intelligence, making setup a breeze and maximizing performance right out of the box. XGIMI's X-VUE and Intelligent Screen Adaption (ISA) technology combined with XGIMI's industry-leading Vertical and Horizontal Auto Keystone Correction offers users the ability to set up Halo+ from almost any angle and in almost any environment. Halo+ requires no manual focusing and will intelligently optimize screen size and avoid on-wall obstacles like light switches or pictures. Halo+'s fast-boot feature achieves the perfect image within 10 seconds, simply point and play for ideal viewing, instantly, from anywhere in the room. Onboard Android TV allows access to thousands of apps, screen mirroring and content syncing across devices.

Innodisk Announces Industrial-Grade PCIe 4.0 SSDs for 5G and AIoT Infrastructure

5G and AIoT need more speed and more capacity. And PCIe 4.0 delivers, doubling the speed of PCIe 3.0 and providing the much-needed performance boost to keep pace with innovation and industry trends. Not only speed and capacity, but tolerance of wide-range temperature is also crucial. Consumer-grade products aren't tough enough to withstand the high temperatures of outdoor and industrial settings, so Innodisk is introducing the first industrial-grade PCIe 4.0 SSDs built to handle those challenging conditions.

PCIe 4.0 increases the maximum capacity to 4 TB, doubles the bandwidth, and raises the speed to 16 GT/s which is twice that of PCIe Gen3. Although third-generation PCIe offered only modest speed increases over the popular SATA III for storage applications, it did provide the much sought-after advantages of full forward and backward compatibility. PCIe 4.0 retains that coveted compatibility while also adding noticeable speed increases.

KIOXIA CD7 Series PCIe 5.0 SSDs Belt Out 14 GBps Sequential Transfers

Presenting at the China Flash-Market Summit, KIOXIA unveiled its plans to leverage PCI-Express 5.0 to double SSD performance over the current generation. In typical 4-lane U.2 and M.2 connections, PCI-Express Gen 5 enables an interface bandwidth of 16 GB/s per direction (comparable to PCI-Express 3.0 x16). This means that accounting for interface overheads, typical PCIe Gen 5 SSDs will dance around the 11-15 GB/s (sequential) range. KIOXIA unveiled the CD7, a prototype enterprise SSD in the 2.5-inch EDSFF E3S form-factor with U.2 PCI-Express 5.0 x4 interface. This drive, the company claims, offers up to 14 GB/s sequential transfers, more than double the performance of the current CM6 series drives that leverage PCI-Express Gen 4.

KIOXIA said that its first PCI-Express Gen 5 SSDs will begin shipping in Q4-2021, although it didn't mention if this was mass-market, or to select customers. The first enterprise platforms to leverage Gen 5 won't arrive before mid-2022, with Intel's Xeon "Sapphire Rapids" processors that feature PCI-Express Gen 5 support. KIOXIA sounded optimistic about the future growth in performance of SSDs. "Today, Moore's Law is technically dead in both the CPU and DRAM, but it still works at the PCIe clock rate," the company said, adding ""2015 [was] be the third generation of PCIe, 2019 is the fourth generation, and 2022 will be the fifth generation. Even if people spend a lot of money, they can't double CPU nodes to improve system performance, but buying Gen 5 SSD instead of Gen 4 SSD can greatly improve system performance."
Thursday, September 23rd 2021

Today's Reviews

Lexar Hades OC RGB DDR4-3600 2x 16 GB Review

Lexar Hades OC RGB DDR4-3600 2x 16 GB Review

Lexar's first attempt at a brand-new line features an RGB LED light bar and high-density memory kits backed by a well-known company with a strong foundation in the flash memory market. Join me as we dive face first into this memory kit in hopes of finding gold.
Quick Look: Cleer Roam NC True Wiress Earbuds Review

Quick Look: Cleer Roam NC True Wiress Earbuds Review

Cleer Audio has always emphasized value for money in its products, with a lot of Bluetooth headphones and ear buds on the market already. Today, we examine its least expensive set yet with the Roam NC ticking off features such as active noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.2 support, integrated microphones, a first-party app, and more, all for a low price!

