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    Asustor NAS Products Hit by Deadbolt Ransomware Attack - Unplug Them Now

    I got my files on offline backup once a month, so it was not a big drama for me. But anyway I lost all trust for Asustor. Asustor VPN, excellent password, 2-factor authentication and still my devices were hacked. Most probably thru supply chain attack on "EZ Connect" service. Still no...
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    Asustor NAS Products Hit by Deadbolt Ransomware Attack - Unplug Them Now

    Quote: "In them, affected models so far seem to be restricted to the AS5304T, AS6404T, AS5104T, and AS7004T NAS devices. Others, such as the AS6602T, AS-6210T-4K, AS5304T, AS6102T, or AS5304T, are (at least so far) free of infection reports." I do not get it. Its copy-pasting without ever read...
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    Kingston Technology Launches New Data Center 500 Series SSDs

    DWPD is really clever way of hiding how low TBW is.
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    Seagate's Roadmap Shows How We Can Expect 100 TB HDDs in 2025

    Seagate... nope. I wouldnt buy this crap for my data even if it would cost 1$ per 1TB. I am working in data recovery for last 5 years and I see 8 out of 10 HDD are physically damaged Seagates. They cannot even design good head parking mechanism for heads. Their disks comparing to Toshiba or...
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    Intel Core i7-9700K

    @W1zzard Can you do the some test with same clocks set for 8700K an 9700K? I wonder how they perform on the same clocks, because right now, the performance difference looks like it is related only to higher boost clock and not two additional physical cores.
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    ADATA Unveils HD830 External HDD - Withstands up to 3000 Kg Pressure

    If they put Seagate drive (looking at a capacity, they did) you do not need to drop it to broke the thing. It won't last warranty period.
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    Intel Core i9 8-core LGA1151 Processor Could Get Soldered IHS, Launch Date Revealed

    Decision to build and sell top cpu like 8700k with goop of cheap toothpaste under IHS is like selling Bugatti Veyron with LPG installation.
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    The Best/Easiest Silent Hill Game for PC?

    There is not such a thing as "easy" Silent Hill game :cool: For PC, Silent Hill 2 is pure masterpiecie. It will leave you totall shattered.
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    4K Plex Server CPU Recommendation

    My Asustor AS6204T NAS is doing as Plex server with perfectly fine performence and it is only Celeron N3150.
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    2700X vs 7700K, should I stay or should I go?

    HODL dat CPU Seriusly 7700k has planety of power, which you cannot utilize now. I jumped from 1055T to 8700K and it was negligible change in performance. Changing my SSD+HDD to NVME was huge difference in system speed.
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    Bitmain Intros Antminer E3 for Ethereum, GPU Prices Could Finally Cool Down

    Finally! God bless Bitmain.
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    NVIDIA Bracing for a Cryptocurrency Demand Drop

    For AMD definately not be much impact. They have consoles, CPUs ... their market is diversificated. For NVIDIA ... that might be an issue.
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    NVIDIA Bracing for a Cryptocurrency Demand Drop

    This is what will be the end of GPU mining (220 Mhash, 800W, 3000$): https://steemit.com/technology/@cloh76/bitmain-to-release-ethereum-asic-miner-the-antminer-f3 GPU based mining rigs are not even close.
  14. arroyo

    NVIDIA Bracing for a Cryptocurrency Demand Drop

    I think AMD and NVIDIA started to fear about 2018. They both had crazy profitable year 2017, but cryptomining end was just a matter of time. And those millions of ex-mining cards will flood the market (refubrished, recertified, with new boxes, OEM) for sure. This might be huge hit for both...
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    The State of Cryptocurrency

    Coins will definately drop to certain level of value, but not go below that. Let us assume it will be 6000$=1BTC. Below this certain value no crypto exchange has any money to offer of you willing to take out your money. There is only air value. And this air value of couns is going bigger and bigger.