X800 GTO and GTO² to X850 XT Mod

Author: W1zzard
Date: 2010-08-26 14:06:49


Sapphire's special version of the X800 GTO is called X800 GTO². As you can see in the following picture it uses an R480 core, which is also used on the X850 Pro, XT and XT PE.

The GTO² is a special product from Sapphire only. Neither the regular GTO, nor the GTO Ultimate use the unlockable chips. If it does not have ² in the name, it can't be unlocked.

UPDATE: The X800 GTO cards from Connect3D can also be unlocked, see page 4 of this article.

UPDATE Dec. 1st 05: It seems the Connect3D GTO modding times are over, read page 4 for an update.

UPDATE Jan 30th 06: Many users have reported that their Sapphire X800 GTO² cards come with 16 pipelines out of the box. According to Sapphire ATI has relaxed their regulations and so they are allowed to sell the GTO² product as 16P card.

The GTO² comes with 12 pipelines enabled by default, but the only lock which limits it to this number of pipelines is located in the Bios.

No cards with defective pipelines have been found yet, which means (so far) the success rate is 100%.

An AGP version of this card does not exist. Some shops list a Sapphire GTO² AGP but this is not a Sapphire product, it's probably regular GTO's which are labeled "wrong".

The mod presented here allows to unlock your X800 GTO² to run at 16 pipelines.

Is my card moddable?

I added this section, since so many people ask "can I mod my card?".
  • Download and install ATITool
  • Hold down the shift key and click on "settings"
  • Now scroll to the bottom of the list, you should see four new values listed. (The screenshot here is from an X850 XT PE)

Only the red marked numbers (marked red for reference, yours will be black) are of interest here. If you do not have F for the red numbers, your card can not be modded.

When you try to mod a card which has a different fuses setting, nothing will happen. The pipeline count stays at 12 and the card will work just as normal. But please make a backup of your original BIOS for your own safety.

If you want to help understand the structure of these registers better, post your screenshot here and include information like model and number of active pipelines.

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