BitFenix Intros Prodigy M ARGB 2022 and Prodigy M 2022 Cases

BitFenix on Thursday released the latest updates to its iconic Prodigy M line of Micro-ATX cases. As their names suggest, the new Prodigy M ARGB 2022 and Prodigy M 2022 are differentiated by factory-fitted ARGB-illuminated fans with an included ARGB controller, on the Prodigy M ARGB 2022. What's common, is an all new modular rear-panel, which lets you mount either a rear exhaust fan, or a pair of vertical expansion slots, to better show your graphics card off. The layout also allows the PSU and drives to be arranged in different locations to make room for where you want your graphics card.

BitFenix has tested the new Prodigy M 2022 series to support high-end graphics cards such as the GeForce RTX 3090 and the Radeon RX 6900 XT, with the case offering clearance of up to 33.9 cm. With add-on cards in their conventional location, you get room for CPU coolers up to 19 cm in height. There are other feature-set touchups, such as reinforced handles, and a USB-C front-panel port, The overall dimensions of the case remain consistent with the Prodigy M series.
The slide-deck follows.

Razer Launches the Kaira X Gaming Headset, Wolverine V2 White, and Charging Dock

Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, today announced several new additions to its expanding console range with the Kaira X for Xbox and Kaira X for PlayStation, the Kaira and Kaira Pro for Xbox White, and Wolverine V2 White Edition. Also launching today is the Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox, in a range of vibrant colors that perfectly match official Xbox Wireless Controllers.

"With the new Kaira X, gamers now have even more choice when it comes to picking their perfect Razer headset for either Xbox, PlayStation or PC," said Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Razer's peripherals business unit. "And with the vibrant new range of colors on the Kaira X and charging stands, and the sleek white colors on the Kaira, Kaira Pro, and Wolverine V2, gamers can be as bold and bright as their hardware."

GIGABYTE Expands Workstation Product Portfolio for AMD Ryzen Based Products

GIGABYTE Technology,an industry leader in high-performance servers and workstations, today announced two new W-series workstations, W771-Z00 for AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO processors and W331-Z00 for AMD Ryzen processors, as well as a WRX80 chipset motherboard, MC62-G40, and a TRX40 chipset rack server, G182-C20. Remote work and a high level of compute for 3D design or engineering are driving factors for these new professional products.

Today's engineers and power users are focused on high demanding workloads and require a powerful workstation to enable them to work effectively and efficiently. The W771-Z00 coupled with a top-tier processor from the AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO family, such as the 3995WX with 64 cores 128 threads, make this the most powerful workstation to date. The motherboard for this workstation is the MC62-G40. Based around the AMD WRX80 chipset, the W771-Z00 shares high-end features that are typically only found in servers.

EU Commission Pushing Forward with Unified Electronics Charger Standard and Unbundling of Chargers

What can only be called a long running drama, the EU has once again put its foot down when it comes to chargers for various consumer electronics devices, although it's mostly about smartphones and regular old mobile phones these days. The whole thing took off some time in 2009, although back then, it was a voluntary effort and according to today's press release by the EU Commission, we're down from 30 to three "competing" standards (micro USB, lightning and USB-C), but apparently that is still not good enough.

As such, the EU Commission has now decided that USB-C is the answer to their prayers and it'll now be an enforced standard for a wide range of devices if they're to be allowed to be sold in the EU. We doubt this will go down well with many device manufacturers, Apple being the obvious one here, even though the company has been slowly transitioning to USB-C on its tablets, none of its phones are using USB-C today. The following device categories are affected: smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and handheld video game consoles.

