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    [ENDED]Giveaway : Battleborn, Borderland : TPS, Mafia 2, Civilization 5, Triple Shooter Bundle

    In for Triple Shooter bundle and Borderlands. Thanks given to OP, :)
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    Your PC ATM

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    Home made web game

    I'd change it from a basketball to something else lol
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    OFFICIAL GTA V (Discussion)

    I knew the 970 wouldnt disappoint!
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    2500k worth an upgrade?

    Seems like ppl are eager to upgrade to skylake
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    My Corsair Build

    The blue is so sexy man, especially in the dark
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    Can it run....?

    Krushas first build is spot on in my book
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    installing ssd into desktop pc- what do i need?

    Yes much faster than slow disks in HDDs
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    The graphics card with the hottest looks!

    I really like the ASUS Strix
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    Which is better?

    740 has tad higher speeds 260x is generally better performing, but I'd personally get the 750 ti because of Shadow play
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    mobo standoff holes

    I also built one missing a standoff, it was the one in the center/middle on an ATX board (guess i just forgot or I'm stupid, probably both)