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Publisher: ATI Technologies
Downloads: 177,531 (71.2 GB)
Posted: Mar 15, 2011
Updated: Mar 16th, 2011
Operating System: 2K/XP/2003
Newer version available: ATIFlash 2.74

Version History

  • Added feature to preserve ISR data after flashing.
  • Added caymandualrom = true/false line option when using pak command to package specific builds of winflash.
  • Updated functionality for the newest Cayman boards to sync up with Atiflash.

  • fixed bug for barts Bios P/N not showing last 2 digits due to new bios p/n format.

  • add Northern Islands support
  • fix issue with Hemlock boards
  • fix issue wih hangs after returning from S3
  • fix -mi flag

  • add Redwood/Cedar support
  • add lockrom/unlock rom support
  • update -mb command to support new location of SSID/SSVID rom straps on Evergreen series ASICs

  • add Cypress/Juniper support

  • fix bug with hang on 64-bit Operating Systems

  • Performance improve on SST rom flash

  • Add RV730/710 support
  • Fix Windows vista issues

  • Remove the progress bar completely with "quiet" option

  •   Fix "quiet" option, No progress bar will display.

  • Fix Save BIOS function to based on the current BIOS size
  • Fix "quiet" option, not to display the progress bar

  • Fix SSID check in ATIRef file.

  • Fix Vista to work on all Motherboards

  • Fix hangs with R680 on some systems

  • Add Progress Bar while flashing BIOS
  • Display Marketing Name when Driver is not installed in the system. It can import the device ID, marketing name information on the external file "atiref.dat"
    The file will include the Asic name, device ID, marketing name and sub system device ID.
    here is the sample of the file entry:
    RV630, 0x9100, ATI Radeon x5000, 0x1234
  • It will display the final flash result on the same dialog box if there is more than 1 card, it will only ask user to reboot the system when all flash are done.

  • fix pa check parameters

  • Add RV770 support

  • fixed pak option to have popup error when infile is missing
  • add option (excl_memtrain_dtable) to keep memory training information while flashing new bios
  • add partial check for -pavbpn
  • fixed part number display on screen

  • update help menu

  • add quite mode for saving Rom & display error message when error during saving/flashing bios.

  • add quite mode for flashing ROM

  • fixed -padevid -passid -pasvid flags when used with the -pak option

  • fixed labelling on second cards to use correct description
  • add -quiet flag to eliminate all message boxes while flashing


  • fixed errors with reboot prompts when multiple products
  • fixed errors when reporting engine and memory clocks

  • fixed 'Error reading ROM' errors on Ry6xx products


  • added -pavbpn so you can use -pa and supply the VBIOS PN


  • resolved -pa issue with -padevid specified
  • removed old/new memory information when displayed after programming (only applies to legacy Bios) and replaced with old/new device id


  • resolved PCI rom access for M66


  • Adde support for FireGL V3350
  • -ai now displays full PCI ID information
  • asic revision now displays 'N/A' by default


  • added support for fireMV


  • resolved corrupted -ai output 


  • resolved command line issues
  • removal of help button


  • resolved spaces in file path issues
  • added support for /h /? 


  • ported custom packaging functionality from ATIFlash:
  • -pak              Package an executable for BIOS update according to
                             the commands in .
                             Config file example:
                                outfil = update.exe
                                banner = "Update v1.0"
                                infile = a123.bin
                                command = -pa infile
  • now -h for help + improved command line handling
  • cleaned up help message box 


  • added following functionality
    -fa             Force flashing bypassing already-programmed check.
    -fm             Force flashing bypassing BIOS memory config check.
    -fs             Force flashing bypassing BIOS SSID check.
    -fp             Force flashing bypassing BIOS P/N check.
    -pa               Write BIOS image to all appropriate adapters.
    -padevid=   Use with -pa command to update adapters of specific device ID.
    -passid=    Use with -pa command to update adapters of specific SSID.
    -pasvid=    Use with -pa command to update adapters of specific SVID.


  • added SiI1930 support for new architecture


  • added SiI1930 support
  • now supports all command line options available in ATIFlash V1.26


  • Include the Support for RV550/M71


  • fix sst ROM flash issues


  • changing displayed value for New VBOIS Image Size 
  • from ROM executable size to ROM file size


  • add support for 96k BIOS images


  • removing the 'force' option


  • add support for EMT 64 bit machines


  • fix display of total/free system memory on 1Gig+ machines
  • update calculation of total video memory


  • fix issue with backlight blanking on certain LVDS designs. 


  • support write-protected sector on 128k serial flash ROMs
  • improved localization support
  • IA64 support 


  • disable dynamic clock gating during flash
  • force gfx link to L0 during flash
  • change loading for flash library


  • corrected RV200 ROM detection
  • add support for RV530/RV515
  • add VMSIZE flag for Dell branch


  • re-enable P/N for Dell branch
  • add support for Windows XP64
  • corrected issues found during QA


  • enable advanced page
  • complete localization
  • add SSID/SVID moidication support


  • add support for Intel HT CPU
  • add additional info on main interface(VBIOS P/N, lenght, CRC)
  • display marketing name for active videocard
  • partial localization
  • remove P/N for Dell branch


  • initial release