X800 GTO and GTO² to X850 XT Mod

Author: W1zzard
Date: 2010-08-26 14:06:49

Connect 3D X800 GTO

Not only the Sapphire GTO² can be modded, the regular GTO cards from Connect 3D are also moddable. However, the success rate is unknown. If you try this mod, please let me know of your results.

Success 128 : 7 Failed (as of Nov 27th 2005).

Success 182 : 87 Failed (last update Dec 24th 2005).

The steps to do the mod are exactly the same as the Sapphire GTO² mod outlined on page 2.
You just use another Bios.

However, there are some drawbacks compared to the Sapphire GTO² cards:
  1. Sapphire uses faster 1.6ns memory, while Connect3D uses only 2.0ns.
  2. Sapphire uses a guaranteed R480 core, while Connect3D uses only R423.
The fuses data (see page 1) for the moddable Connect3D GTO cards is as follows:

Over the last days (end of November) I have received a few reports about unmoddable cards:
  • 20 cards from Newegg
  • 8 cards from eBuyer.com in the UK
  • 3 cards from Watford in the UK
  • 2 cards from a retailer in Hungary
  • 1 card from dabs in the UK
  • 1 card from CCL Computer in the UK
  • 1 card from VV-Computer in Germany
  • 1 card from webbhallen.com in Sweden
  • 1 card from ccl-computer
  • 1 card from verkkokauppa.com in Finland
  • 1 card from Datorbutiken.com in Sweden
  • 35 cards in Finland, one reseller is Elektroni.fi, there is a second merchant, but the name is not known

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