TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.0.9

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File size: 353.5 KB
Publisher: techPowerUp
Downloads: 98,130 (33.1 GB)
Posted: Oct 20, 2007
Updated: Oct 21st, 2007
Operating System: 2000/XP/Vista
Newer version available: TechPowerUp GPU-Z v1.16.0

GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU.

Version History

  • Fix for more NVIDIA related crashes
  • Fixed NVAPI losing information after display settings reset
  • Added private submissions that can not be viewed publicy. Next time think before uploading RV670 info and then realizing you could lose your job
  • Added bug report submissions
  • Added numerous IGP adapter info
  • Added info for GeForce 8800 GT
  • Improvements to shader clock calculation on G80+
  • Updated icon