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    Windows 10 May 2020 Update Starts Rolling Out to the Public

    I installed it on my main rig. Running fine so far. Only thing is I need to reinstall Creative driver, but perhaps that is because it somehow default to SPDIF after the update. Playing a couple of games, Witcher 3 and Planetside 2, no problem at all.
  2. Apocalypsee

    Intel Issues PCN Reflecting LGA1200 Support for BXTS15A Boxed Cooler

    They still use crappy plastic on those push-pin. It cant stand a few heatsink removal
  3. Apocalypsee

    MSI Announces its B550 Motherboard Family

    MSI didn't list their BIOS size, other manufacturer states they using 256Mbit BIOS but I like to assume they did.
  4. Apocalypsee

    What is the oldest piece of continually running hardware you currently use with your rig?

    Most of hardware in my main rig is from 2013. X-Fi Titanium HD is from 2010 I believe.
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    Devolver, Croteam Share Details and New Trailer for Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass

    Finally some news about this. My mouse is ready! They created their own unique copyright protection in-game, two of those are immortal scorpion and spinning camera
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    Scythe LGA115X Compatible Coolers Ready for LGA1200 Socket

    Yeah I know, but at least it have official statement
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    Scythe LGA115X Compatible Coolers Ready for LGA1200 Socket

    Nice to know my Scythe Kotetsu Mark II will work on newer platform. I just find out it works with AMD platform too using their own mounting bracket.
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    LGA-2066 platform viable?

    Well looks like AMD said they support older B450/X470 for new Ryzen 4000 series
  9. Apocalypsee

    LGA-2066 platform viable?

    Thank you, this sort of reply from the person who use this platform is just what I need. I already have a couple of generic Samsung B-die that could clock nicely to 3200-3400MHz at CL16. I think of keeping it as long as my current 4th gen i5 so maybe up to 5 years. I cant state my budget...
  10. Apocalypsee

    LGA-2066 platform viable?

    It seems like this is the only platform from Intel that spans over a huge generation, from Kaby Lake to current 10th gen. Thing is, is it good to buy, say older i7 7800x instead of going for something newer like Ryzen 3000 series? My main target is just for gaming, as I find quad core is not...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 4700G "Renoir" Desktop Processor Pictured

    Motherboard manufacturer has overcome the EEPROM limitation by several method; putting larger 32MB EEPROM, removing older CPU microcode to give some space, reducing GUI to make some space so all hope is not lost. This is all speculation though, so we shall see how things going in a few...
  12. Apocalypsee

    AMD Ryzen 7 4700G "Renoir" Desktop Processor Pictured

    They put it at B550 that Ryzen 3200/3400G is not compatible but not X570. I think its a matter of 'officially supported'. You can see from the slides that most of them aren't true. A320 and B350 motherboard support Ryzen 3000 series, some reported Ryzen 1000 series works on X570 motherboards...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 4700G "Renoir" Desktop Processor Pictured

    Nope, they said Ryzen Desktop Processor with ZEN 3 architecture. This APU is based on Zen 2
  14. Apocalypsee

    AMD Ryzen 7 4700G "Renoir" Desktop Processor Pictured

    Yep, if its not compatible with older chipset then it such a sad thing I cant put this kind of power on Deskmini A300
  15. Apocalypsee

    OPNs for At Least Twelve Desktop AMD "Renoir" APUs Decoded

    I think it should, it based on Zen 2 which is supported on B450/X470 it should have no reason why it wont be supported. But if AMD tied this new APU with new Zen 3 AGESA which was meant for B550/X570 it could mean otherwise.