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    Super Flower Platinum King 650 W

    Man, failing so hard on hold-up time and getting an award for that? I mean like, RLY? The review is great as always, but the evaluation is just FAIL in my opinion. Especially when you claim your HUT measurement is super-accurate, so you have some pretty solid data to back it up. When you not...
  2. Behemot

    New SSD in Compaq CQ60: UDMA6, limited speed

    Laptop is CQ60-440EC (4 GB, QL-65). I have also tried the SSD on SiL 3132, no change (does not support AHCI obviously), some another ASUS board with nForce 680, but that's some OEM board so there is no setting (thus I expect IDE by factory even though this SB finally supports AHCI). Now finally...
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    New SSD in Compaq CQ60: UDMA6, limited speed

    It has 4 gigs already. Some guy was able to get over 200 MB/s with 2 generations older SSD here http://alienbabeltech.com/main/the-notebook-makeover-kingston-ssdram-upgrade-and-clean-os-install/4/ so it HAS to work. I tried messing with the SSD on the ASUS MB, even using RAID configuration, but...
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    New SSD in Compaq CQ60: UDMA6, limited speed

    Not really. Opening a few things at the same moment is terrible pain in ass, something which does not happen with 15k SCSi drives in my desktop.
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    New SSD in Compaq CQ60: UDMA6, limited speed

    Is it even possible? All nForce I have seen all the way to nForce 4 always had only "normal" (which incorporated all that high sped, NCQ, hot-plug stuff) and RAID setting. There was never possible to turn on IDE imitation with speed limit. Update: I am testing an ASUS M2N32 SLI Deluxe here so I...
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    New SSD in Compaq CQ60: UDMA6, limited speed

    I got this laptop with bloated system and HDD with increasing numbers of bad secors right at the OS backup partition so I recommended SSD for the owner right away as there is Vista licence only. So I got this A-DATA SX900 128GB SSD and installed fresh Vista 64. But what the heck, it is running...
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    Anybody has Sapphire HD 7950 Dual-X Boost 3GB? Need components values

    If anybody has this card, PN 299-1E249-100SA could you please have a look for a few components? I got this one to fix, there are 3 SMD components teared off on the back left side under PCIe power connectors. Resistor R1031, capacitor C1002 and transistor Q209. If you can, please measure the...
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    Cooler Master V550S

    Sure but most people cannot do that and they don't have good caps. I can sell them or do that for them but still most will just throw it away. Also good PSU just does not have anything you will need to replace yourself in a few years, good PSU works at least a decade only with some dust cleaning.
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    Zalman ZM-DF12 Smart Fans Begin Selling

    They do. Industry fans from quality manufacturers (Delta, AVC, Papst etc.) but they are usualy turbines so you need to drive the voltage down (or get PWM versions). Also be ready to pay fortune for them…
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    Enermax Revolution X't 630 W

    How's it with the warranty? I too have seen 5 but all e-shops here only have 3 (or even 2).
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    Thermaltake Announces Toughpower Gold Series Power Supply Units

    I have yet to see a good PSU from Be Quiet!.
  12. Behemot

    Sharkoon Releases the WPM V2 Power Supplies

    Samxon makes one of the bestcaps in the world, besides several series. Pity they usualy use two of the bad ones - GF, GK.
  13. Behemot

    EK First to Support Cooling of De-Lidded AMD A-Series Processors

    Srsly, what is this BS? Back in times of Socket 939/AM2 I've just cut the mounting frame, rubbed little bit here and there and it worked even with box cooler. Than AMD started using exactly the same two pieces of plastic I created this way as oficial "frame" for Socket FM1 to save half a cent on...
  14. Behemot

    iBUYPOWER Debuts Coin Mining Systems

    This is going to melt. I have currently problem keeping 7970+space+58x0+58x0 under 90 °C in space where are other rigs and server.
  15. Behemot

    Western Digital to Stop Shipping PATA Hard Drives

    This. There is way too many UATA enclosures which are useless just because the lack of proper-sized UATA drives.