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    Ryzen just launched???

    I was wondering the same thing ... I saw NewEgg and Amazon didn't list it yet. I have a feeling the retails will inflate the prices a little higher to be greedy and cover demand. I will check back those two sites later in the day.
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    OFFICIAL CoD: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered (Discussion)

    Which is better for a non biased gamer? BF1 or COD in terms of gameplay/graphics? I still haven't decided which one to buy.
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    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Performance Analysis

    Any graphics cards I can borrow? :-P
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    OFFICIAL Battlefield 1 (Discussion)

    I personally play this in Directx 12 with the new Gaming Experience Ready drivers and it did boost performance probably 5% so I will leave the TSAA on for eye candy. But really, I think its pointless to have a GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 and play any game in max settings only 1080p ... The...
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    Windows7 is my OS, what's yours?

    I use Windows 10 Education Version 64-bit (I get a shit load of free Os/Software for school) ... and my job uses Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit. Apparently Windows Server 2012 doesn't mingle well with Windows 10 yet
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    AMD "Zen" and Intel "Kaby Lake" will Only Support Windows 10 and *nix

    Windows 10 isn't that bad ...
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    OFFICIAL Battlefield 1 (Discussion)

    I've noticed this too. But, I did see a performance hit on mine. I still have to tweak my ultra settings. If anything I will disable AA by turning off TSAA probably save me 20 FPS. You can't really notice any AA when its 2k+ resolutions
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    GTX 1070 Strix, turbo or dual

    Zotac AMP! GTX 1070 owner here and its super quiet with great temps!
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    OFFICIAL Battlefield 1 (Discussion)

    Didn't know there was gameready drivers...I'll check this out when I get home
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    OFFICIAL Battlefield 1 (Discussion)

    Kinda wish they had at least one more map and more mixture of Rush. I was playing for an hour last night and it was only set to Conquest Mode. Maybe because it was a day earlier the Rush mode wasn't activated? Anyway's Here's my settings and results: CPU: AMD 8370 @ 4.5 GHZ RAM: 12GB G.Skill...
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    Possible Duke Nukem game coming

    <~~~~ Duke Nukem retro fan! This and Doom got me into PC gaming and PC coding in general
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Performance Analysis

    I have MSAA off too, and when it comes to 2k-4k resolutions, you can barely see the jagged edges anymore, so its pointless to have AA or MSAA on. It's a performance hit like you said. I know there is another form of AA that mimics MSAA without the hit. It might be FXAA, but I'm not sure.
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Performance Analysis

    Heres my screenshots. Ultra settings Texture resolution 4x and msaa off.
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Performance Analysis

    Nice video, is this in 1080p or 1440p?
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Performance Analysis

    I have a FX 8370 @ 4.5ghz and a GTX 1070. I have everything on Ultra with Texture Resolution at 4x, MSAA off (1440p 144hz GSNYC monitor), and Exclusive Fullscreen. I got an average of 39 FPS in the benchmark. Come the actual game play, I've completed the first mission with no lag and ease. In...