TEAMGROUP Announces Several New Product Lines: DDR5, AIO CLCs, Portable SSDs, and More

At the COMPUTEX 2021 Virtual Expo in May, TEAMGROUP presented the core value underlying its new products in 2021: "Chill the Heat, Feel the Speed, Make it Big", representing cooling, DDR5, and large capacity, the three major focuses TEAMGROUP builds its new products and design concepts around. Tonight at 10 PM (GMT+8), everyone is sincerely invited to the TEAMGROUP Online Launch Event 2021 via official website, Facebook Page, and YouTube channel as it again takes the three focuses to the next level with its powerful new technical capabilities and innovative technologies. To celebrate the event with the world, TEAMGROUP will give away a Gaming Desktop PC and other prizes worth up to $7,000 USD. Make sure to stay tuned for the TEAMGROUP Online Launch Event 2021.

In recent years, TEAMGROUP has been focusing on developing diverse cooling solutions and applying unique materials to the SSD of the Gaming product line, T-FORCE. Inspired by the four natural elements of wind, fire, water, and earth, TEAMGROUP has utilized four exclusive components of cooling to T-FORCE gaming products. The wind element can be found in TEAMGROUP's CARDEA A440 Pro M.2 PCIe SSD as further improvements are made on existing aluminium fin thermal conductivity technology for fluid ventilation and more effective cooling performance. The impressive read/write speeds of the CARDEA A440 Pro are also approaching the defined maximum speeds for Gen4 x4 by PCI-SIG at an outstanding 7,400/7,000 MB/s.

AlphaCool Intros Eisblock Aurora for GALAX and KFA2 RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3090 Cards

The Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX GPU water cooler is now available for GALAX and KFA2 Geforce RTX 3090/3080 TI HOF graphics cards. More performance! To gain more cooling performance, the cooler was made to sit closer to the components that need to be cooled. Alphacool also uses thinner yet more effective thermal pads. Additionally, the thickness of the nickel-plated copper block has been reduced from 7 mm to 5.5 mm and the water flow within the heat sink has been optimized. The result of this development process is that all important components such as voltage converters and V-RAM are cooled much better and more effectively by the water, leading to a significant increase in performance.

Fresh design! The EisBlock Aurora Acrylic GPX cooler has been fundamentally designed to focus more on lighting than previous models. The addressable digital RGB LEDs are embedded directly into the cooling block. The lighting illuminates the entire cooling block and thus gives the cooler a very unique visual touch.

Sharkoon Announces SKILLER SGK3 Keyboard with Reactive Kailh Switches

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high-performance quality PC components and peripherals. Sharkoon now presents a new mechanical keyboard: the SKILLER SGK3 White. This is a keyboard which boasts long-lasting mechanical switches as well as a durable overall design. The white finish gives the keyboard an unobtrusive look, while the integrated RGB lighting can be customized using the downloadable software.

Responsive Kailh Switches
In order to suit different user needs, Sharkoon offers the SKILLER SGK3 White in different switch versions. The model with red switches is characterized by a linear switch characteristic without clicking noises or resistance and is therefore ideally suited for frequent gamers. For prolific writers in office settings and for casual gamers, the versions with the tactile blue or tactile brown switches are suitable options. With an operating force of 50 grams, all three types of switches actuate after only 1.9 millimeters.

Valve Steam Deck FAQs Shed More Light on the Hot New Portable Console

Valve today put out frequently asked questions (FAQs) that shed light on many aspects of Steam Deck, the elusive new portable game console. Steam Deck is one of the first mass-market handheld consoles based on the PC architecture (if you don't count the various smartphones based on Intel Atom chips), or x86-based tablets. It turns out that Valve engaged in some segmentation between the storage-based variants. All three capacity variants feature optically-bonded glass IPS LCD touchscreens with 10-point multi-touch, but the 512 GB variant has an additional anti-glare treatment.

Steam Deck combines Linux-based custom operating system, along with the Steam UI and DRM platform, although it is possible to play non-Steam games through the Proton translation layer software. You can add games to your library just like on Steam on desktop. The Steam software itself has a custom UI optimized for the console, which replaces the Big Picture mode of conventional Steam desktop. Just like on regular Steam, the Steam Deck console lets you launch and play a game without an Internet connection, unless the game requires it.

