MSI MS-7100 K8N Diamond/Platinum SLI & MS-7125 K8N Neo4 Platinum Bios &Tools

Author: //mAr
Date: 2005-01-20 22:25:47


On this page you will find all important things to overclock/tune the MSI nForce4 boards, so you have everything on one page including beta stuff.

BIOS Files

MSI MS-7100 K8N Diamond/Platinum
Official K8N Diamond Page at MSI | Official K8N SLI Platinum Page at MSI

v01 CoolalerW7100NMSCoolaler-01 120604 17:00:34
v.1.0 Beta 19W7100NMS1.0.19 Ultra 120604 17:00:34
v1.00 FinalW7100NMSV1.0 123104
v3.00 FinalW7100NMSV3.0 123104
v5.0 Beta 1W7100NMSV5.0B1 011005
v1.1 Beta 1W7100NMSV1.1B1 011305
v1.1 Beta 3W7100NMSV1.1B3 020205
v5.0 Beta 2W7100NMSV5.0B2 021405
v1.10 FinalW7100NMSV1.1 021705
v1.20 FinalW7100NMSV1.2 031105
v5.0 Beta 4W7100NMSV5.0B4 031805 16:11:37
v5.0 Beta 5W7100NMSV5.0B5 033005 21:12:52
v1.3 Beta 3W7100NMSV1.3B3 041205
v5.0 Beta 6W7100NMS V5.0B6 050305 10:25:15
v1.3 FinalW7100NMSV1.3 051005 10:53:30
v3.3 FinalW7100NMSV3.3 051005 11:01:31
v1.4 Beta 4W7100NMSV1.4B4 052405 21:43:18
v5.0 Beta 8W7100NMSV5.0B8 053105 13:49:33
v1.4 FinalW7100NMSV1.4 060205 11:21:04

MSI MS-7125 K8N Neo4 Platinum
Official K8N Neo4 Platinum Page at MSI

v1.0 Beta 30W7125NMS1.0.30 Ultra 120604 16:46:08
v01 CoolalerW7125NMSCoolaler-01 120904 17:53:50
v1.0 Beta 31W7125NMSV1.0B31 122304 17:56:47
v1.00 FinalW7125NMSV1.0 122404
v1 Beta XXW7125NMSV1.0BXX 011105
v1.10 FinalW7125NMSV1.1 011205
v1.2 Beta 1W7125NMSV1.2B1 011805
v1.2 Beta 4W7125NMSV1.2B4 021805
v1.20 FinalW7125NMSV1.2 022205
v1.30 FinalW7125NMSV1.3 031105
v1.4 Beta 1W7125NMSV1.4B1 032105
v1.4 Beta 4W7125NMSV1.4B4 041205
v1.4 FinalW7125NMSV1.4 051005
v1.4 MODW7125NMSV1.4 051005 11:11:21
v1.5 Beta 2W7125NMSV1.5B2 052005
v1.5 FinalW7125NMSV1.5 060305
v1.6 Beta 1W7125NMSV1.6B1 060605
v1.6 Beta 1 MODW7125NMSV1.6B1 060605 16:59:30


A64 Tweaker 0.5X
Clockgen nForce 4
nVidia nTune 2.00.23nTune at


MSI MS-7100 K8N Diamond/Platinum

OnBoard Sound EEPROM update
Q: Why can't I install Creative driver?
A: Please update the EEPROM.
1) save the file in A:
2) under A:\> , type epci.exe /w:msi01.dat
3) wait for 30 sec. while the program is running. it will show result: passed
Download EEPROM update


MSI MS-7100 K8N Diamond/Platinum Vcore mod

The area is located a little bit above the socket, solder a 20K variable resistor between the spot on C655 resistor and ground (spot on C601 is just ground) like shown on the following pictures.
Max voltage for winchesters is 1,7v and for newcastles/clawhammers is 1,8v, more voltage trigger the ovp protection and the board will shut down.

(click on the pic to enlarge)

(click on the pics to enlarge)

black wire to ground

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