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  1. 荷兰大母猪

    China Has Produced Over 140 Billion Chips So Far This Year

    I am a Chinese, but I don't think this number could represent anything.
  2. 荷兰大母猪

    U.S. Tech Industry, Including Google, Microsoft, Intel, and Qualcomm, Ban Huawei

    Well, both Xi and Trump will learn something.
  3. 荷兰大母猪

    EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti KINGPIN Out Now

    Looks better than lightning z. “Money” is never the problem. The problem is “no money”.
  4. 荷兰大母猪

    Battlefield V with GeForce RTX DirectX Raytracing

    Currently I have RTX 2080 Ti SLI now but I found that when I enable DX12, this game won’t support SLI. I want to know is there any chance that in the future this game will be SLI supported when enable DX12?
  5. 荷兰大母猪

    TechPowerUp Survey: Over 25% Readers Game or Plan to Game at 4K Resolution

    Switch from 4K 60FPS to 3440x1440 UWQHD 100HZ. But I cannot switch back to 16:9 anymore!
  6. 荷兰大母猪

    Jonsbo Reenters North American Market, Offering Products Through Various Outlets

    Ok. I understand. Recently that Texas Roadhouse opened a new restaurant in Shanghai and just the ribeye which cost $25 in U.S., is tagged as 798RMB ($120+) in Shanghai. Might be the same case here.
  7. 荷兰大母猪

    Jonsbo Reenters North American Market, Offering Products Through Various Outlets

    Why the price in the U.S. is much higher than the price in China? More than doubling.
  8. 荷兰大母猪

    NVIDIA Announces Availability of GeForce RTX 2070 Graphics Card - Cheapest Raytracing on October 17th

    According to the review of RTX 2080 by myself https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/H9WonnVRDqBeWr1q4hAmMA It is disappointed. It doesn’t reach the expected performance but with an extremely high price.
  9. 荷兰大母猪

    NVIDIA Delays Availability of GeForce RTX 20-series by a Week

    What the xxxk?! I ordered two 2080 ti and one 2080 and you told me it is delayed? The only reason NVIDIA can launch this series over two years after 10 series at this high price and even break the promise to delay it is because AMD cannot launch the card can beat 10 series. Hope AMD can do...
  10. 荷兰大母猪

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Unboxing

    Looks like always
  11. 荷兰大母猪

    Colorful Announces iGame GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Vulcan X OC

    七彩虹散热看着很大但是一向是垃圾。。。 Although colorful's cooler looks huge but it is actually trash
  12. 荷兰大母猪

    Yeston Announces the Triple-fan RX 580 GameAce

    A Chinese brand, cheap but not popular in China.
  13. 荷兰大母猪

    NVIDIA Announces the TITAN Xp - Faster Than GTX 1080 Ti

    WTF? Fuck nvidia! I have a NVIDIA TITAN X!
  14. 荷兰大母猪

    CORSAIR is Ready for AMD Ryzen

    搞定了,免费的!贼船良心啊 already ordered for free! cannot wait for ryzen!