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    AMD Doesn't Believe in NVIDIA's DLSS, Stands for Open SMAA and TAA Solutions

    AMD isn't the only one
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    Thermaltake and Mayhems Fighting Over "Pastel" Trademark in the UK

    Do they have a trademark for coloured as well
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    What the best thermal paste in 2019?

    I use MX-4 because it doesn't separate like Arctic silver and its pretty cheap. Everything but garbage OEM paste and liquid metal are within 3* of each other in most tests that I've seen so I don't see the point in spending more money.
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    Antec Announces Prizm Cooling Matrix Compound Fans

    I find it funny that a person posting on a tech forum put more thought into this idea than the engineers at Antec did. @GlacierNine
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    spilled orange juice in my G810

    This, make sure its the plastic safe kind most are now. Membranes are fine in the dishwasher mechanical not so much. https://www.amazon.com/CRC-05103-Electronic-Cleaner-11/dp/B000BXOGNI/
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    Asetek Unveils the 690LX-PN AIO Cooler for Intel Xeon W-3175X at $399

    geez for 400$ you think they could at least make a cover for the coldplate
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    Looking for a good AM4 cooler with size restrictions

    The BeQuiet Dark Rock TF is 140mm tall and clears all ram easily, its also dead silent and does a very good job of cooling the VRM as well as the CPU. I have mine rotated 180* to blow more on the VRM and it still clears my Gskill trident X ram which is kinda tall.
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    what is the Global Wattman ideal settings for RX580?

    You still have to dissipate the same amount of heat, if I set the target temp to 85c instead of 75c the fans will still be running at the same speed to keep the gpu at 85c because you are still dissipating the same amount of heat.
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    what is the Global Wattman ideal settings for RX580?

    The fans spin as little as possible to maintain the target temp, the only way to make it quieter is to increase airflow or get a different cooler
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    what is the Global Wattman ideal settings for RX580?

    75c is the target temp for all Polaris cards have seen
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    AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Launched, Here's What's New

    You can say that again this is darktable 2.4.4 reporting an exception: ------------------- Error occurred on Friday, December 14, 2018 at 00:35:34. darktable-generate-cache.exe caused an Access Violation at location 00007FF9DBE0FD1A in module amdocl64.dll Reading from location 0000000000000020.
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    GeIL Launches New Additions to its SUPER LUCE RGB Sync DDR4 Lineup

    funny you mention this, using Asus Aurora's starry night pattern uses 10% cpu on my rig
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    Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

    Really great game its somewhat like xcom meets a chose your own adventure game but less frustrating. The sound design and presentation are top notch as well as decision to have the characters not speak English or "terran" but blurt digital sounds is great and keeping with the lore. Easily the...
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    Intel Cutting Retail Processor Supply for Holiday 2018

    no because there is no supply to cut
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    CORSAIR Announces Support for Xbox One with Gaming Keyboards and Mice

    Wasn't there like a thousand post long thread about MKB being cheating on PS4 overwatch and blizzard removed support. Yep https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20753235853?page=3#post-58