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    Glorious Model O Mouse

    Cool! Mine comes monday!
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    [FS][US] [SOLD]Logitech G900 - Details inside!

    Hello, I am selling a Used G900. I got it on Reddit, one thing led to another and long story short, I owe the mob now! :D. I received the mouse without side buttons which I found on amazon for 12 bucks! It also doesn't have the little box for the buttons or the cable but it has the wireless...
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    [FS][US] XFX R9 390 **(SOLD)**

    replied Sold to fma67, thanks again
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    [FS][US] XFX R9 390 **(SOLD)**

    I actually am in Florida I just forgot to change it
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    [FS][US] XFX R9 390 **(SOLD)**

    XFX R9 390 -$80 OBO Hoping someone else can get use from this instead of it sitting around. HEATWARE: https://www.heatware.com/u/76636/to Sold to fma67, thanks again
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    Help me choose some headphones

    I LOVE the AD700 for gaming especially FPS, lots of soundstage, easy to drive, and super comfortable BUT no bass, very little. I have the original pink ones. I also have Q701 which was such a great neutral headset it was hard to upgrade from them. I knew I always wanted the HE400's but can never...
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    Metro Exodus Packaging Appears, Steam Logo Simply Hidden Under A Sticker

    Hmm, is there any reason they couldn't have released it on both? I guess money was more of the deciding factor, Epic must have gave them quite a bit for exclusivity
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    Need some closure on the RTX 2060

    So I purchased a 2060 Founders last week, I believe I still have the ability to take it back. But I really wanted to find out if upgrading from an R9 390 was a good upgrade? I really cannot tell as there are no benchmarks for these 2 cards. Opinions and some closure would be nice. I like RTX and...
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    New GPU and Display port questions

    The one from nvidia will actually have a dvi-dl output edit: I was able to cancel it until I can figure out what to do EDIT2: I cancelled the zotac amp to get the reference from nvidia as I didn't want to also buy another monitor etc etc. thanks for everyone that helped guess I'll have to...
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    New GPU and Display port questions

    I think you're missing the issue lol. I am getting a new GPU, I already am using 144hz on my current GPU which is an R9 390 I know how to set it all up, I am trying to figure out once I get my new GPU that only has DP and HDMI, is there a way to achieve 144hz without having to purchase a new...
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    New GPU and Display port questions

    Will my refresh rate problem be fixed? I am hoping for 144 or 120 since that’s what my monitor is capable of
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    New GPU and Display port questions

    Zotac 2060 amp. I would but I don’t want to buy new monitors. Can this cable help me get at least 120hz?
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    New GPU and Display port questions

    no cause it looks like that caps at 60hz if im reading it correctly
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    New GPU and Display port questions

    So I recently bought a new GPU which should get here Wednesday, but I noticed that it only has display ports. My monitor is the BenQ XL2411Z at 144hz. Before I consider canceling the GPU I Ordered, will a cable such as this one work at 144hz? I couldnt find a definitive answer so I thought...
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    Router Info/Suggestions

    Reading all of this makes me happy, lots of info and affordable alternatives as well as info on current tech and sources. The edgerouterx looks like a great alternative to what I will end up going for if the TP-Link router isn’t what I expect it to be, thank you for the suggestion. I never heard...