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    First Images of MSI's X470 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Motherboard

    I wonder what type of MOSFETS MSI is using on these new boards, I heard the entire lineup of X370 and B350 board from top to bottom used cheap, leaky ones that generate a lot of waste heat. Also is that a true 8+4 design or a 4+2 with doubling? My X370 SLI PLUS looks like it has 8+2 but it is...
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    Recommendations on Low Cost, Bluetooth Headphones

    Hey. I've just thrown away my Asus headphones i had since 2014, can't remember which ones they were but they fell apart, lol. And even the mic stopped working. Never really used them much more than 2-3 times a week :/ I am basically shopping now for a set of Low Cost (but not cheapy) Blue...
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    Acer Aspire S24, Its Slimmest-Ever All-in-One Desktop PC is Now Available in the US

    I don't get the appeal for super slim devices. I'd rather have a thicker device with better cooling, or in the case of a portable; a bigger battery.
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    Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games Launch Star Citizen Alpha 3.1

    Might actually install this and have a fly around in my Cutlass Black for a bit. Then get bored and uninstall it to free up SSD space. Then wait another 6 months, rinse and repeat. :|
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    Glad it's working now :) As jsfitz54 said, it's generally a good idea to do a clean install when changing GPUs, I even do it if i'm switching cards of the same brand. If it's surviving Furmark, it's likely not a hardware problem, which is good. But some faults can pass undetected even under...
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    I find it odd that there's 1GB of Hardware reserved memory. But that's digressing. I would say do a clean Driver Uninstall using DDU and install the non Beta drivers 18.2.1 IIRC. See if it still happens, that way we can at least rule out a bad driver installation, too. EDIT: When was did you...
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    In Task Manager under the memory tab how much RAM does it say is available?
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    Also could be the monitor, does the system not respond at all when it happens? I.E the game audio stops/loops, etc?
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    Sounds like the GPU/driver errored resulting in a hard system lock. Honestly, the easiest way to debug this IMO is to try the GPU in another system and if it still occurs, it might be a bad card. How often does it happen? And which driver are you running?
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    AMD "Vega 20" Optical-Shrunk GPU Surfaces in Linux Patches

    Isn't Vega 20 also going to have four stacks of HBM2 (4096-bit)?
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    UK police can download the private contents of your phone in minutes without a warrant

    Edited, I removed my inappropriate comment. Sorry about that.
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    I feel kinda weird inside...

    I would prefer to buy AMD over Intel and Nvidia if given the choice between the companies. Nvidia is a scummy company with things like GPP and such, and Intel is no stranger to anti-competitive BS. Besides, AMD actually offers very competitive products even GPUs. Well, if they were anywhere near...
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    First DDR4 GPU

    Yes I think GDDR4 is very different to DDR4.
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    i7-7800x or i7-7820x upgrade?

    I wouldn't get the 7800X. It seems to underperform compared to the 8700K, in games. Might be an idea to wait for Ryzen 2700X? it is launching next month. But if you want the highest Raw FPS in games and streaming then I would say X299 with i7 7820X as a minimum is the way to go.
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    First DDR4 GPU

    Just a question, why would they use DDR4 instead of GDDR5, is it for cost reasons?