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    PowerColor HD 5970 Eyefinity 12 Graphics Card Pictured

    other than the "look what we can do" aspect of this card, this seems to be the only use I can think of for 12 ports and I'm pretty sure there are cheaper and more efficient ways of doing it. As for using 12 monitors for gaming...does anyone have 12 15" monitors?
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    MSI Shows off New Tablet PCs

    I cant really see the second being that useful. As a standard laptop typing would be an absolute pain and as an e-book reader the screen would induce eyestrain and headaches. I really dont know what the benefit of this product is...is it a laptop with no keyboard or an ebook you cant see? hmmm...
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    TPU Contest Design and question thread

    ive opened 4 already :P ...
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    TPU Contest Design and question thread

    this looks like a damn lot of fun!
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    Silverstone's new FT01 chassis.

    im not sure about it tbh - not a fan of the curved top and bottom the internal structure looks fantastic though - bigger than my bedroom thats for sure :D
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    [Case Gallery] Return of Mini - retired. check mini 2.0

    i have this case - and im having the same problem of not being able to fit everything in!main problem is my 2900xt and my ocz psu - it has the biggest/thickest cables in the freaking world! you've done a good job with your cable management here and wish i could do the same lol should have got...
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    AMD Worth Less than it Paid for ATI

    if AMD do go down then thats going to do wonders for intels already huge market share, this in turn will make it even harder for new competitors to come into a market with already a seemingly impossible entry! competition drives innovation (i think somebody said that earlier) and without...
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    Videocard Dilema: DX10 Edition

    from what ive heard if you even go inside the case your warranty is automatically voided - dont quote me on that lol anyway im peeved - i have 512 2900xt (which they're discontinuing!) and the 3870 is like just over half the price and so my friend is buying 2 >( wish id waited now!
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    AMD Worth Less than it Paid for ATI

    ive been out of touch with the cpu battles for a while (lack of net etc) and i come round to find the entire landscape has changed! i have been using AMD since my first pc (way back in 1995) and so they have a place in my - rooting for the underdog, etc. i really hope that they can pull it...