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    AMD Radeon R9 290X 4096 MB

    I rarely post but this really made my day W1zzard :) Great review btw
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    Lucid Demos Thunderbolt-based External Graphics for Ultrabooks

    But you still need to take into account the fact that VirtuMVP is having problems with lots of games so untill they improve that there is not going to be a lot of interested in that.
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    Logitech Announces K750 Light-Powered Wireless Keyboard

    I would love to see upgraded DiNovo Edge incorporating this :)
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    AMD Reports Third Quarter Results

    That's what I'm counting on :) If it gets there I'm quitting my job :) Edit I'm quitting even if it gets to 20$. I'm not too greedy...
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    Radeon HD 6870 PCB and GPU Pictured

    Wow 230 vs 338 and yet almost as fast? There is a serious engineering behind this. Respect.
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    AMD Reports Third Quarter Results

    this is still very good news. Afterhour trading lifted it from $ 7.139 to $ 7.640 http://www.nasdaq.com/aspx/nasdaqlastsale.aspx?symbol=AMD&selected=AMD Way to go :)
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    NVIDIA to Counter Radeon HD 6970 ''Cayman'' with GeForce GTX 580

    I wonder if this one will still have wood screws or they will upgrade it to metal ones :laugh:
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    TDK Develops New Optical Disc That Holds 1 Terabyte of Data

    Of course thay are expensive not to mention very unreliable. I had a lot of hassle even with verbatim dvds and had to reburn some of them for a second time. that adds to the overall cost of course. Now how much more expensive it gets when you have to reburn BD-R media? And how much more exensive...
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    TDK Develops New Optical Disc That Holds 1 Terabyte of Data

    He's actually right its easy to buy 2 1.5TB drives for 200Euro and mirror them using software rather than raid. I have such setup and it works fine. if one craps out on me I'll buy another one. How long will it take to reburn another of those? :) Edit: Also consider this 10euro a piece for 50GB...
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    TDK Develops New Optical Disc That Holds 1 Terabyte of Data

    Guys you all forgot about tape drives LTO-4 standard can store 1600GB in 2:1 ratio (uncompressed 800GB) and LTO-5 will have twice as much. The transfer speed is around 120MB/s including on the fly compression. And each cost about 25Euro. I really see no point in this tech.
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    Gainward GTS 450 GOOD Low-Profile Card Pictured, Taken Apart

    Oh my God! It's red :) Mayby if they put a radeon sticker on it they will boost their sales :)
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    ATI Rolls out Catalyst 10.8b Hotfix for Radeon HD 4870 X2 and HD 4850 X2 Accelerators

    I'm using 4870x2 and never had any problems with the drivers. And supposedly X2 cards are most troublesome :) Only overheating problems during summer :P so I had to manually speed up fan to 70% I'm now on 10.7
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    Toshiba to Launch the World’s Fastest SDHC Memory Card

    I must be getting old really :). How did I missed that I still wonder why they keep calling them class 10.
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    Toshiba to Launch the World’s Fastest SDHC Memory Card

    It's not entirely true. From what you wrote it only has fastest read speeds. SanDisk Extreme III SDHC Class 10 has max 30MB/s read write speeds. I have one of those babies in my EOS 550D and it really is blazing fast :)
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    ViewSonic Unveils ViewPad 7, World's First 7'' Android Tablet

    It seems it doesn't even have a SnapDragon inside. Looks like it's gonna be an utter crap. http://www.engadget.com/2010/08/27/viewsonic-rebrands-7-inch-android-olivepad-as-viewpad/