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    AMD Rolls Out Radeon Software Adrenalin 18.7.1

    wasnt checked for me, Canadian user here :)
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    Station-Drivers issue

    now that the problem/issue is resolved, when you said "station" drivers i immediately thought of this :P via Imgflip Meme Generator
  3. AlienIsGOD

    Station-Drivers issue

    Never heard of that site til today
  4. AlienIsGOD

    Station-Drivers issue

    As a veteran tpu member you should know to give more then basic info for your problem to get proper help. We shouldn't have to guess the issue at hand
  5. AlienIsGOD

    recommendations for a Qi Fast Charger Galaxy S6

    dammit, i guess ill buy a new cord then, my fast charge isnt working all the time with the fast charge adapter and cable that came with it
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    recommendations for a Qi Fast Charger Galaxy S6

    looking for recommendations on a qi charger for my S6. I have the standard Qi charger but it takes over 3 hours to charge, so im looking for a fast charger version. Amazon.ca, Newegg.ca and Ebay.ca or my options for purchasing. Im using an Otterbox Commuter on my S6. Any advice is welcomed...
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    any way to add Windows/Xbox App/UWP to exclusive apps?

    Im trying to add Forza Horizon 3 to the exclusive apps tab, but i cant find a exe and the WindowsApps folder is locked. Anybody know of a way to add UWP apps to the list?
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    Grab a Copy of Shadowrun Returns Deluxe For Free from the Humble Bundle Store

    thnx for the news post else i prolly would have missed it :D
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    AMD to Rename "FreeSync 2" To "FreeSync 2 HDR", Increase Minimum HDR Requirement

    Coincidence that Ur username is recus spelt backwards.... Lame
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    Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Resigns - For Having Sex With Colleague

    Intel INSIDE!!! pun intended :P
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    finally joined the 1440P world :D

    I don't notice any tearing with it on, I only play a few games tho lol. But it does work as advertised... Blizzard games were the worst offenders before and now they run great
  12. AlienIsGOD

    finally joined the 1440P world :D

    AMD enhanced sync my friend https://gaming.radeon.com/en/radeonsoftware/adrenalin/enhanced-sync/
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    finally joined the 1440P world :D

    PPI is just fine for me, im not a pro gamer, just casual gaming and movie watching here and there. Anything new i was looking at was $500 or more for 27" 144hz so I think the trade offs were worth it and came out with a good deal and monitor
  14. AlienIsGOD

    finally joined the 1440P world :D

    This monitor goes for $400 plus in Canada, buy and sell sites don't really allow for all the checkboxes to be ticked off when purchasing. Considering I came from a 24" 1080p I don't find anything wrong with the 32" size