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    How long does your pc take to boot to windows?

    Task manager says 13 seconds for me but I bet it takes a littler longer than that.
  2. ArbitraryAffection

    ID-Cooling Intros DK-03 Halo AMD Red CPU Cooler

    Eh, I think the Spire is better overall from the looks of things. The Spire actually has a Vapour Chamber and copper slug built in and looks better IMO.
  3. ArbitraryAffection

    New Ryzen 2600 gets 17% single core performance boost

    Not expecting much IPC boost from Zen+ on 12nm, wouldn't be surprised if the most, if not all of the performance uplift is from higher clocks. Though lower L2 latency will help a little bit.
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    Lucasfilm Rumored to Ditch EA for a New Game Publisher

    EA, Activision, Ubisoft... these big "gaming" companies can all go die in a hole along with their damned DLC and micro-transaction garbage.
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    Gaming on 2400G: My Thoughts

    Played some Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and it's perfectly playable at 1600x900 medium settings with SMAA! Looks really good too. FPS is around mid 40s to 50s. Does Raven Ridge support Rapid Packed Math? Since its GPU is based on Vega I should think should. In which case it may be helping...
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    Is my PSU enough?

    Your PSU should be enough. And if you exceed the rated power of the PSU most good units can go over their rated spec for a short time but if it has protections it should just shut down.
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    Racing games for PC

    If you like driving fast, I mean reaaaaaally fast try GRIP. it's in Early Access on Steam at the moment but I quite like it. It's not a 'traditional' racing game, but you may like it :)
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    Share your CPUZ Benchmarks!

    Ryzen 5 2400G @ 3.9 GHz with 2866 MHz Ram
  9. ArbitraryAffection

    Gaming on 2400G: My Thoughts

    Huh. I personally think Warframe is a good looking game. *shrugs* Anyway I have done some more testing with my RX 560 and the average FPS is a lot higher than with the iGPU when I'm CPU bound. It falls in line with my testing with other Ryzen parts in that it's mostly above 80fps. So perhaps...
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    Gaming on 2400G: My Thoughts

    True.. I think it's testament to how well optimised it is.
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    Post your Cinebench score

    Seasonic 360W Gold PSU, I also tried it with my Seasonic 850 FOCUS platinum. Btw my PC MATE has excellent VRM regulation on the 850W so i doubt it's my PSU. Also yes my Avexir kit ran perfectly at 3200 mhz in my Z370 with 8350K when I had it.
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    Gaming on 2400G: My Thoughts

    Hi! Well I bought a 2400G to get the "Full Raven Ridge Experience" and well here are some of my thoughts on it. For starters, the kit I am trying to use (An Avexir 3200 MHz CL16) kit will not run at anything higher than 2866 MHz with either of my 2200G and 2400G in my MSI B350 Mortar...
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    Post your Cinebench score

    Pretty snappy for every day use :) handles games just fine too. I blame my Mobo VRM for my Raven Ridge's "poor" overclock ability. It's the MSI B350M mortar, voltage fluctuation is pretty bad on it :( and there is 100mV vdroop even with high LLC. As for the memory, Ryzen hates my Avexir 3200 c16...
  14. ArbitraryAffection

    Post your Cinebench score

    MSI B350M Mortar, ram is Avexir C16-18-18 3200. And I tried 2933 with c16 but no joy. :( It's the same with my 2400G so I blame the Mobo/Ram. Here's my 2400g At 3.9 with the same Ram speed/timings.
  15. ArbitraryAffection

    Post your Cinebench score

    2200G @ 3.8 (didn't win the silicon lottery :( ) with 2866 Mhz ram, ram is rated for 3200 but even 2933 doesn't boot :/