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    Lian Li Announces the PC-9N Mid Tower Chassis

    Well I agree on that part with the "bright leds" maybe they should be a more discrete like macs have. but that's about it. Buy another brand if you don't like Lian-Li, some of us prefer minimalist elegant design rather than super featured gimmicky or overengineered cases. Also some of the...
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    Multigigabit WiGig Wireless Docking Demoed at IDF 2012

    This is not meant to compete with normal range wireless protocols. Imagine a scenario where you have a mobile HDD, you place it on your desk and instead of needing to plug in the USB/eSATA/Thunderbolt. The fact that it wont penetrate the walls is actually a good thing, would you want...
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    Icy Dock Announces MB994IPO-3SB Dual 2.5-inch + Slimline ODD Enclosure

    It's an enclosure, you could fit in there a top of the line Bluray ODD if you had one. Also with my next 2xSSD purchase I'm buying one of these asap and hellooo raid 0
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    Workers Riot at Foxconn Chengdu iPhone/iPad Plant

    Haha! Nice.:laugh: I actually stopped for a second to think "wait, what if he's not being sarcastic?"
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    Workers Riot at Foxconn Chengdu iPhone/iPad Plant

    Am I the only one who wouldn't care the slightest if Apple jacked up the prices? I don't own a single device made by them, nor do I desire one to be honest.
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    BioShock Infinite Delayed to 2013

    Games don't always have to go for realism. Ever played Psychonauts? That game is one of the best games ever made yet is completely cartoonish. It doesn't mater, realistic or fantasy it's all about the execution. And I'm an avid fan of realism in games!
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    Orico Intros X-Gear Modular Storage System

    Love the concept, great price. Where could I buy these in Europe I wonder.
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    Office 15 Enters ‘Technical Preview’ Phase, Public Beta Planned for Summer

    Honestly I dont use the whole office suite, I could manage perfectly with open source alternatives. However I find Excel to be extremely well built and years ahead of the competition (payed or free). There's a HUGE leap forward from Excel 2007 to 2010. They really work hard to enhance...
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    Ozone Gaming Releases the New Optical Mouse Radon Opto

    I've just sent my Radon 5k back for warranty, right-click wouldnt work 4 months after purchasing it.:laugh: Loving it otherwise, hope it was just a bad apple.
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    New Google+ Update Brings Circle, Pages, Photos and Notification Improvements

    Tell that to the friends that keep adding you there:laugh: I do the same thing, place friend's gmail addresses as placeholders even if they don't have accounts yet. When one posts something they can check the "Send notifier to friends that dont yet have g+ blah blah" that's what really annoys...
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    The Witcher 2 Contains Secret Sauce To 'Catch 100% Of Pirates'

    I approve of this approach, fair retaliation against piracy.:) I always buy the games that I like, I pirate those that have no replay value. Still I approve of CDProjeckt's sneak attack presuming no additional info is being harvested/abused.
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    NSS Labs Accuses Google of Undertaking Campaign to Knock Firefox Off The Market

    If that were hypothetically so Opera would have more users. If people cared about browser performance and all that. When Chrome launched it was all about "Google's new kid on the block" the name sold more than what was under the hood. Admit it people. Don't get me wrong, Chrome can be quite...
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    uTorrent Goes Freemium: $24.95/Yr Option For Extra Features

    There are few and far between the servers that can provide me with content as fast as using torrents can. My top speed downloading from a single server is around 6Mbyte/sec whilst by using a torrent client I can easily and frequently get up to 10,8Mbyte/sec (saturating a 100mbit fttb...
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    AMD 11.11 WHQL Catalyst driver CAP 2 Now Available

    I have major probl with my 6850 1gb and TESV, if anisotropic filtering on + two certain shader effects triggering (poison darts & dragon stone effects) = vga & total system freeze that isn't fixed by resets only power downs
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    AMD FX 8150 Looks Core i7-980X and Core i7 2600K in the Eye: AMD Benchmarks

    Intel will introduce hardware FMA3 in 2011 (or later).[link, japanese] These instructions may arrive with the 22 nm process, also slated for march 2012. FMA4 will be supported in AMD processors from 2011. AMD will support FMA3 in the future for compatibility reasons if Intel sticks to FMA3...