Genesis Launches a New Krypton 290 Gaming Mouse

The Genesis Krypton 290 is the model from the 200 series. In its ergonomic case you will find a 6400 DPI sensor, in-built memory for storing settings, as well as switches which provide effortless work for a long time. The set is complete with LED illumination with the signature PRISMO effect.

The Genesis Krypton 290 gaming mouse is a light (99 g) design with a symmetrical shape. The model is equipped with seven programmable buttons which can be configured with the use of the manufacturer's software. It also allows for recording of macros as well as changing the illumination settings and saving those options in the in-built memory. There are 16 million colors to choose from. The roller, logo on the top, as well as a LEDs running along the base are illuminated.

Microsoft Makes Mouse out of Ocean Plastic, Claims Environmental Creds

We're all for recycling here at TPU and it's good to see that more and more big corporations are getting involved, but we can't help but feel that Microsoft is making bigger claims than it really is in this case. The company unveiled a new mouse at yesterday's Surface event called the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse, however, the mouse is only made with 20 percent recycled plastic, although it does apparently come from plastic fished out of the oceans or other waterways. The issue here is that it only contains a tiny amount of recycled plastic, so it's hard to credit Microsoft for doing something real for the environment.

The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse looks tacky as well, especially the scroll wheel, which is not only extremely slim by the looks of it, but also looks fiddly to use. It's a very basic two button mouse, although the scroll wheel is apparently also clickable and it can be tilted for vertical scrolling. The mouse connects via Bluetooth and supports Bluetooth 4.0 and 5, as well as Microsoft Swift Pair technology. It has a claimed wireless range of up to 10 meters, although Microsoft put in a note that it's closer to five meters in an office environment. It runs off of a AA battery which is meant to be good for up to 12 months of usage. The packaging is made out of wood and sugarcane fiber and doesn't include any plastic. Microsoft will also accept your old mouse for recycling if you get one of these and will apparently even pay for the postage. The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse retails for $25.

European Processor Initiative EPAC 1.0 RISC-V Test Chip Samples Delivered

The European Processor Initiative (EPI) https://www.european-processor-initiative.eu/, a project with 28 partners from 10 European countries, with the goal of making EU achieve independence in HPC chip technologies and HPC infrastructure, is proud to announce that EPAC 1.0 RISC-V Test Chip samples were delivered to EPI and initial tests of their operation were successful.

One key segment of EPI activities is to develop and demonstrate fully European-grown processor IPs based on the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture, providing power-efficient and high-throughput accelerator cores named EPAC (European Processor Accelerators).

Last Chance to Win an ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3080 Ti LC with Asetek Liquid Cooling Tech

TechPowerUp, Asetek, and ASUS, brought our readers from the European Union a unique opportunity to win a mouthwatering ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3080 Ti LC graphics card. One of the fastest graphics cards you can have right now, the Strix LC uses all-in-one liquid cooling technology by Asetek, the market leader in liquid component cooling technology across the client and enterprise markets. You have mere hours to drop in your hat, and hope for the best. Hurry!

For more information, and to participate, visit this page.

GELID Announces BlackFrore CPU Cooler

Tech innovator GELID Solutions unveils the latest high-performance CPU Cooler for AMD and Intel CPU. The BlackFrore is a product of GELID Solutions GAMER product line. The BlackFrore comes with the advanced heatsink that carries 2 power heat pipes and features the Heatpipe Direct Contact (HDC) Technology to provide perfect thermal contact and facilitate heat transfer between CPU and the heat pipes. Additionally, the BlackFrore introduces the High-Class Black Electrophoretic Coating to guarantee top-grade surface finishing of the heatsink, create an exceptional look and feel and improve durability.

An improved 92 mm fan with the Smart PWM (Pulse Width Module) Control and airflow-optimized impeller compliments the heatsink. The newly designed impeller provides efficient airflow distribution over the heatsink and the intelligent PWM Curve technique constantly keeps the fans silent but accelerates speed whenever additional cooling is needed. The high-performance GC-Pro thermal compound and the all-in-one mounting kit for multiple AMD CPU sockets AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, AM4, FM1, FM2 and for Intel CPU LGA 775, 1366, 011, 1155, 1156, 1150, 1151, 1200 sockets are all included too.

