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    Cryptocurrency Market Bleeds Trillions in Less Than 24 Hours; Did the Bubble Pop?

    "crypto" currency. Its name the name. I get its a Libertarian wet-dream to have a government-less currency but play shit game, win shit prizes. Do ransomware hackers ask for briefcases of cash? gold? NOPE! Whats that tell you? When politicians are running farms you know the jig is up for the...
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    Redesigned Apple MacBook Pro Coming This Summer with up to 64 GB of RAM and 10-Core Processor

    I love my 16"! Its good there is still the carry-over for Intel chips. I wonder what GPU options will be inside. The 5600m has gotten me plenty of nice frames in FInal Fantasy XIV and while pricey made this a very versatile machine in a good form.
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    Cryptocurrency Market Bleeds Trillions in Less Than 24 Hours; Did the Bubble Pop?

    Hopefully we'll finally be able to get new GPUs!
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    Binance, World's Largest Crypto Exchange, Reportedly Under Investigation by DoJ, IRS

    Blockchain tie to an actual currenty. Problem solved. No lotteries for mining, no waste, no trade-for-drugs, no pyramid to-the-moon Elon nonsense. except for the complain libertarians complaining about gov'ment watching what they do. Then I can get a 3080 for what its meant for and boo-hoo-hoo...
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    Binance, World's Largest Crypto Exchange, Reportedly Under Investigation by DoJ, IRS

    The monopoly-money ponzi is showing!
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    When can we expect RTX 3000 back in stock at MSRP? Any idea?

    Bots have already figured out Best Buy. A few days ago they had a drop and about 10min after the surge there were posts on botter/scalper pages showing off how they beat the system. -_-
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    Commodore 64 Modded To Mine Bitcoin

    Let em! The fun will die off if its no longer exclusive and Grandma can get in with her eMachines! THEN we'll have 3080s available for the gaming masses.
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    AMD Radeon Pro W6900X With Navi 21 Appears in Apple Mac Pro

    For someone like me: I prefer the MacOS system. I like having software available but not living in terminal that a Linix/Unix system would make me; enjoying the MacOS ecosystem and the benefits items like the Airpods, Airtags, and Airplay offer; but also enjoying that with at least the Intel...
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    Why does nobody ever talk about the 10850k?

    Based on the thread I'd say I made a good call. I get the vibe that its a true-value but no frills CPU and great at many things, good value, and not a bad pick. I can see where the 900 gets the coverage too from that. My days of pushing chips are over though. Its nice to have unlocks jsut ot...
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    Why does nobody ever talk about the 10850k?

    I had a Z270 get damaged in moving so I took the small plunge to an 10850k and an Asus Prime Z490-A. Something in the process I noticed when researching is nearly every review but for maybe 1 on Gamers Nexus all spurge for the 10900k. Is it an Intel sponsered move? I can't figure it out. On...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GA102-225 GPU Pictured and Detailed

    Maybe we should take ads on Fox News to advertise crypto to the crowds of easily swayed old-folks. It'd be the chinpokomon effect and then it wont be cool or profitable to mine anymore! The monopoly money-scheme will fall flat for what it is, the miners will tire of grandma wanting tech support...
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    NVIDIA to Introduce a New GeForce RTX 3060 GPU SKU with Ethereum Mining Limiter

    I'm encouraging my parents and grandparents to get in on the Bitcoin fun! We should take the Chinpokomon approach in that it won't be cool any more to want in on the monopoly-fun-money craze wasting load of electricity. Then the market will tank big time!
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    IKEA and ASUS Announce Furniture that Puts Gamers First

    I'm suprised they didn't ROG-out that Fredde desk. I do love it for the utility and quality it is for itself. That's a popular desk for many gamers and PC builders.
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    Riding on the Success of the M1, Apple Readies 32-core Chip for High-end Macs

    Great news but it also makes me glad I got the last of the Windows supported MB Pros right when the 5600m launched. It's no gaming powerhouse but a nice way to have a little near-all-in-one of both worlds and flexibility on the go. While I wish Windows support were there sadly I bet GPU...
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    AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT

    @W1zzard Will this let me hook up the LG 5k screen that is geared to the MacOS group and let me get native 5K from this card? Theres ways to get 5K but a straightforward plug-and-work in not one of them. Will this card change that? EDIT: Tagged W1zzard as its been a while since I've posted on...