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    Unigine Heaven 4.0 Benchmark Scores Part 2

    Hihi. I ran the test at 1440p. My GPU clocks are 1520 MHz (in this bench) and HBM at 880 MHz. It's an RX Vega 56, and this is my 'optimised' setting for daily gaming. I can get the GPU to run higher frequencies but I really don't feel the need to push higher scores. I'm using VSR to do 1440p...
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    Hitman 2 Benchmark Performance Analysis

    I NEVER THINK THINGS THROUGH. Who do you think I am? Some kind of think things througher? Go away with your Logic and Reason.
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    Battlefield V with GeForce RTX DirectX Raytracing

    Oh dear. That doesn't even look that good. RTX 20 series is a joke. The hardware isn't ready for Real-time RT yet (it shows) and you're footing the bill for the huge die sizes because they are built on a node that will be outdated in 6 months. Worth it, though, right? Right?
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    Hitman 2 Benchmark Performance Analysis

    I find it unacceptable that these new games are using DX11, at the end of 2018. Game engines now should be built from the ground up to support DX12 and/or Vulkan. It's lazy developers not wanting to push their engines to use the latest technology and improve performance for everyone: AAA devs...
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    i7 8086k or i7 9700k for futureproof gaming

    In games, (and I believe for the foreseeable future) 8 physical cores and 8 threads is better than 6 and 12, respectively. In synthetic performance and other multi-threaded workloads the two processors are very similar in performance and trade blows from what I have seen. So I would go with the...
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    3770K bottlenecking Vega64?

    Yes that's CPU bound. The game is probably using 2-3 threads and the Windows Scheduler is bouncing it around the logical threads of the processor. 3770K is a bit old now and even first gen Ryzen is a good bit faster in games. Intel CPU prices are absurd at the moment but honestly a 2600X would...
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    Intel Cutting Retail Processor Supply for Holiday 2018

    Aaaand still the Dumb Dumbs will buy those $900 9900K's, lol.
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    SK Hynix Announces 1Ynm 16Gb DDR5 DRAM

    DDR5 will bring the first truly FHD gaming-viable integrated GPUs. Currently I do not think 2400G is fast enough for proper FHD gaming, and would need RAM so expensive that defeats the purpose of it in the first place, to even have a chance. I hope bog-standard, (hopefully dirt cheap) DDR5 will...
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    What is your REAL gaming resolution?

    I have a 1080p monitor at 60 Hz (U2414H) but I frequently use VSR in games. I used to play Warframe at 4K with VSR but the latest Fortuna update really hurts my FPS so I dropped it to 1440p. On the note of Super Sampling, which DSR/VSR essentially is, it is technically rendering the game at the...
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    Impaired Creativity: Bethesda to Still Use Creation Engine for The Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield

    Urgh. This engine needs to die. So help me, if Fallout 5 is on Creation Engine I will implode. Use the engine from Wolfenstein 2 TNC. It's Vastly better in every conceivable way.
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    ZOTAC GeForce RTX 2070 AMP Extreme 8 GB

    $640 and can't beat 1080 Ti.. and 3GB less VRAM. Yeah looks like an amazing deal. Not. I bought my Vega 56 for £399 ($512), before the 20 series came out, got a Free game with it, and haven't even got a slightest bit of Buyer's remorse because the entire 20 series is just hilariously bad value...
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    XFX Radeon RX 590 Fatboy Smiles For The Camera

    1600 MHz is pretty good result for Polaris I thinks. This will almost always beat out the 1060 while having more VRAM. AMD needs to use 12nm Wafers from GloFo and porting the Polaris architecture from 14nm is extremely easy and cost effective - 12nmLP was designed for exactly that. With no...
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    Os Armor - a must have security software

    How does this compare to Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 (which I currently use)?
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    What are you playing?

    Haha yeah they do lol. But it's explained very well in-game.
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    What are you playing?

    It's uh, complicated. Without spoiling any quests or storyline: it's essentially a 3rd person sci-fi action/adventure game where you control a space ninja utilising a variety of guns, melee weapons and even a set of mechanical wings to fly around with. It started off as mostly a 'corridor' TPS...