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Publisher: ATI Technologies
Downloads: 19,727 (6.6 GB)
Posted: Sep 9, 2007
Updated: Sep 10th, 2007
Operating System: 2K/XP/2003
Newer version available: ATIFlash 2.74

Version History

  - fixed 'Error reading ROM' errors on Ry6xx products

  - added -pavbpn so you can use -pa and supply the VBIOS PN
  - resolved -pa issue with -padevid specified
  - removed old/new memory information when displayed after programming (only     applies to legacy Bios) and replaced with old/new device id

  - resolved PCI rom access for M66

  - Added support for FireGL V3350
  - -ai now displays full PCI ID information
  - asic revision now displays 'N/A' by default

  -added support for fireMV

  -resolved corrupted -ai output

  - resolved command line issues
  - removal of help button

  - resolved spaces in file path issues
  - added support for /h /?

 -ported custom packaging functionality from ATIFlash:
 -pak <File>             Package an executable for BIOS update according to
                         the commands in <File>.
                         Config file example:
                            outfile = update.exe
                            banner = "Update v1.0"
                            infile = a123.bin
                            command = -pa infile
 - now -h for help + improved command line handling
 - cleaned up help message box

-added following functionality
 -fa             Force flashing bypassing already-programmed check.
 -fm             Force flashing bypassing BIOS memory config check.
 -fs             Force flashing bypassing BIOS SSID check.
 -fp             Force flashing bypassing BIOS P/N check.
 -pa <File>              Write BIOS image <File> to all appropriate adapters.
 -padevid=<ID>   Use with -pa command to update adapters of specific device ID.
 -passid=<ID>    Use with -pa command to update adapters of specific SSID.
 -pasvid=<ID>    Use with -pa command to update adapters of specific SVID.

  -added SiI1930 support for new architecture

  -added SiI1930 support
  -now supports all command line options available in ATIFlash V1.26

  -Include the Support for RV550/M71

  -fix sst ROM flash issues

  -changing displayed value for New VBOIS Image Size
  -from ROM executable size to ROM file size

  -add support for 96k BIOS images

  - removing the 'force' option

  -add support for EMT 64 bit machines

  -fix display of total/free system memory on 1Gig+ machines
  -update calculation of total video memory

  -fix issue with backlight blanking on certain LVDS designs.

  -support write-protected sector on 128k serial flash ROMs
  -improved localization support
  -IA64 support
  -disable dynamic clock gating during flash
  -force gfx link to L0 during flash
  -change loading for flash library
 -corrected RV200 ROM detection
 -add support for RV530/RV515
 -add VMSIZE flag for Dell branch

  -re-enable P/N for Dell branch
  -add support for Windows XP64
  -corrected issues found during QA

  -enable advanced page
  -complete localization
  -add SSID/SVID moidication support

  -add support for Intel HT CPU
  -add additional info on main interface(VBIOS P/N, lenght, CRC)
  -display marketing name for active videocard
  -partial localization
  -remove P/N for Dell branch

 -initial release