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    Dead Space Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    It's debatable. The two most popular gaming cards are still GTX 1650 and GTX 1060. In fact most cards in top 10 are just 6GB.
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    [POLL] AMD CPUs stock performance

    1. You can safely ignore this part if you find it so repugnant. 2. It's extremely useful for me and lots of people who perpetrate lies about [AMD] CPUs.
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    [POLL] AMD CPUs stock performance

    I cannot post a poll in the existing thread. This thread is not for "issues", it's a poll about getting or not getting stock performance.
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    [POLL] AMD CPUs stock performance

    Some people claim to get the stock [normal] performance out of AMD CPUs you absolutely need to fine tune them including and not limited to enabling PBO, using Curve Optimizer (CO), overclocking and tuning RAM timings, using AIO, etc. If you're not an overclocker and you simply like to run...
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    24 Gb video RAM is worth for gaming nowadays?

    Haven't had coffee yet, sorry :-) To the OP, if you have the money, go for it. If you don't, why asking?
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    I've bought a MSI 1660 TI Armor OC on ebay, I'm trying to find out if the bios has been changed to a mining one

    If I'm not mistaken starting with the second generation Maxwell all the VBIOS images are digitally signed and cannot be modified which means it's still an official VBIOS. Everything about your VBIOS is the same as for the original except the revision: Yours: MSINV375MH.423 Original...
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    NVIDIA Could Release AI-Optimized Drivers, Improving Overall Performance

    What an embarrassingly stupid poll. AI has been used by multiple chip designers for many years now, it's just they find new ways to apply it. I'm totally OK with AI optimizing drivers as long as those optimizations are transparent, understood and approved by human beings. The biggest issue...
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    How to avoid getting scammed by NVIDIA

    And it's easy: pay attention only to raw performance figures, and dismiss everything that has DLSS in it. Why? Not all games support it. Some will never support it. DLSS 2 image upscaling is not perfect and can result in very unpleasant and annoying artifacts. DLSS 2 itself is not free, it...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Launched at $799 with Performance Matching RTX 3090 Ti

    Both. Previous 70 (Ti) class NVIDIA GPUs never cost so much and in terms of performance the performance of 4070 Ti is not something we haven't seen before on many occasions. GTX 970 was as fast as 780 Ti. GTX 1070 was as fast 980 Ti. GTX 3070 was as fast as 2080 Ti. None of them cost even...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Launched at $799 with Performance Matching RTX 3090 Ti

    The worst thing about the 4070 Ti is that reviewers will ... praise the card because in terms of the bang for the buck is a ton better than RTX 4080 and a little bit better than RTX 4090 and people will read it as, "OK, inflation and sh*t but the card is the "best" RTX 40 series card, so, sigh...
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    RTX 4070 Ti Price :(

    No amount of forums/reddit/social networks posts will change the pricing. Either people will be buying the cards or not. I hope they won't, so that NVIDIA could realize they actually need to sell stuff instead of trying to look smug.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPU Pulls up to 200W, GA103-based, Lineup Power Detailed

    These are portable computers, not laptops. And there are many people who need this kind of compute power on the go. And those people don't care one bit about running on a battery. There are outlets everywhere.
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    13900K 9 GHz has been Overclocked

    I don't belong to any camps. Doing so is beyond stupid and indicates a total lack of intelligence. And thanks for the insult. Oh, and your comment strongly suggests you are in the intel camp. My condolences. I've had these CPUs in my life: Celeron, Pentium, Sempron, Athlon and lately Core i5...
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    Will you buy Radeon RX 7900 XT 20 GB or XTX 24 GB?

    I refuse to vote because I'm simply not rich enough to afford one. This doesn't count as a "no" because I'd probably buy one, if I had enough spare cash.