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  • Sure, I don't mind doing a few benchmarks for you. Overall, I don't do a whole lot of benchmarking so other than 3DMark, are there any others you want me to use?
    Definitely the comp posted first in my specs. Gigabyte probably has the best, most stable, unlocking feature for PII CPUs. Thanks to that, I am currently running my PII 550 BE as a quad B50 and overclocked to 3.6 GHz at only 1.4 vcore. Also, that system makes use of a 4850 X2 I bought from Shadowfold, so it is definitely the more powerful system right now.

    The other system with the M4A78-E isn't much less powerful though since it is sporting the 940 BE and two 4830's in Crossfire. This was mostly a spare part system that I whipped up a few months ago. Nobody was buying the parts locally, so I just decided to make it a build. Up until now it was being used in my living room for general entertainment.

    Thanks to your GTX 260, the new micro atx htpc should come close in power but in a smaller package which will be nice since a full tower is kind of an eyesore in my living room. :p
    I brought it up to my brother. He thought it was a steal but said he couldn't buy it. I'm going to mention it to my nephew next time I talk to him.
    Nope. I've never been into FPS games. Probably because I suck so badly at them. I've been an RPG geek all my life. :p Last year, one of my buddies decided to bring CoD4 over and spend most of his time killing me. He would stand right in front of me and I still couldn't hit him! xD
    Thanks, that's awfully nice of you. :D Well, pm me with a final price. I might be able to work something out tonight if my bank account looks healthy enough. I just have to project where my usual income and expenses will land me before next month's rent.
    Been there, done that. :laugh: It's too bad this thing won't fit in her Shuttle case. If I told her it was for her, she'd be down with that. Of course, the 8800 GTS that's in there right now, is already a bit snug. :p

    Joking aside, I'll seriously think about it. I just need some time to think about it and decide if I should be spending anymore money since I was silly enough to buy two video cards already. :p
    Dude, I so want it. How did you know? xD Honestly, I would go for it, but I ended up buying Urbklr's Radeon HD 4770 yesterday before seeing your thread. :p
    I'm leaning towards another Evga 275 FTW for 280, but I'll need a 1KW psu first. I'm looking for a Corsair if you know where to find one.
    thanks for the heads up bro, but dude i never really have time bro. I just got home and really I need to go to sleep soon :laugh:
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