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    AMD "Fiji" Block Diagram Revealed, Runs Cool and Quiet

    Love it. "Cool and quiet" ...when there's a CLC waterblock attached to it.
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    SilverStone Rolls Out Sugo SG08-LITE Case

    Figured as much, but it was funny trying to imagine a 122mm long video card.
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    SilverStone Rolls Out Sugo SG08-LITE Case

    That's one tiny video card.
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    Zotac Brings Orb-Shaped ZBOX Compact PC to CES 2014

    Some enjoy form over function, or simply, form with function. I can understand that, especially when the function has already been served, and there is leeway to complete the project - there's a market for that just about anywhere. The fact that this exists, successfully (that is, it functions...
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    Mushkin Announces New Stealth and Redline 2800 MHz DDR3 Memory Kits

    Please do. Huge mushkin fan here.
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    Transcend Announces MSM610 mSATA SSD

    There's two chips of NAND on there is what it looks like... knowing that, performance and capacity would both not be stellar. Think they're shooting for the niche of half size MSATA, (the size of an intel centrino wireless msata card for example) which I see nowhere at the moment. Everything...