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    What is your REAL gaming resolution?

    1440p @60hz
  2. AlienIsGOD

    Giveaway: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (PC)

    Canada should be able to use as it's NA Region, if so then I would like to enter I'm looking forward to the battle Royale mode the most as my son and I play fortnite together. He is also looking forward to that as well as whatever zombies stuff is the game
  3. AlienIsGOD

    Gaming above 60 Hz

    1440p @ 60hz, for the price I paid for the asus VA32AQ ($240 CAD) I'm happy with 60hz. Next will be a freesync /fs2 144hz 27"- 32" screen with an appropriate gpu to handle it :) I'm hopefully looking to score a Vega 56 second hand in the next 6-8 months :)
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    Sapphire Nitro RX 460....quite sexy, but oh my...she's a chatterbox!

    wouldnt hurt to contact them, my RX 480 wouldnt maintain clocks within 2 weeks of purchasing it, sent an email and they had me send the card in. I find sapphires warranty to be decent but the time it takes to get the card to them, fix it and get back to me was almost 6 weeks (had a HD 6870...
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    I bought a used rx 470 8gb...and it has issues

    great to here its finally resolved :D :lovetpu::lovetpu::lovetpu:
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    My 100% trash built

    I'll have to disagree, if it's 40-50usd it will be 50-60cad. The Canadian dollar is nowhere near par or worth more then USD
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    AMD to release 7nm Vega gaming card and a Polaris refresh by end of 2018?

    you can speculate, but you are dissmissing anyone who disagrees with you.... I dont have a BRAND bias on the forums myself lol, i just find it humorous the way you interact with those who dont agree with you....
  8. AlienIsGOD

    AMD to release 7nm Vega gaming card and a Polaris refresh by end of 2018?

    the OPs attitude towards anyone saying 7nm vega for gaming isnt coming is hilarious ...:banghead::banghead:
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    GTX 980 vs RX 580 4GB

    Like others have said, rx 580, even more so with a freesync monitor
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    Planning thread- WCG-TPU upcoming TechPowerUP Fall WarmUP! crunching challenge

    I'm in, the i7 has been chugging along. Will fire up the 2 pc at my house for the challenge as well :)
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    Are you gaming in 4K?

    im fine at 1440P for now :)
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    Razer Launches Ifrit Headset With #noheadsethair Focus

    this made my day :D
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    Tom's Hardware Edioter-in-chief's stance on RTX 20 Series : JUST BUY IT

    i called TH out on their Twitter post of this, no reply obviously lol