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    Sony's Mark Cerny to Detail PS5 Architecture March 18th

    I really hope you are only trolling, otherwise it would mean you are seriously delusional ... because if you were merely misinformed you wouldn't persist
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    Microsoft Part of Global Operation to Disrupt World's Largest Online Criminal Network

    Enough with Russians and Iranians theories please ... it's a botnet, it's everywhere, "Admin" is probably at some resort in Seychelles, who cares where are his parents from? It's not like he's running illegal streaming service and needs low regulation hosting + domain name
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    Bethesda Removes Games from GeForce NOW Game Streaming Service

    Until we can use quantum entanglement connections, we would benefit from faster routing and overall internet topology with less hops to destination node. Case in point, try https://tools.keycdn.com/traceroute and put google.com to test from all over the world how many times data packets get...
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    Bethesda Removes Games from GeForce NOW Game Streaming Service

    When you invest zero, anything you earn is infinity percent profit. That's right, publishers don't pay your bandwidth or nvidia data centers, they already sold you the game and they would sell countless more to macbook users and similar, but no they will segment the market once again, same as...
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    Bethesda Removes Games from GeForce NOW Game Streaming Service

    Publishers are pulling out, developers have no say. Devs understand what cpu/gpu virtualization on the cloud is, they get what hardware rental service is. Publishers see opportunity for stadia business model. What I want to know, do they have any legal right to deny anyone to own a virtual...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 is Coming to GeForce NOW

    Mostly it is ... all changes in available bandwidth are handled by varying video encoding quality on their end, so you may see mpeg blockiness sometimes ... but varying latency is much more immersion-breaking than that
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    Windows 10 Tweaks for VGA Benchmark

    @W1zzard you may take a look at blackbird utility for ideas what can be disabled to reduce background processes workload variance. Blackbird does all that to disable all instances of "phone home" behavior. Too bad it's not open source, but it is in the process of becoming open...
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    NVIDIA's GeForce Now Service is Launched - And You Can Stream Games for Free

    Played Diablo 3 on my phone in public transit on 4G ... as you imagine it was laggy because mobile networks. On decent 50Mbs downstream over wire it lags less often, which is still infinite times more than desired. Input lag is horrible and understandable. Also recently, free accounts start...
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    NVIDIA's Next-Generation Ampere GPUs to be 50% Faster than Turing at Half the Power

    Not sure if joking but if somehow serious, the answer is both, because that's how ratios work ... 50% faster is ratio of 1.5 meaning fasterSpeed = 1.5 * slowerSpeed means fasterSpeed is 50% faster than slowerSpeed. Relative or actual performance numbers, ratio stays the same, it's all relative...
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    What are you playing?

    The game "Vampyr" feels fresh among other story driven third person action games. Built on Unreal engine so it looks alright ... if you can look past mediocre modelling with some stiff animations and stone facial expressions
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    NVIDIA CEO Says Buying a GPU Without Ray Tracing "Is Crazy"

    Really, how can you sleep at night knowing that Jensen Huang thinks you are crazy? Waking up suddenly in cold sweat screaming "Jensen please forgive me!"
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    Assetto Corsa Competizione Dumps NVIDIA RTX

    That's why most games in the last year use physically based shader that has emission texture map, which makes this a non issue for digital assets created by hand ... it can look off with photogrammetry if it is not done right Exactly the point ... how many years since ATI Radeon 8000 until...
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    New AMD Chipset Drivers Tested on Ryzen 9 3900X

    Hey @W1zzard, on page 2 section about games at 4k, you end with "... especially at the higher resolutions, which is are relevant for gamers." You have both "is" and "are", gotta pick one ... either high resolutions are relevant or performance increase is relevant :laugh: Maybe you are just...
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    PC startups twice before booting normally

    Using Cpu-Z read what are the memory timings and mem. frequency set by XMP, then disable XMP in bios and set the same timings/frequency manually.
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    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    That's how credit cards work :laugh: it bites you a month later ... or in installments