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    NVIDIA Stock Falls 2.1% After Turing GPU Reviews Fail to Impress Morgan Stanley

    The very fact that there was a stock market adjustment implies that nobody saw this coming - or certainly nobody with leverageable assets. Otherwise, they would have shorted the stock to the point where this did not impact its value. Remember that market price adjustments can only ever be the...
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    NVIDIA Quietly Rolls Out GeForce MX130 and MX110 Notebook GPUs

    I think it's more likely to be to do with the specific laptops we have, or just their age (Ivy Bridge era i5-3****Us), as it happens with too many different monitors and laptops to be a specific fault imo.
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    NVIDIA Quietly Rolls Out GeForce MX130 and MX110 Notebook GPUs

    I have Intel iGPU at work, and I sure as hell wish I had an Nvidia card at the same performance level instead. Why not more performance you ask? Well, presumably, that'd cost more money for something I don't need. Intel drivers create so many problems for me with projectors, screens etc. at...
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    Xeon Owners Club

    Unless he's already got the chip or he's into movie encoding, he'd be better off with an i3 from the last 5 years or a quad-core Xeon tbh.
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    AMD's James Prior Clarifies Threadripper's "Dummy Dies"

    Yep. Using an EPYC design that was already in the works allowed them to launch a HEDT platform with very little R&D, and keeping everything standardised gives them more options later, too.
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    NVIDIA Announces GeForce MX150 Laptops: Supercharged For Work and Play

    Perhaps we're getting a sneak peak of a new naming scheme.
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    NVIDIA's Pascal GP108-300 GPU Pictured, Benchmarked - Powers Upcoming GT 1030

    Your assumption seems to be that people can get something better for the same money, and to be fair, I think that will often be true - especially if you're looking to go used. But I've purchased cards of this ilk several times in the past, when I've been fixing something for a relative and...
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    NVIDIA's Pascal GP108-300 GPU Pictured, Benchmarked - Powers Upcoming GT 1030

    Why "any modern game"? What if I want to play WoW or LoL without replacing my entire PC, but my integrated graphics won't cut it? Or what if my integrated graphics are broken but the rest of the PC is fine? Or what if I am using a motherboard without graphics output but I don't play games? Come...
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    NVIDIA Readies the GeForce GT 1030 to Compete with Radeon RX 550

    The 8800 Ultra, the top uber-high end card at the time of Crysis's release, had: 128 shaders at 1500MHZ (vs. 512 at presumably ~1200?) 768MB GDDR3 memory (vs 2GB GDDR5) An effective 2160MHZ over a 384-bit bus (vs. an effective speed of 6GHZ+ over a 128-bit bus) A surprisingly close...
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    27" 1080p monitor 82dpi good enough for you?

    I use a 27" 1080p Acer monitor at work (V276HL). It's not the most beautiful thing you've ever seen, but it's fine. I can stick up two documents next to each other with full pages visible and readable font. Images look okay. If you're a graphic designer, maybe not for you, but otherwise I...
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    AMD "Naples" is a 32-core Zen Based Monstrosity

    Because that's a server-class 4+ socket platform. This is workstation class 2 socket, and much cheaper as a result.
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    Dishonored 2: Performance Analysis

    Wizz, is there any way you could include performance with different clockspeeds and different numbers of cores enabled? System RAM usage would also be super interesting. There's more to performance than just graphics cards - not everyone has a top of the line CPU.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Now Available

    A 680 is hardly that old a card. I use one at 2048*1152 and I've only encountered a couple of games I can't max - simply because I'm never particularly drawn to the AAA titles. I know people playing on 9800 series cards - for the "classic" games, esports titles etc. they play, it's easily...
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    Xeon e5 v3/v4 for gaming 4k

    ...If what you want is the highest possible FPS at a given set of graphical settings, as opposed to the highest possible resolution or graphical fidelity at playable FPS. That CPU will never be the thing keeping you under 60FPS imo - at least not for a very long time. Improved multi-core...
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    yet another game that fails to understand CPU requirements & performance

    The game is more than playable on CPUs far below the minimum requirement. So either Intel has paid them off, or they're just clueless about the hardware requirements of their own game. While dirtyferret has been somewhat enigmatic and contrarian in his contributions, I'm inclined to agree with...