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RivaTuner x64 signed Drivers

RivaTuner x64 signed Drivers

August 28th, 2007
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Say really BIG thanks to our old good friends from www.techpowerup.com. They were extremely kind to sign RivaTuner drivers with their signature allowing RivaTuner to run under Vista x64 OS with no limitations. There are two ways to install this update under Vista x64:

1) You may copy this file to the same folder where RivaTuner installer (RivaTuner203.exe) resides then simply reinstall RT. RivaTuner's update installation system will automatically detect update file in this folder and offer you to install it. This is recomended way for beginners.
2) If you're power user and if you don't want to reinstall RivaTuner then you may update the driver on the fly. To do it either boot Vista with F8 to temperarily disable driver signing, start RivaTuner once to register it as update file handler then simply open the file with Windows explorer. Alternately, you may avoid booting Vista with F8 and try to open update file with Windows explorer then tell Windows that it must be processed with installed RivaTuner 2.03 executable file. After doing that the update will be installed by RivaTuner too.

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