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    SilentiumPC Gear GK650K Omnis Onyx White Pudding Edition Keyboard

    As if that's really a problem...I like blue switches, I don't understand how anyone can claim to enjoy typing on reds, they're so mushy that you might as well use membrane
  2. AnarchoPrimitiv

    GIGABYTE Announces a Unique Server Solution to RAID Drawbacks with GRAID SupremeRAID

    I don't think Nvidia has a monopoly on grey, black, and a fan
  3. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Intel's CEO Blames Predecessors for Current State of the Company, Wants Apple Business Back with Better Processors

    AMD stagnating? In the GPU space? Are you serious? Might I remind you the huge amount of progress AMD has made in rasterization against Nvidia since RDNA2, literally matching them... And that's all while Nvidia has an R&D budget of $4 Billion to spend just on GPU development and AMD has an R&D...
  4. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Corsair's Next Generation AIO Coolers for Intel Alder Lake Pictured

    They are soooo next gen
  5. AnarchoPrimitiv

    US Becomes Global Bitcoin Mining Leader

    YEah dude, same here, I've wanted to live in Europe forever, recently been working on my Irish citizenship since my grandfather on my dad's side was born their, he fled in 1916 since he was involved in the easter rising
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    Another AMD GPU Designer Joins Intel

    And we're witnessing the effects of Intel having 6.5x more R&D funds and 8x more annual revenue funds than AMD....AMD needs to get a huge cash infusion from a Saudi Oil Prince or something....on another note, the fact that Intel is producing these GPUs on TSMC (or any fab other than their own)...
  7. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Noctua Presents Chromax Line NF-A12x25 Fan, NH-U12A Cooler and Heatsink Covers

    Noctua should make an RGB version. I could see one with the corners, where the colored pads are, having diffused LEDs in the shape of the pads instead, simple and tasteful, maybe 8 LEDs in the central hub too, though I'm not sure if LCPs are available in a translucent form, and unless the...
  8. AnarchoPrimitiv

    AMD Celebrates 5 Years of Ryzen...and Insomnia at Intel

    I remember a month before Ryzen was released, people (especially on WCCFTech which I don't go to anymore since most of the commentors are fascist trolls) were predicting AMD would be bankrupt in six months! That being said, I don't think AMD's presence is completely guaranteed in the future as...
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    Intel Core i5-12400 Could be the Next Price-Performance King, Beats Ryzen 5 5600X in Leaked Benchmarks

    People seem to forget that Intel literally has an R&D budget 6.5x greater than AMD and an annual revenue 8x greater than AMD (FYI, Nvidia has an R&D budget 2x greater than AMD, and that's for GPUs alone, not x86 and GPUs), so AMD is practically on a shoestring budget compared to Intel. This...
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    Raijintek Intros RJK 5V DRGB-PWM Hub

    ....but my system has 12 fans.....
  11. AnarchoPrimitiv

    SPC Gear Delivers the Ultimate Pudding Keycaps Upgrade Kit for Mechanical Keyboard Users

    Out of curiosity, anybody know why they're called "pudding" keycaps?
  12. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Intel's Pat Gelsinger Exclaims "Intel is Back" AMD is "Over"

    Argument's like this look at AMD and Intel in a vacuum, yes Intel was on 14nm, but intel also has an R&D budget literally 6.5x that of AMD's and an annual revenue literally 8x that of AMD's, so there's literally ZERO excuse for intel not beating AMD, and it makes AMD beating intel even more...
  13. AnarchoPrimitiv

    TSMC Claims Some Companies are Sitting on Chip Inventories

    Yeah, they're stockpiling to drive up prices.... This is capitalism, remember, there's literally one, singular motivation for every behavior: profit.
  14. AnarchoPrimitiv

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5000 Series Delayed to 2022?

    hahaha, I know right....that guy probably saw the one benchmark where alderlake MATCHED a 2990WX from three years ago on the Zen+ architecture and somehow extrapolates that to it BEATING a 32 core Zen3 threadripper....I Yeah....I just want to point out that Intel's R&D budget for 2020 was...