Guide to Video BIOS flashing

Author: W1zzard
Date: 2004-05-24 06:59:26

Making a bootable USB stick

The easiest way is to use the HP USB Stick format tool. It will work with any USB stick from any manufacturer.

Use the settings "FAT" and "Create a DOS startup disk":

Extract this ZIP file and point the "using system files" location to it.

When the format is complete copy all files from that ZIP file onto the USB stick.

Additionally you need your flashing tools, just copy them onto the USB stick as well.

Booting from the USB stick

To actually boot from the USB stick you have to tell your motherboard BIOS to use it.
In your BIOS you will find an option which controls in which order boot devices are tried, or which lets you select what to try 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

We created our USB stick in HDD mode, that's why you have to select Hard Disk for the device and make sure it tries your USB "Harddisk" before your regular HDD (look for "Hard Disk Boot Priority").

On some strange motherboards the USB stick is detected as floppy so if the Hard Disk setting does not work, try the other USB- settings and ultimately try disconnecting your HDD and selecting 'Hard Disk' as first boot device.

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