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    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

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    If you had just one game to play for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    I didn't want to steer the answers anywhere, that's why I kept mum. I don't know what that game would be for me, I've spent over 500 hours playing various versions of HoMM and over 2.5K hours playing CSG0 but that's a multiplayer game which kinda sorta doesn't fit the description because I...
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    Does anyone care about 10Gb LAN? (Poll)

    2.5Gbps is a good middle ground and nowadays it costs almost the same as old good 1Gbps. Switches are still super expensive though.
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    MSI 1660 GPU Thermal Pad replacement. Does it worth?

    Considering your ambient temp your GPU temperatures are perfectly fine. And knowing how expensive imported stuff in Turkey is, meddling with your GPU sounds like a recipe for trouble.
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    Intel LGA1851 to Succeed LGA1700, Probably Retain Cooler Compatibility

    Absolute most people (over 98% I guess, yes, there are hundreds of millions of PCs other there) out there do not upgrade their CPUs every generation. The don't do it every two generations either. Period. End of story. Nothing to discuss. Even the enlightenned tech enthusiasts from TPU do not do...
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    Intel LGA1851 to Succeed LGA1700, Probably Retain Cooler Compatibility

    You assume every person out there upgrades their CPU every bloody release which is blatantly false. I had my Core i5 2500 for 10 years and upgraded to Ryzen 3700X. It's amazing how you reply to my post while completely ignoring what I said. We've had polls here in TPU on the topic and, nope...
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    Intel LGA1851 to Succeed LGA1700, Probably Retain Cooler Compatibility

    God, I'm so f****** tired of hearing this from every orifice on the Internet specially from AMD fans. Now let's talk about reality, shall we? 1. Intel has had two CPUs generations per socket for over a decade now, this is not new, OK, amigo? 2. Intel is not a charity and their chipset business...
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    Okay, can someone offer me some good OC settings for a Ryzen 5 3600 please?

    I don't know man, many people have been reporting that their Ryzen CPUs degrade at stock settings yet lots of people continue to play with PBO as if there's no tomorrow. I could maybe understand if PBO was known to be safe, allowed to extract significantly more performance without requiring too...
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    God of War Gets FSR 2.0 Support in Latest Patch

    1. DLSS SDK is completely free to use and NVIDIA provides extensive support for it. 2. DLSS uses AI image upscaling, so it can be used in situations when FSR 2.0 doesn't work, e.g. in more performant modes. 3. DLSS will always be faster than competing technologies as it uses specialized...
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    God of War Gets FSR 2.0 Support in Latest Patch

    No. Also PhysX and Gsync have not been abandoned and both are very well alive. SLI is dead but so is CrossFire - D3D 12 and Vulkan made them obsolete. Lastly PhysX was made open [source] a long time ago, and it may run on the CPU. Sadly due to Epic the future of PhysX 5 (whose SDK is yet to be...
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    What's the primary resolution/refresh rate you're gaming at on your PC (2022)?

    Almost the same results as a year ago.
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    James Webb Space Telescope News

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    Intel CEO now expects chip shortage to last into 2024

    * Intel’s Pat Gelsinger now expects the semiconductor industry to suffer supply shortages until 2024. * The extended timeline for the chip crunch is now due to a lack of manufacturing equipment. Source...
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    What could be the strongest gaming PC that can be ever made through publicly available parts?

    Firstly, the question is ridiculous. The answer will change at every new HW release cycle. Secondly, a single 3090 Ti will be faster than 4 3090's as SLI is not supported in absolute most modern games. Thirdly, if you game at 1080p and all you care is FPS, Ryzen 5800X3D might turn to be a lot...