NZXT Announces C-Series Bronze PSUs

The new C Series Bronze power supplies offer stable and safe power to all types of builds. The new lineup of Bronze PSUs generates less heat, keeping your system running quietly and efficiently. Their reliable components make up a unit that is backed by a 5-year warranty—the NZXT C Series Bronze PSUs are here to get your build powered up without letting you down.

NZXT Refreshes Kraken Family of AIO CPU Coolers

NZXT announces the latest Kraken X, Kraken Z, and AER RGB 2 fans—n a sleek matte white. NZXT is taking the challenge out of achieving an all-white build. This family of white cooling products came directly from community feedback, allowing users to express themselves by giving them more options for the ideal build. The Kraken 120 has received some upgrades from previous models. It features an improved pump with a larger water reservoir, a refreshed look, and support for 5 V ARGB ecosystems.

NZXT Announces the H510 Flow Case

NZXT, a community-driven provider of PC hardware, software, and services is releasing a robust roster of products designed to give more flexibility to the PC gaming community. This launch introduces an H510 case optimized for airflow, all-white cooling options, and bronze power supplies. These exciting additions to the NZXT lineup are directly informed by user feedback, addressing interest in high-performance components with added customizability.

This case introduces a much-anticipated addition to NZXT's lineup of H510 series cases. The H510 Flow offers improved ventilation with the addition of the perforated front panel and observes NZXT's well-known design DNA.
Wednesday, September 22nd 2021

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XGIMI Halo+ Projector Review

XGIMI Halo+ Projector Review

The XGIMI Halo+ is a new and improved version of the original Halo, which was launched in 2020. While it looks the same, it sports better sound, is slightly brighter, and has longer battery life while also improving on the setup and software user experience.
NZXT H510 Flow Review

NZXT H510 Flow Review

The NZXT H510 Flow is based on the original H510, but offers a re-engineered front panel to solve the issue of airflow and thermal performance that was the Achilles heel of the original variant. Besides that, the case stays true to the same design and tooling, giving us a little blast from the past with hopes of remaining relevant today—two years later.
NVIDIA DLAA Anti-Aliasing Review - DLSS at Native Resolution

NVIDIA DLAA Anti-Aliasing Review - DLSS at Native Resolution

The Elder Scrolls Online is the first game to support NVIDIA DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing). In this mini-review, we take a closer look to compare the image quality and performance offered by DLAA and TAA anti-aliasing, and also compare the results against what DLSS can achieve.

NVIDIA RTX 30 SUPER Series Specifications Rumored

The NVIDIA RTX 30 SUPER series is expected to be announced by the company early next year in January at CES 2022. We have now received a list of rumored specifications for the upcoming family from kopite7kimi who correctly revealed the RTX 30 series. The list includes four desktop cards with the RTX 3060 SUPER, 3070 SUPER, 3080 SUPER, and 3090 SUPER. The RTX 3060 SUPER is listed as featuring 5632 CUDA cores paired with 12 GB of GDDR6 memory which is a considerable increase from the 4864 CUDA cores and 8 GB of memory found on the RTX 3060 Ti.

The RTX 3070 SUPER appears to feature less of an upgrade with the core count remaining at 5888 and the memory capacity at 8 GB however this will be upgraded from GDDR6 to GDDR6X. The RTX 3080 SUPER will receive 8960 CUDA and 12 GB of GDDR6X memory compared to the 8704 cores and 10 GB memory on the RTX 3080. The new flagship consumer card will be the RTX 3090 SUPER with an extra 256 CUDA cores for a total of 10752 and 24 GB of GDDR6X memory. These specifications are only rumors with the leaker stating that they doubt some of them so we will have to wait for further leaks until we can know with certainty.
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