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    Borderlands 3 Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    You don't buy a $1000 (which is $1100 in reality) to lower settings to medium-high in 4K.
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    Intel Core i9-9900KS to be Available from October

    5% difference with a 2080Ti on FHD. On 1440P, you have 3% difference. That 3% surely misses when you target 120-240.... LOL With your 1080Ti, there is about ZERO difference even at FHD between a 3900X and a 9900K. + What do you want to say? AMD is outselling Intel 4 to 1 in Germany...
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    Control Benchmark Test & RTX Performance Analysis

    As Rahnak wrote, "maybe those require much more effort from developers compared to ray tracing reflections?". And do you see those freed efforts put in other aspects in the game like AI or anything else? No, you don't. Add the halved fps to it and voila, it's a PoS right now.
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    Control Benchmark Test & RTX Performance Analysis

    The problem with RTX is something you see in the last screenshot. With RTX, you see the character's reflection in the glass but you see nothing when it's turned off? Really? I bet there are plenty of games that show reflections in glass without RTX. Yes, it's not real time, but you see it...
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    AMD Issues Statement on Low Ryzen 3000 Boost Clocks, BIOS Update Soon

    1 guy cancelled his 3900X order because of this and wrote he waits for the next Intel HEDT. :D After that AMD responded by fixing this next week. Hope he reconsiders his purchase. :) I'm also curious if he cancelled his GTX 970 purchase because of the 3,5 GB issue (which in most cases didn't...
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    AMD Issues Statement on Low Ryzen 3000 Boost Clocks, BIOS Update Soon

    Let's be honest. Check Gamers Nexus' Steven's review of the 3600X. It has 200 MHz higher boost clock than the 3600 and has nearly zero difference. So this was an overexaggerated issue. I know it sounds like extenuation, but people who have seen maybe 100 MHz lower clocks will be disappointed...
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    Der8auer: Only Small Percentage of 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs Hit Their Advertised Speeds

    Cry, cry baby. :D "Intel Shows Their 9th Gen Core CPUs Better and Faster Than AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs In ‘Real World’ Benchmarks" :) By providing only 1-1 example except for game results. :D
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    MSI Rolls Out MAG Optix G27C4 1500R Curved Monitor with 165Hz Refresh Rate

    Absolutely right. I saw maybe a Linus video back to the GTX 1080Ti I think, where they were showing it can't do 4K 60 fps, then lowered settings to medium-high. Why the hell would I turn down settings to medium? Just to get higher resolution?
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    AMD CEO Lisa Su: "CrossFire Isn't a Significant Focus"

    Well, you got ~52% performance for 100% more price. Literally you threw half the money spent on the second GPU out of the window. If they spend only 10% of the efforts put in Crossfire (or SLI, as NV also leaving the SLI train) on anything else, everyone will be happier.
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    NVIDIA Announces Financial Results for Second Quarter Fiscal 2020

    I don't think that "cut" is enough. 1060 was $250, 1070 was $380, 1080 was $600. Now you got cards for $350, $500 and $700. Still more expensive by $100, 120 and 100. Not to speak of the 2080Ti. This RTX pricing was ridiculous. 1660 and 60Ti pricing was much better.
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    AMD "Sharkstooth" Shows Up on Geekbench: Possible Zen 2 Threadripper

    3175x is $3050 on Newegg. This 32 core beast will be around half the price, maybe $2000. Just saying lol.
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    PowerColor Radeon RX 5700 XT Red Devil

    Will there be a cheaper Powercolor model? As Powercolor said a $400 price tag, while the non-mousepad version of this costs $440. Anyway, the cards looks cool and great.
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    110°C Hotspot Temps "Expected and Within Spec", AMD on RX 5700-Series Thermals

    The RTX 2060 uses more power than an RX 5700 in gaming on average while performing worse. So what did you want to say?
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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Adrenalin 19.8.1 Drivers

    3 fan? Will it a Strix?