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    Chinese Ethereum miners are now widely using RTX 3000 laptops

    Ok I'm inventing a quantum computer that will kill off all these mining rigs. It will solve the equations in seconds that now take days ;). What's that you say? Quantum proof crypto equations? The hyper-quantum M5 unit will destroy those!
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    What games do you enjoy replaying?

    One or two more: up until FSX flight simulator was my most replayed game. Also did a lot of Aces over the Pacific. And more Doom (and Quake) than I care to admit to. Really interesting thread.
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    Graphics Card Prices Could Soar Amid Increasing Memory Prices

    I really just need to work my way through all the older games in my Steam backlog. Also keep meaning to dust off my copy of Doom.
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    What games do you enjoy replaying?

    Civ V Sins of a Solar Empire, Rebellion Kerbal Space Program
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    Critical Flaw in Windows 10 Could Corrupt Your Hard Drive

    Periodically I enjoy writing up specs for an all new OS. Just for fun...a what if I could do this. Of course I don't have a thousand years to write it or the money to hire a team to shorten the time. Just a crazy old coder with delusions of grandeur.
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    Low speed crash

    Like ravin said a memory leak happens when a program keeps using more and more memory. Usually caused by a bug where the program doesn't properly release allocated memory back to the OS.
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    Building Home Network Suggestions ?

    Yeah 6 can handle 10... but 6a is better sheilded as I recall. Anyway it was just some considerations it depends a lot on individual circumstances. As far as I know all cat6 is also 5e compatible so if someone is charging more for a 6/5e vs. just 6 that would be a marketing ploy. And 6e...
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    Low speed crash

    Have you looked for a memory leak? It's possible, if some software is causing a memory leak, the OC is causing it to become a problem sooner than when not OCed. Like maybe one memory bank is more prone to problems. Just a random thought but I've heard of stranger things happening.
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    Building Home Network Suggestions ?

    If you are going to the trouble of running cable through walls or conduits than I'd go with best spec the budget can afford so you don't have to worry about it becoming a future weak point and then needing to run new cables. Especially if you have long runs and/or noisy (as in stray RF)...
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    How long to leave a wet motherboard?

    If you happen to know someone with a vacuum chamber big enough send the thing up to 60000 feet. We used to do this with cameras that got in water: If salt water put it in fresh water ASAP. Then put it in a pressure cooker attach the cooker to the intake of an air compressor and run for 24...
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    Intel Rocket Lake-S CPU Pushed to 6.9 GHz on LN2

    I'm moving to Neptune where I can get these speeds (and better) every day. ;)
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    RTX 3080 emitted smoke and it smelt like firework - but it's still fine even under load?

    But nutritious. Crispy beetle high in protein :p
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    RTX 3080 emitted smoke and it smelt like firework - but it's still fine even under load?

    I vote with everyone who says send back or exchange. As for something external causing it--this happened to me once for what it's worth: On an old 770 card one day there was a loud ftzztt and a bright flash I could see through the fans and a burning smell. The card stopped working so I pulled...
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    Ultra High Speed HDMI 2.1 Cables Now Entering Wide Market Availability

    I gave up on cheap HDMI cables awhile ago just don't last. I don't do monster but mid range cables seem to last. Sme for DP in fact cheap DP can have weird things happen.
  15. 300BaudBob

    Streaming outdoor in ice cold temperatures. Any advices?

    What are the operating temperature specifications?