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    What's the best bang for the buck out there now?

    I thought the GPU would do most of the process, I have a rx580. The APU is just a processor, now. 2 core, 4 thread, base 3.70 GHz I have seen it Boost up to 4.24 GHz. @Toothless plus Steam VR app says my setup is good for High to Very High in most games, w/ the test holding over 90 FPS.
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    What's the best bang for the buck out there now?

    I am new to VR, just set up a gaming PC, not much but, that steam says is ready (via the steam vr app). I have an old A-10 6700 with a Power Color 580 Red Dragon. I briefly looked on Amazon and was surprised that the VR headsets, that I saw, were in the $500 range! Are there...
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    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Well, I got the A-10 Gamer/ Cruncher to provide audio to the TV it is set up to. Had to do a force install and dump all the drivers . Now, the 580 is doing it all on "19. something", latest driver!! Now, tomorrow morning, I will see if I can get my second drive to be recognized as my "d:"...
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    gonna order it, now!!

    gonna order it, now!!
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    Sitting here, waiting for Laundry, wondering if I should order my free Domino's Pizza. I still...

    Sitting here, waiting for Laundry, wondering if I should order my free Domino's Pizza. I still have until Thursday to get paid and I have nothing but a change jar, maybe 20 bucks, or so....
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    Last suggestions for my build? 1000$ gaming pc

    regarding 3600 speed Memory and the CPU IFS, or memory fabric, I have included this Video edit of Jayz 2 cents. Paul's Hardware, Linus and many others have YouTube videos describing the benefits of 1:1 DDR and IFS speeds. Pertinent info starts at 13:27 of the video.
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    WCGrid News and Talking Points!!

    Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy Researcher Developing New Methods for Deciphering Protein-Protein Interactions 12 Sep 2019 Summary Dr. Alessandra Carbone, the primary investigator for the Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy project, recently published a paper along with several colleagues to propose...
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    Last suggestions for my build? 1000$ gaming pc

    I think most everything there is good! I am not familiar with Sabrent, but that really means nothing. The memory may over clock, or pay a bit more for 3600 memory. The CPU's IFS runs at a max speed of 1800, for the best you can get from that thing, 3600 speed DDR is the way to go! Sapphire...
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    Have you got pie today?

    Slowly climbing the ranks, in "Summer Mode". It's getting cooler outside, around these parts...almost time for full on Farm, "Beast Mode". Unfortunately, I have one more Electric bill to pay, later this week, then I might warm them all up for a few days of testing, before full on. @phill you may...
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    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Great to see you are well!! I was hoping you would be alright! Welcome back! :toast: :lovetpu:
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    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    dammit. it appears that in the cornucopia of cables I own, I do not have a USB to USB cable anywhere to be found. I have USB to nearly every conceivable object but, no, not one to connect, via USB, my computer to my stereo (a cheap box that resembles a stereo, in that it has remote speakers and...
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    RX 580, A10-6700, HDMI...no sound

    OK, I have an A10-6700 with a Power Color 580 hooked up to my TV via the HDMI on the 580. I have googled the issue done multiple things with drivers, sound settings and all the windows updates. I still have no sound on the TV. I have my PS4 hooked up to another HDMI port and get sound from the...
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    RealTemp General Discussion

    I have an AMD A10-6700. I downloaded the latest version from TPU and both RT and RTGT say that my processor is not supported. Is there another version that supports the A10?
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    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    Just got Minit for Free! Did a few runs, seems like a fun time waster. Still haven't found a flash light or the factory. Eventually will, just not now...