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    The Turing line-up (NVIDIA 20xx) has been revealed

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB and RTX 2080 8 GB Graphics Cards Core Specifications Confirmed – 2080 Ti With TU102 GPU Rocks 4352 CUDA Cores, 2080 With TU104 Rocks 2944 CUDA Cores why, rtx 2070 and gtx 2060 has only ddr6 7gb and and ddr6 5gb ???
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    MSI 1080 GPU-Z issue

    my gpu z.... msi gtx 1080 gaming x 8gb.....
  3. arni-gx

    What are you playing?

    playing this game a lot, since 2012....
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    Monster Hunter: World Benchmark Performance Analysis

    GTA V the witcher 3 deus ex 2016 dx12 hitman 2016 dx12 tomb raider 2016 dx12 project cars 2 watch dogs 2 mafia III Ass Creed Unity FF XV demo .... all those game with my cpu usage = 100% (almost all the time)..... so this game its safe for my cpu too... ??
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    Monster Hunter: World Benchmark Performance Analysis

    so, i5 3570 stock, can still playing this game..... ???
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    Monitor advice - 32" curved goodness

    why ultra wide screen is crap for pc gaming ??
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    What are you playing?

    MMO WOT, WT, AW ..... ^^
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    Monitor advice - 32" curved goodness

    curved monitor is good only for wide screen (21:9), not just for full HD (16:9)....
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    OFFICIAL Game Soundtracks You Love

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFGl5neEzK8 1. trailer song, GTA 4 & GTA VC..... ^^ 2. leliana song, DAO..... 3. opening theme, TES III Morrowind.... 4. main theme, TES V Skyrim..... 5. ending theme, mass effect 1....
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    Memory Usage?

    why not using why u not using OSD from MSI AB+RTSS ??
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    Sniper Elite 4 DX12 has stopped working

    july 2018, gtx 1080 8gb with the latest whql driver, dx12 still crash at launch, but dx11 is working perfect... why this happen.... ?? how to fix this bug ?? :(
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    Unigine Heaven 4.0 Benchmark Scores Part 2

    gtx 1080 8gb - 1936/4514 ...
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    Post your Final Fantasy XV Benchmark Results

    gtx 1080 8gb - 1936/4514
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    Post Your BaseMark GPU Scores!

    new vga.... open GL vulkan API