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    Directcompute Failure

    I'll keep this as breif as possible. Asus P5E3 Pro + Asus 5830 1GB 1. I can install the 10.9 drivers and directcompute shows to be working. 2. On reboot GPU-Z reports directcompute is dissabled. heavy suspicion on catalyst driver. 'not whgl certified according to dxdiag'...
  2. Azkeyz

    GPUZ + Saphire Radeon HD AGP 512MB + Resolved

    Could not resolve issues with cpuz + radeon 3850 saphire brand + asus p4c800-E So I've decided to move on. :toast: Updated to higher system specs , cpuz and rbe does play nice on the power color ax4890 also upgraded to p5e3 pro x48 mother board. Upgraded cpu to 2.8GHz wolfdale...
  3. Azkeyz

    4890 Running Hot

    All made worse by todays orb type coolers that blow hot air right off the cpu onto the video card. I DO NOT put my motherboards any other way than Horizontal. Think laptop and server wracks. Horizontal gives me the best cooling results. There are no words to describe how much the...
  4. Azkeyz

    4890 Running Hot

    4890 Running Hot - 12/03/2009 I've used ATI and nVidia graphics for a long time currently using strictly ATI you may need to use RBE Radeon Bios Editor to fix things and you may need some after market coolers. I have a Saphire 3850 AGP 512MB The thermal death of my nVidia 6800 ultra...
  5. Azkeyz

    AMD Announces VISION Technology, Consumers Gain Clarity in the PC Buying Experience

    AMD VISION Technology AMD please stop copying microsoft marketing and product name conventions. Home Premium Ultimate Those three words mean ( low , medium , high ) Those three words can also mean ( missing features , almost good enough , elitist bastard ) I can give you 3 more ugly...
  6. Azkeyz

    PowerColor HD 4890 PCS 1 GB

    PowerColor HD 4890 PCS 1GB :toast: Hi wizard ! I just stopped by to say hello , and anounce that I just perchased a PowerColor ATI Radeon HD 1GB PCIE 2.0 Core Clock = 900Mhz Memory Clock = 1000Mhz DDR5 I can't wait to drop it in my "dual core" 2.0Ghz 1MB L2 :rockout: I will...
  7. Azkeyz

    NVIDIA To Host Inaugural GPU Technology Conference

    It's all good , graphicaly , I predict the GPGPU will push the CPU market out. or thats a hope of mine. technicaly I don't have any stunning pictures to show , just installed my 1TB raid 2+0 I just came to see what was up , this thread was mainly about saying that I don't feel nvidia...
  8. Azkeyz

    ATI Catalyst 9.2 Released

    1. Get some memtest86 2. Burn it to a CDR boot up the computer with the memtest86 cd If you get a failure on the first pass you could have a bad memory module or just need to clean and reseat the memory. You can wipe the memory pins clean with a paper towel and some cellulitis ridden...
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    Bug Report - XP Pro SP3 + Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 512MB AGP + GPU-Z 0.3.1

    W1zzard I don't have ICQ AOL or MSN Can you recommend other methods.
  10. Azkeyz

    [Hexus]Corsair's huge new case...

    Looks like you could stick a power supply in the bottom. don't know if that would be good since the heat tends to rise.
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    Bug Report - XP Pro SP3 + Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 512MB AGP + GPU-Z 0.3.1

    Thread closed for me , program has direct links to post bug reports , this thread was pointless. Ok not pointless , seems a user wouldn't be able to use those links if the program wasn't working on their main computer and some people only have one computer. so this thread would still be...
  12. Azkeyz

    Bug Report - XP Pro SP3 + Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 512MB AGP + GPU-Z 0.3.1

    I realise it could be a real chore for you to try a remote adminstration on my machine W1zzard so I've posted the error I got last when I attempted to run GPU-Z latest build. If I need to post more data about the errors just let me know. a programer has a life outside of their programming...
  13. Azkeyz

    Bug Report - XP Pro SP3 + Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 512MB AGP + GPU-Z 0.3.1

    Now for something actually usefull to the programer. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.0.6001. Locale ID: 1033 Additional information about the problem: BCCode: 50 BCP1: C02E3000 BCP2: 00000001 BCP3: 81C288CF BCP4: 00000009...
  14. Azkeyz

    Bug Report - XP Pro SP3 + Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 512MB AGP + GPU-Z 0.3.1

    Enjoy your hate. Haters make me famous. :rockout:
  15. Azkeyz

    Bug Report - XP Pro SP3 + Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 512MB AGP + GPU-Z 0.3.1

    I'm using bios 1024 beta I don't have any monitoring software loaded but it COULD be some sort of software issue. The memory timmings are completely normal 4 sticks of 256MB each mushkin ddr400 marketed and sold as 2-2-2-5 which in reality should be 2-2-2-6 now of course with 4 banks...